Reason #2,903 Why I Hate Republicans

July 19, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Willful ignorance.


Here’s the link.

He admits he met with them.  He. Admits. It.

Hell, he brags about it.  He invited everyone he knows so he could brag about it.

Thanks to SGray for the heads up.

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17 Comments to “Reason #2,903 Why I Hate Republicans”

  1. JJ, those yokels who say Junior did not meet with the Russians and the other percentage who aren’t sure are just doing that to give the rest of us a bad day. I would say they know better but I have really started to have my doubts about what they know concerning right and wrong.

  2. Jr. practiced this crap under the tutelage of the most skillful artisan any of us has ever seen or ever will see. There are reasons why presidents shouldn’t hire their kids or sons-in-law. You can’t fire ’em. We’re in deep cow patties heah!

  3. Trump bragged about his affinity for his “uneducated voter” – that’s Washington Speak for dumb and stupid.

  4. asshats, racists, middle aged white men

  5. It’s become a running joke with my husband and me that anytime one of us makes a irrefutable statement like “Gravity is real,” the other one will say “Oh, I don’t believe that.” It’s a catch-all phrase for Republicans who won’t admit to the truth about anything: evolution, climate change, you name it. Belief being the operative word here. “Sincerely held beliefs” are just as good as the truth in their world.

  6. Maymoon says:

    Unbelievable….the world must be flat. Right? I know I was going to stick to one word but sometimes I cannot hold back. don jr said he met with Russians, what ‘s not to believe. Shaking my head…

  7. Every day I ask my husband if I’ve told him how much I hate Republicans. Reminds me, have to do it when he comes home.

  8. * Trump admits he met with Russians.
    * 32% of Republicans don’t believe he did, even though he says it happened.

    Conclusion – even Republicans don’t believe Trump anymore.

  9. Charles R Phillips says:

    They must all be Aggies; “You can always tell an Aggie, but you can’t tell’em much.”

    Michael Kennedy, Rice ’62

  10. Betty, you are so right! I still remember what my undergrad poli sic professors preached about the highly ill advised idea of having one’s family members run the business if one were elected Prez. In such a case, there would not be any sort of separation between business and the Presidency. Amazing! They thought it would never happen, that whoever tried it would be stopped. Of course, they never said word one about how it would be stopped . . .

  11. Ok, they’re nuts but that’s 101%

  12. No. I admitted that yesterday, which doesn’t count today.

  13. Being a Trumpoon requires a major reduction in reality awareness.

  14. Trumpspeak reminds me of the book 1984. What’s down is up, what’s up is down, etc. If you listen, it’s exactly the opposite of what he says. He tells on himself all.the.time. And republicans continue to follow this bastard. Sorry Momma.
    The joke around our house is pull my finger.

  15. It was reported in the Mainstream Media, therefore it must be Fake News.

    I’d like to have the Mainstream Media report that Obama says it’s a bad idea to gargle lighter fluid while juggling running chainsaws. Maybe we could clear up our national gene pool and increase the proportion of sensible voters.

    Speaking of which, I saw a note that a clear majority of Americans polled prefer to vote for Dems next time, but also that a majority of those who were sure they were going to vote were voting GOP. We need to ramp up the enthusiasm and get out the vote!

  16. OMG! I just saw Louie Gohmert give a “general speech” in the empty representative chamber! Who *IS* this idiot? Do people elect him just for the entertainment value? There can’t be any other explanation. I can’t believe ALL the people in that district are that clueless.

  17. Charles R Phillips says:

    Bev, they all do that. It’s called General Order, and it gives the rep. a chance to rant and rave without the other members having to hear it. Goes into the record, and usually on C-SPAN, but the chamber is empty.