Rats! Rush Caught Us!

July 30, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Rush knows the truth.  The British hate their health care system but they pretended to like it just to impress President Obama.

Friday’s Olympic opening ceremony in London was “more socialist” than the Beijing version four years ago, and a tribute to the National Health Service included in the performance was “done on behalf of” President Barack Obama, Rush Limbaugh claimed on Monday.

“Of all the things that you want to honor,” he said on his radio show. “I mean, the people of Great Britain don’t even like the National Health Service! And then it hit me, and then it hit me. It was actually done on behalf of President Kardashian. They did it for Obama. Nobody will convince me otherwise.”

Damn you Brits!  We told you not to make it so obvious.  And those flying bicycles — obviously referring to Elizabeth Warren.  And that whole rock-n-roll episode – Hillary.

The Olympic Rings?

Obviously representing the number of Rush Limbaugh marriages.

Thanks to David for the heads-up.

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18 Comments to “Rats! Rush Caught Us!”

  1. I’ll bet Rush goes home and inhales or swallows something that keeps his head from splitting wide open and releasing the spiders after all that buck naked ignorant bloviating.

    But now that he’s in on the secret–hell, life just won’t have much meaning anymore. I’m crushed. Crushed I tell you.

  2. I need a radio show…you need no brain, no experience, nothing to do it. Just random garbage coming out of your mouth. When he dies, this country will be so much better off. Horrible horrrible person.

  3. Ya think Rush forgot to take his penicillin?

  4. Sgt Mike on vacation says:

    M.L.Borrowman, a leader in teacher education in the late 50s wrote, “… free man makes important decisions without being a slave to habits, emotions, prejudices, or a language so limited that he can neither think clearly nor express himself well.”

    Rusty broadcasts to a particular base. They listen. They agree. They buy from his advertisers.

    This base does not include any of Borrowman’s “free man” and not only dies Rusty know this fact he depends upon it for his livelihood.

  5. I’m still stuck trying to get my brain over the “President Kardashian” bump. Huh? What the HECK does that mean?
    Never mind. You just can’t decipher da crazee.

  6. Can you imagine going through life letting politics ruin everything for you? And being pissed off every waking hour? Right wingers are the most miserable people anywhere.
    As for Rush, I really doubt he believes anything he says, I can see him laughing after every show at how gullible idiot right wingers are.

  7. Occasionally, well more like rarely, Rush lets a little truth slip out… “Nobody will convince me otherwise.” We already knew that.

  8. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    I wonder how Rush will ex-spin-lain Romney’s comments about how wonderful Israel’s healthcare system is.
    The secret of Israel’s success is … intense government involvement. It’s a single-payer system;

  9. This is almost as funny as the Stephen Hawking fiasco a while ago: http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/archives/individual/2009_08/019432.php

  10. Merl, I could be wrong, but on the occasion someone shows film of Rush doing his show, his body language reinforces that he passionately believe what he is spouting.

    And I doubt he is either that self-aware or that talented to be that good an actor.

  11. I think one of these days this poor man is going to explode, he had better get him some meds.
    Just to mention, I lived in the UK most of my life, we love the NHS.
    It’s really simple, the object is to heal the sick rather than to make a profit.

  12. to paraphrase Christofor Kimball of the Test Kitchen cooking show, “Rush, never in doubt, frequently wrong”

  13. I’ve said it before, will say it again, I agree with Wanda Sykes – referring to her comment from WH Correspondent’s Dinner in 2009.

  14. Sam in Kyle says:

    Then the Voldemort puppet must have been in honor of Limbaugh.

  15. Ok. Somebody enlighten me….. Who is President Kardashian???

    @Jane “I think one of these days this poor man is going to explode, he had better get him some meds.”

    I think his problem may be….. that he “self medicates” way too much.

  16. Sgt Mike on Vacation says:

    @Miemaw: Thanks to that paragon of journalistic virtue, the National Enquirer, since 2003 we understand that Rusty has a taste for the occasional oxycodone and hydrocodone, as well as Viagra, or as he called them at the time “blue M&M’s”.

    Otoh I always pictured Rusty as a guy that would wash his MDMA down with Wild Turkey. But that’s just me.

  17. Please..someone throw him off a cliff…the British are justly proud of their health care system… too bad in America we are victims of such a greedy and souless society.

  18. grannygrey says:

    Miemaw, do you know how hard your comments were on my monitor? You caused my monitor, which has ben on a coffee-free diet, to need another bath. Shame on you.
    Our governator, Baldo (you all have GoodHair), keeps saying he is going to try to end self-medication in this state, but he isn’t starting where the medicating is the worst..in Miami..