Protect Your Investment

September 27, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

This is directed to those of you who donated to the Texas Ballot by Mail program and those of you who want to help but weren’t able to donate.

We need help.

Studies have shown that the return rate almost doubles if reminder calls are made.  They are called chase calls.  We need to call every single Democrat who got an application and remind them to fill it out and mail it in.

We are using something called a Virtual Phone Bank.  You sign up to get an account, get a Code # from me which directs you to the correct list, read the directions, and start calling.  These will be fun calls.  People over 65 are a fun bunch of boomers.

You can do this in your jammies.  Hell, you can have a glass of wine.

This is easy, fun, and makes a real difference.

If you’re willing to give it a try, click on Tell Juanita and give me your email address, phone number, and what screen name you use (so I’ll know who to thank).

You can start today and call all day or whenever you have an extra 15 minutes.

Thank you, guys.  Let’s turn this damn state blue!

My friend Hazel

My friend Hazel

In the alternative, you can mail a little money or a check to Hazel Lundy, our phone banking godmother so she can hired people to do it.  She uses men and women on social security who need a little extra income.  They phone bank at her house under her supervision.  You’ve met Hazel before.  She’s better at sending out thank you notes than I am.

Democrats at Hazel Lundy
PO Box 785
Richmond, Texas 77406

She and her crew do the Lord’s work.  She pays $10 an hour and fixes their lunch.

You can donate online here.  Bubba will make sure that Hazel gets it.


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6 Comments to “Protect Your Investment”

  1. Please give me a link to donate to. I am terrible on the phone, and local people do better. I’d like to contribute.

  2. Sending Miss Hazel a check tonight.

  3. Juanita Jean Herownself says:

    Thank you Mary Beth. You can send it to Bubba. He’ll make sure that Hazel gets it.

  4. Done — the check will go in the mail tomorrow. Boomers over 65 really are fun, and one item on my bucket list is to turn Texas blue. I don’t do phones, but I do write checks. Go, Miss Hazel

  5. Way to go Hazel!

  6. Ted Applewhite says:

    Tell Bubba I sent Hazel some funds. Way to go Hazel, wish it could be more.