Poor, Poor Ted

December 29, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Just in case you’re a little depressed today over something … oh, I dunno, like we’re fixing to have a petulant 4 year old as President … there is one little thing to chuckle about.

Donald Trump made Ted Cruz pay for his flight to the The Tower just so he could humiliate him.


There is a rumor going around that everybody keeps asking me about – it says that Trump will appoint Cruz to the Supremes.  The only way Trump would do that is to humiliate him again.  All it takes is three Republican votes in the Senate to stop that.  You have (1) John McCain, (2) Lindsay Graham, and (3) John Cornyn.  Yeah, I’m saying John Cornyn. You can take that to the bank.

Thanks to Alfredo over at the Dairy Queen for the heads up.

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15 Comments to “Poor, Poor Ted”

  1. Soon available from the Oval Office, postcards of supplicants applying ….

    Never mind. Buy stock in carpet cleaner now.

  2. it cost $2,000 to fly round trip from MO to NYC? did he have the whole plane to himself? not that anyone would knowingly fly with him, but still…………………

    free drinks, that must be it. he got free drinks both ways, which I’d need to meet with Trump, so I didn’t just reach out and smack him upside the head, for being such an overt idiot.

    I like to think, regardless of party, that the people elected to public office are at least as smart as I am (I’m no rocket scientist, so we aren’t talking a high bar here.), if not actually smarter. and yet, the republicans insist on consistently destroying that myth for me. if you take a moron, and send him/her to Harvard Law, you end up with a moron, with a degree from Harvard Law.

  3. “Buy stock in carpet cleaner now.”

    you know, that could be taken a couple of different ways, neither of them good. I might need my own, to clean up each time Trump and the republicans do something that makes me ill, which I expect to be frequently. probably end up having to replace the carpet.

  4. “Trump will appoint Cruz to the Supremes.”

    I’m afraid to tell you the mental image that gave me for a moment. It was ugly. “Stop! In the Name of Love….”

  5. I soooooo want Hair Drumpf to appoint Raphael to the Supremes. Mainly cause I don’t think we’ve ever had a Supreme named Raphael and it’s high time we did.

    I want to see Raphael eaten alive in the Senate. “What do you know and when did you know it?” “What is “Is”?”

    And then and then I’d really like to see him confirmed. Cause in 2020 he’ll puddle in his chair while listening to oral arguments while all the big snacilbupeR are running for President. He’ll think “Should I resign (the greatest lifetime appointment in the Universe) and run for (a soul withering 4 year term as) President?” “Ohhh what should I do daddy?”

    Life’s full of tough choices iddinit Raphael? You sorry sack of $hit.

  6. Is it legal for Oozy Croozy to use his campaign fund for that?

  7. Wapo has a survey about bullscheit those who support the Predator-Elect believe. It’s sickening. I’m putting it here because Oozy Croozy probably feels the same way.


  8. Debbo, since politicians write the laws it’s pretty much legal for them to do anything they want.

  9. You’ve got a point LynnN. I’d add that since they investigate one another, it’s entirely farcial.

  10. There are limits to what Legislators can do, without changing the Konztittooshun, which is HARD.

  11. Tilphousia says:

    Awe gee whiz.
    Can’t we get the toddlers OUT OF GOVERNMENT?

  12. I feel your pain Tilphousia! The White House, the Republican heads of the Executive Departments and Agencies, more than one half of the Senate and the House look and sound like a damn kiddie day care! And they smell like it, too!

  13. Linda Phipps says:

    cpinva: you might want to consider just investing in hardwood or laminate, plus cheap throw rugs from WalMart.

  14. elise from CA says:

    Ormond, that’s why the kochroaches and their ilk are plotting to convene a constitutional convention, to do just that. They are only one state away:


  15. Maybe Cornyn would glad to have the bastard out of the Senate and not oppose his going to the Court? I’m sure the “Turtle” feels that way.