Ponder on This, Republicans

October 30, 2014 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized


Thanks to John Kwitowski for the heads up.

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13 Comments to “Ponder on This, Republicans”

  1. Sorry but the average Republican voter just simply won’t accept these facts. They will say they are made up.

    If you did force them somehow they would attribute anything positive to what the Republican house did, or GWB did, or even Reagan. Then they would say that Obama was trying to take credit for the Republican achievements.

    Their Dark Masters are Strong.

  2. But, but, he’s BLACK.

    In the WHITE House.

    And, because Jesus!

  3. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    All of that accomplished swimming Koch infested waters with Blue Dogs and Republicans dancing the blah blocking boogie on his back.

    Waiting for President Obama to Slam Dance the chicken hawk, can’t stay for a vote, do more, do less, demanding absentee McCain and Graham on the ISIL question. Honestly, not happy over intervening in that quagmire, but willing to wait & see if Obi-Wan Kenobi has another trick on the GOP.

  4. Facts (and reality) have a well-known liberal bias. Therefore, Repiglicans reject reality and choose to create their own.

  5. @RP,
    You have hit upon why so many of us cannot tolerate Tea baggers. We cannot abide by their requirement to replace our reality with theirs.

  6. Two problems: 1) Republicans and pondering don’t really go together, and 2) facts inconvenient to the GOP potty line must be changed or discredited.

  7. The Grand Opposition Petulance:

    “There’s nothing hopeful that we can’t make worse”

  8. I’m going to print this just because it makes me jolly. None of the republicans I know will believe it, and neither they nor — especially — the teabaggers are interested in facts. Currently the only numbers they’re interested in are number of executive orders and number of vacation days. Their most important number is one, as in one black president. Nothing else matters to them.

  9. If only Democrats knew how to sell those facts and themselves with the same singlemindedness as those liars on the other side…it is truly disheartening to read these FACTS and know that they make not one whit of difference.

    Am watching Jon Stewart in Austin, and they just said that 5 out of 6 of the members of the House for Austin are creeps from hell. How does that happen in AUSTIN???? Can you say gerrymandering? What happened to the smart people from the 80s on who watched all this coming along? None of this s*** has happened suddenly– those lawmakers are OLD. Yuck. Very very disheartening. Lying sells.

  10. Mary in San Antonio says:

    Rubymay, you forgot how many times President Obama has played golf. Or how expensive those vacation days are. Never stopping to think that Eisenhower played many, many more rounds of golf or that GW Bush’s excessive vacation days cost much more simply because he was flying to Texas or Maine so many times. They also don’t realize that every president pays for his own vacation place, whether it’s his home or a rental in Hawaii or on Cape Cod. In fact, other than the president, each family member has to pay the equivalent of a first-class airline ticket to go on AF One. But no, Obama costs the taxpayers more than any other president ever.

  11. I was about to say “its a fact”, but, oh dear . . . Anyhoo GWB simply used the White House as a stopover to change clothes as he bounced between the Bush family place in Maine and the “ranch” thats not a ranch (ask Putin) in Texas. Even his kids did not think of the WH at any time at all as “home”.

  12. Tater Totz says:

    “Facts (and reality) have a well-known liberal bias. Therefore, Repiglicans reject reality and choose to create their own.”

    True story: A couple of years ago, I got into a debate with a wingnut acquaintance over just this type of information. When I laid out the numbers for him, I said “These are facts. You can’t dispute facts.” His response? “I’m not interested in FACTS. I’m interested in TRUTH. That’s why I watch Fox News.” That’s how far gone they are.

  13. Do you think had Romney somehow weaseled his way into the presidency and we had similar numbers, the right wingers would be whining about the state of our economy? Hypocrisy is stunning!