Point of Personal Privilege

August 29, 2014 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Fort Bend Republican Party Chairman Mike Gibson can kiss my big blue butt on the courthouse square.

Mike Gibson doesn’t know shoot from shinola.

The local Republican Party has filed complaints at the Federal Election Commission about the Fort Bend Democrats for two Presidential elections in a row. We won the first one and now we’ve  …. you’ve got it, won again.

COMPLAINANT: Michael D. Gibson
RESPONDENTS: Fort Bend County Democratic Party and S. Qaisar Imam “Q,” in his official capacity as treasurer
SUBJECT: The complaint alleged that the Fort Bend County Democratic Party and Imam “Q,” in his official capacity as treasurer (Fort Bend), (1) distributed a voters’ guide in 2012 that caused Fort Bend to become a political committee but failed to register and report as such; (2) funded its expenditures for the voters’ guide, which falls under federal election activity, from a state account; and (3) included an incomplete disclaimer on the guide.
DISPOSITION: The Commission exercised its prosecutorial discretion and dismissed the allegation of failure to register and report as a political committee in light of the fact that the available information indicates that Fort Bend’s expenditures may have only narrowly exceeded the $1,000 threshold for political committee status. The Commission also dismissed the allegation in connection with an incomplete disclaimer because the partial disclaimer clearly identified who paid for the mailer.

Soooo… Gibson, can’t you find another hobby other than to waste taxpayer money at the FEC just to make yourself look like three fourths of a halfwit.  I admit, it sounds like a typical Texas Republican game plan – let’s force the government to spend money so we can complain about the government spending money – but twice in a row, Dude?

We’re Democrats.  We follow the rules.  Get over your smug self.

I can’t wait to see you in person, Skippy.  Don’t you turn and run because I’m gonna chase your butt down.

Smug sumbitch.  He’s just a smug sumbitch.


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11 Comments to “Point of Personal Privilege”

  1. Dianne in PA says:

    A man that bad looking is bound to have issues.

  2. Lorraine in Spring says:

    If Mike Gibson has 1/2 a brain cell, he best be hiding in Dick Cheney’s secret location, or wherever the heck Darren Wilson is, because he does NOT want to face MissJuanitaJeanHersOwnSelf when she uses sumbitch twice in one paragraph.

    Juanita Jean is the only women I know who carries a gun in her bra and has a rocket launcher on her walker.

    Do NOT Mess with Blue Texas Women.

  3. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    “Smug sumbitch?” This pasty old fool is what one of my southern (FL) friends described as “warmed over manure, thinking it was hot cattle plops.”

    Video, we need video. We beg you Bubba, Sr to film the confrontation of Tubby Le Paste by your formidable wife.

    “Three blind mice, see how they run.” Seriously, Marge Wood we need a bumper sticker to depict the cowards running from DREAM children, Wendy Davis and my own personal favorite, Juanita Jean.

    GOP confronts ISIL, GOP “sevens out.” (polite for loading their pants)

    Really, America, do we want a load of potty chair politicians leading our country?

    Bumper sticker: GOP, man up and do it yourselves for once.

    Bumper sticker: Lock & Load. Let the GOP change their own Depends

  4. Texas.
    Where the D women are strong and R men are smug sumbitchs.

    I am referring to M. Gibson, R. Perry(that mugshot told all his thoughts on the rule of law) and G. Abbott, coward.
    For refusing to debate Wendy Davis and not caring about the education of children.

    Be quick Susan! Republicans are great at running away from truth and integrity.

  5. One key characteristic of the radical right is their uncanny skill in believing in two (or more) contradictory ideas at the same time.

    They hate, truly hate, lawyers and have coined the phrase “trial lawyers” to use as a smear.

    They love, truly love, to use the legal system to harass anyone they disagree with and block any government action they don’t like.

    If cognitive dissonance were an Olympic sport, no one else would even bother to enter. It would be a right-wing sweep.

  6. The “hill of beans” this guy tried to blow up may be an attempt to distract from the corruption of Perry and his gang and the other Repugs so deserving of prosecution. May there be many more indictments and convictions to come. That means you, Mitchie.

  7. My money is on JJ. That is all.

  8. WTF If this is one of those sample ballot type deals it contains local and federal candidates. Those are local spending by the party units in these parts. And LynnN the dissonance is clear by I am quite sure the cognitive part is AWOL.

  9. Once again…

    Just because YOU would act/think like that doesn’t mean others will. (You know, believing in not breaking the law thing….)

  10. Showboater, clear and simple, as in simple minded. He had best not leave the house at any time without a keeper!

  11. JustCurious says:

    I was just wondering… is this FWB getting paid by FB Republican Party? If so, there truly must be a job for everyone.