Perv Report 2.0

November 13, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Holy Crap

Roy Moore’s reputation continued to circle the drain today as he was yet again accused on national television of assault on a teenaged girl.  File under It Gets Worse Every Day, now residents of Gadsden, Alabama, Tighty-Whitey Moore’s hometown, are starting to spill the beans about him, some saying they can’t believe that the town’s worst kept secret stayed a secret for over 30 years.  This is what happens when a dirtbag becomes locally powerful; they stay powerful until one person decides that enough is enough and speaks out.  The noise then gets louder and louder, overpowering the bullshit spread by the perpetrator.

Hopefully, what we’re witnessing in Alabama, Hollywood, New York, and other cities is a movement.  Maybe that movement will reach the cancer now infesting our White House.  Maybe if his victims get loud enough, that cancer can be cured through immunotherapy.


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8 Comments to “Perv Report 2.0”

  1. So he was the local creep and every girl in high school knew it.

    It would be great if this were a turning point and creeps (and many of you don’t know who you are) stopped hitting on girls and women who do NOT want their attentions, especially girls and women in job or school or social or religious positions below their own, but I doubt it. Weeding out some of the worst would be a nice step forward.

  2. He sounds more and more like that character from Dazed and Confused. What’s sad is the mental gymnastics practiced by the evangelicals there to explain this off.

  3. I predict in spite of all this, Moore will be elected by the cretin, in-bred voters of Ala-damn-bama, after all he is on the ballot and it is too late for the snacilbupeR to remove him before election day.

    But, will the Senate recognize and seat him?
    Will the Senate take expulsion action against Moore?
    And finally if Moore is expelled, will the Ala-damn-bama governor appoint Moore or Strange or Ernie Keebler or some other snacilbupeR prevert.

  4. Micr:
    I too read somewhere that it was too late to get Moore off the ballot. But also that Luther Strange had a good chance as a write-in. This could be the perfect storm that accomplishes the impossible. Getting a Democrat elected to the Senate from Aladamnbama. The repugnantcan vote could be split enough. Maybe. Best chance ever.

  5. This is the most weird of times we live in, when;
    “No” is yes,
    There is a war on Christmas,
    News is fake,
    Judges can lie,
    White surpremist’s are patriots and Antifa are not,
    Guns don’t kill,
    And assaulting a woman is ok.

  6. Tilphousia says:

    When no one believes the victim she is twice assulted. I sadly know from personal experience. Men with power over teenage girls have used and continue to exercise that power any way they want. Usually they push sex on an unwilling girl. There’s no on to tell cause ‘the perp is so upstanding no one will believe her’. Why are so many people ready to dismiss the cries for justice? Because those who cry out are the wrong sex. Women have been vilified by pretend Christians for centuries. Its way overdue for the pendulum to swing back.

  7. @Tilphousia

    I was hired by the chief of police after a group interview about 4:45pm on a Friday afternoon. I asked Chief, “When do I start?” “At 6pm.” “What day?” “Today.”

    About 3 hours later, the first walk-in to my front desk position was a 18 year old teenager who told me she had been date raped. January, 1974. I retired January 20 this year from a different agency, but the last page of data for encoding by our GIS team included a rape.

    Not only has this assaultive offense not stopped, it has not even slowed down.