Paladino’s Friends

December 28, 2016 By: El Jefe Category: 2016 Election, Trump

Days after sending a hateful and racist email about the Obamas.  Trump New York campaign co-chair, former candidate for governor and career bigot, Carl Paladino, now says the the email was only meant for his friends, and was mistakenly sent to Artvoice in response to a 2016 year-end survey.  In his response, he said he wanted President Obama dead and Michelle to live as a man in Africa with a gorilla.  How nice.

Carl, if you think your friends would like your racist and sexist tirade, then your friends suck as bad as you.

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14 Comments to “Paladino’s Friends”

  1. As Debbo so eloquently put it 2 posts back, this is just another euphemism for lies.

  2. Paladino’s friends apparently enjoy bestiality porn and racist cartoons, if his history of sending out email to said friends, is remembered (especially from his failed gubernatorial bid). The emails are still out there somewhere, because the Internet is forever, although I don’t recommend searching for them. Let’s just say he’s a fan of the equine.

    And the citizens of Buffalo somehow thought he’d be good at overseeing the education of children.

    BTW, this apology makes me think there is some alternate definition of that word of which I am currently unaware. It’s just more Paladino-speak.

  3. Unfortunately, this is par for the course for Drumpf supporters. He actively encouraged this hateful rhetoric, knowing it would attract the idiots who put him in power.

  4. Carl needs better friends; preferably people a few steps ahead of him on the evolution progress chart.

    During his speech at Pearl Harbor President Obama said this: “As nations, and as people, we cannot choose the history that we inherit. But we can choose what lessons to draw from it, and use those lessons to chart our own futures.”

    That says it all for me. I don’t want to leave Donnie, Carl or snacilbupeR history to our two boys. Instead I will work to do whatever it takes that we leave a course to the future based on reality and the gifts we have already been given: the US Constitution and all that is meant by the 14th Amendment, plus a few high spots left by FDR, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama.

    I don’t know. It almost seems silly, but the snacilbupeR have some crazy notion about returning to the days before 1863. I cannot work with them to turn back the clock. I doubt that would even make a good science fiction movie, unless a creative genius writes a script that combines historical fiction and fantasy. But. If. And only if. Those economic challenged snacilbupeR come to the realization that the best way to expand our economy is to include everyone and move forward with all the ‘others’ of America who are what has led to our success.

    Then maybe we can have a serious discussion. It’s all on Donnie, Carl and their ilk to understand what has made and makes America great. While they are still in denial, there’s not much hope for a real discussion. But that is the standard Congress needs to hold them to. The snacilbuper wouldn’t compromise with President Obama. So, not in retribution, vindictiveness or any other self defeating reason, I emphatically suggest Democrats in the Senate only work with Donnie when he is lucid and reasonable.

    Be it economics, foreign policy or peace in the Middle East, there is no moving forward with Donnie, Carl, and the snacilbupeR, if they do not come to the discussion with their heads visibly removed from where Thelma directs kisses.

  5. And the “religious” right supports these guys. Was there ever a worse bunch of hypocrites?

  6. “Making America Great Again” seems to consist of waving a giant middle finger in a large number of directions. Not my America, thanks.

  7. Amen to LynnN and Rhea. Those who tout their religiosity and in the same breath support hate, racism and misogyny are the worst examples of hypocrisy. It is time to unmask the immoral majority, one congregation at a time.

  8. Maryelle and Lynne N–I’m starting to see interesting commentary on how capitalists have perverted “Christianity” into something quite different; you can google “America religion capitalism” and find articles like this that make sense to me:

  9. I really hate the Cheetoh-faced Ferret-wearing Shitgibbon Cocksplat and those who are as worthless as him.

  10. On second thought…

    Paladino has friends???

  11. LynnN –

    More like co-conspirators.

  12. Tilphousia says:

    Again a repugnant stinking reptile gets its name in the papers. And again I say put all the reptiles insolitary for the rest of their lives. Oh yes, the only entertainment would be the speeches of Nelson Mandela 24/7.

  13. Has anyone noticed the physical, let alone the psychological, resemblance of Trump and Paladino? Almost like they were separated at birth!

    Tilphousia, love that Nelson Mandela idea!

  14. Hey, they actually dumped the jerk. Good on ya, Buffalo School Board! Nothing like clearing the trash away at year’s end to start the new year right.