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June 30, 2014 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Okay, so there’s this Republican running for congress in the GOP primary in Oklahoma.


It’s the eyes, y’all.

His name is Tim Murray and he honestly believes his opponent, Frank Lucas, is dead and is being “displayed by a look alike.”

He honestly believes that.

So, he’s protesting the election.

His website says that …

The election for U.S. House for Oklahoma’s 3rd District will be contested by the Candidate, Timothy Ray Murray. I will be stating that his votes are switched with Rep. Lucas votes, because it is widely known Rep. Frank D. Lucas is no longer alive and has been displayed by a look alike. Rep. Lucas’ look alike was depicted as sentenced on a white stage in southern Ukraine on or about  Jan. 11, 2011.

Frank Lucus says he’s never been to Ukraine and, by gawd, I believe him.

What I can’t understand is why Tim Murray lost.  He’s got that conspiracy Tea Party crap down pat.

Thanks to everybody and Aunt Matilda for the heads up.

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13 Comments to “Ok-ha-homa! Where The Wind Comes Sweeping Through the Brains”

  1. Heard about this yesterday, but I thought it was a joke.

  2. Heavens to Betsy. This guy has actually managed to come up with a conspiracy theory that has not previously been applied to Barack Obama.

    How on earth did the TPers miss this one? (I suspect that the very notion that there might be two Barack Obamas would make their brains steam and boil away into space.)

  3. Are we sure Tim Murray is not a cardboard cutout? 🙂

  4. Mah Fellow Murkuhn says:

    Either English is not his native language, or he was (mis)educated in Oklahoma. Or maybe both. He may not have sufficient mental abilities to use language properly, whatever the case. He’s an embarrassment, but then again it is Oklahoma.

  5. Lordy, that is too confusing for my little peabrain, so I went looking for more information to try to assimilate what the heck this clown is trying to do. I looked at both the links JJ provided and then went further afield, because, obviously, I don’t have a life of my own…

    Here’s a link I found helpful: http://freethoughtblogs.com/pharyngula/2014/06/27/timothy-ray-murray-is-an-oklahoman-and-republican/

    The important part of all that is the congressional primary election has been now been held, and this clown got 5.2% of the vote. So what follows is he’s contesting the primary vote.

    The link there ends with: “I don’t think he should bother contesting the election. When Sarah Palin runs for President on the Tea Party ticket, she can pick Murray for her running mate — they’re a perfect match. Then when she resigns two weeks after taking office, he’ll be president, and representing his Republican electorate perfectly.”

    Or not.

  6. His helium balloon has drifted off and he’s not even trying to pretend he has a grip on reality anymore. I don’t want to meet anybody who voted for this jackwagon– but how many did it as a joke? As Whoopi Goldberg once said, “You can’t vote loaded anymore. We don’t have the time.”

  7. SomedayGirl says:

    I’m pretty sure even is Frank Lucas IS a cardboard cut out he’s still a better candidate than Tim Murray.

  8. Yes. And I’m the Borg Queen. Seven-of-Nine, fetch me a drink, or some WD-40.

  9. My theory is that Tim Murray sat down one weekend recently and binge watched ‘Battlestar Galactica’ on Netflix. After seeing all of those robot Cylons infiltrate the human race, he wants to get out in front of the situation this time.

    His opponent Frank Lucas sure looks real though… maybe a little too real…

  10. maryelle says:

    I’ve heard of some sore political losers, but this guy takes it to a new level. Since Tim Murray is obviously living in an alternate reality, he should be told that the “look alike” won and will serve as Representative until such time as the real Frank Lucas returns from the dead.

  11. Actually, he appears to be suffering from Capgras’ Disease, a known neurological condition marked by the sufferers’ sincerely held belief that the people around them have been replaced by look-alikes, usually mechanical.

    But, what else is new? Every fucking nutbag in America knows they can run as a Republican.

  12. Honestly, if he were on mescaline he would have a helluva lot more fun! I am certain he is either swallowing or snorting something!

  13. This guy has got to be kin to Louie (I Really Am As Dumb As I Look) Gohmert.