Oh Yeah, Like It Needed Help

November 30, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

There are few things in life more pleasing to my ear than hearing Mitch McConnell whine.

mitchmcconnellSenate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) accused the Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF), the outside group aiming to unseat McConnell and a number of other incumbent Republicans, of giving “conservatism a bad name.”

Now here’s apolitical party anxious to privatize steal Grandma and Grandpa’s Security Security check, take food out of the mouths of hungry children, threaten young men and women with deportation, completely do away with the separation of church and state, arm everybody in America with war weapons, fill private jails with non violent criminals, take away women’s rights, and kick puppies but it’s not a problem for Mitch McConnell until they come after him.

Hell, Mitch, they had to come after you.  You are the last person in American they haven’t come after.  It’s your turn, dude.

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28 Comments to “Oh Yeah, Like It Needed Help”

  1. Didn’t Mama tell Mitchie not to look like that or that look would freeze on his face?

  2. At this point it’s hardly just a “bad name.” It’s bad principles. Bad ethics. Bad competence. And really bad manners.

  3. W. C. Peterson says:

    How is it possible to “give conservatism a bad name” Conservatism IS a bad name all by itself. It is the definition of unmitigated greed.

  4. Hippie in the Hollar says:

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer (!) guy. My only worry is we could end up with something worse. Go Alison!

  5. whine along with mitch, or, was that sing along with mitch?

  6. Well give them credit…..they’re still conserving their compassion. Hell, it’s under lock and key!

    I love to hear the TURDle man whine.

  7. Miss Prissybritches says:

    It is amazing to me how the various factions within the “Republican so-called base” can use religion to convince folks to vote against their own best interests…. be that healthcare, food stamps, social security, education, accurate information in textbooks… the list just goes on and on. I met this snippy little old lady this past September at the West Tx Fair and Rodeo, dripping in too much jewelry with a bad blue cast to her big hair, when she stopped by the Taylor County Dem’s fair booth for a piece of candy from our table while she gave us a piece of her mind about food stamp and welfare fraud. (I reassured her that no food stamps were used to purchase our booth candy… she became totally unappreciative of my sense of humor..) Since she was wearing a gaudy diamond/gold cross around her scawny neck, I simply asked her if she was not her brother’s keeper. The tirade I got about how her dearly departed husband had left her well off when he died, but he had worked very hard for the almost 50 years they were married, yada yada, ad nauseum, and she didn’t want the government coming in and taking away the money he had worked to leave to her in her old age. She didn’t need any government assistance, and no one else had the right to expect/receive it either, especially if they didn’t work like her sainted husband had all those years. When I suggested that she might consider donating her monthly social security check to a local food bank, she walked off in a huff, down to pull her shift at the Republican’s booth about 40 feet from us, where of course the Taylor County Republican Party was soliciting signatures to repeal Obamacare, and were swearing to all who would listen that it wasn’t a law yet. Viva la revolucion.

  8. I hear ObamaCare is running very well in Kentucky and the folks there like it.

    Mitch has some advantage since he is already in the Senate and corporate backers generally like to keep the guy they’ve bought.

    But what if Mitch is successfully challenged by someone in a tricorn hat? Oh, fun. I’m ready to back the Democratic candidate.

  9. Mitch McConnell has a point: the Tea Party really does give conservatives a bad name. See, the Tea Party tells the the same lies about Democrats that the rest of the Republicans do – but they also tell the truth about what conservatives are planning, rather than lying about it. Worse, they do so in a manner that allows people to clearly understand the results of voting for Republicans.

    Hey, if Republicans talk about their plans in a way that allows the voters to understand what they’re planning, they’ll never win a popular election where the rest of us are allowed to vote. (They’re working on keeping us from voting…)

  10. If Mitch gets ousted from his Senate seat, I for one will stay tuned for episode one of his reality show; the problems of the 1%. With special appearances by Donald Trump (can you understand how hard it is to get a hair piece made THIS way?) and Sarah Palin (I’ve almost used up lamestream, liberal & mama grizzly. Does anyone have some new trigger words to pepper into my speeches?)

  11. One can only hope and pray that the teabaggers take so many votes away from Mr. Wattle that the Democratic challenger wins hands down.

  12. It makes me sad (amongst other feelings) to look at him…has he ever smiled? His demeanor reminds me of Myrna Loy in ” Broken Blossoms” an early silent movie about child abuse where her father beat her to. Death…it’s really difficult to believe that anyone could be that miserable…I read this today, and as one who started and on my own would be stuck at the bottom of the hill–I am really sad for these hard right miserable nuts…

  13. @Elise: Not to be a pedant but it was Lillian Gish in “Broken Blossoms.” However, I do remember seeing that particular scene.

    I’m just all for anything that sets the Rethugs to fighting amongst themselves. And, anything that makes the Turtle unhappy.

  14. e platypus onion says:

    OT- any Juanita Jean’s buckaroos ever heard of Barnes PRCA Rodeo Productions/Stock providers etc? Patriarch Bob Barnes of Peterson,Iowa passed this week in a Cherokee,Iowa nursing home. He and family have put on rodeos around the U.S. for over 50 years and I can just about see the Rafter B Bar ranch(about 15 as the crow flies) miles from my place. My apologies for the off topic topic.

  15. Snort . . . snicker . . . guffaw. Just knew they had to come after him some time inasmuch as they so much enjoy eating their own in public! And he’s as much to blame for that as anyone else.

    And hello, Kentucky, where in one county alone Obamacare is working like a steam engine!

  16. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Feel the love yet, Mitch? You’ve been bringing home the pork to Kentucky and your personal nest for 29 years. Now those pesky small government Tea Bag types are out to cut the life line to the pork barrel along with your throat, the throat of Kentucky, and probably a few of their own toes with those long barrel rifles. The free ride is over for you and Kentucky.

    Way to go boys! Alison Lundergan Grimes thanks you.

  17. Thanks Juanita for your accurate and concise description of the tea party types. I agree with Hippie that Kentucky could wind up with something worse than ol’ Mitch. But I can’t help feeling some schadenfreude all the same.

  18. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Thanks for that, Sharon!

    On Tea Party, on with your flesh eating destruction of the GOP. You probably don’t know it, but you have attacked the one group in your party who are true fiscal conservatives willing to put the economy above their own self interests.

    Go to the house of McCain. Good luck with that, as he owns a number of houses and isn’t certain how many. Find him, if you can.

    Boehner must be talking into his bottle tonight, while Christie entertains thoughts of changing parties rather than be devoured.

    Good work boys. Keep squeezing that tent, until you achieve your pure rarefied brand of unelectable nuts.

  19. Marge Wood says:

    CHRISTIE is thinking of changing parties? The Christie from N.J.? That would be interesting.

    And I think it makes it interesting to talk about what’s going on where you live, like in Iowa, for example. Imagine all the political deals that probably have gotten discussed at rodeos and football games and barbecue houses.

  20. Marge Wood says:

    Hey, Miss Prissy from Abilene, thanks for some local color. How about also telling us about the long lines of women who signed petitions, got political pins etc., from your table at the Fair? I still get excited talking about it. (Y’all, I used to live in Abilene, about a mile or so from where Miss Prissybritches lives. See, you can run but you cain’t hide.)

  21. Love the photo. Lots of politicians in recent years have been called stump turtles, but Mitch McConnell’s face is the first that totally fits the description.

  22. Bless Mitch’s heart. I am going to hush and be quiet right now. Y’all just go on ahead. Nice party going on! I’ll open another can of salted nuts….

  23. e platypus onion: OT, but yes, I have indeed heard of them. Barnes & rodeo livestock stick together in my mind, probably because of all the years I read Western Horseman (which I don’t now largely because I can’t keep track of what comes in the house already.) I used to read the rodeo reports and that always included who was handling the rodeo stock.

    Been to a few, too.

  24. Yeah, Mitch ol’ boy, it would be hard to give conservatism a worse name than you have.

  25. Mitch McConnell Wine: sour, tasteless, totally without character

  26. Thanks Barb–I saw it as a fund raiser for Family Services in Sacramento–Miss Gish was actually there…very frail, but spoke about the movie–just my memory lapses from Meds!
    Wonder what all those crabby GOPers use as an excuse!

  27. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Elizabeth hits it out the park with: “Yeah, Mitch ol’ boy, it would be hard to give conservatism a worse name than you have.”

    Love the repug meme of the President being weak. Another HUH moment. What say they about John Boehner or Eric Cantor? Do the Rethugs really want to discuss patriotism??????

    Mitch, John and Eric are the ‘centrist’ thugs. Then, there’s the Tea fringe and Looneytarians driving the GOP train into the ditch. Love to Paul Ryan and his blank page budget. Y’all know the rest of the crazies.