Nominee for Education Secretary: “Guns Needed in Schools to Protect from Grizzlies”

January 17, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Dammit!, Holy Crap

Yep, Betsy DeVos actually said it. We need guns in schools to protect from grizzlies.

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21 Comments to “Nominee for Education Secretary: “Guns Needed in Schools to Protect from Grizzlies””

  1. Grizzlies in Wyoming aren’t like polar bears hanging around villages in Canada. And, Ms. Dodohead, what about all the schools Not in Wyoming? Should they be concerned about grizzly bears? Or grisly bares of the snacilbupeR kind? If any should be shot, the latter are more deserving, but I don’t recommend it.

  2. Headline from L.A. Times
    “State lawmaker wants students taught about ‘Russian interference’ in last year’s presidential election”
    “California schools would be required to teach how the Russian government “conspired to influence” last year’s presidential election under a bill written by a Bay Area legislator.”

    Now that is how the game is played. Set the agenda, set the narrative.
    In opposing one would have to deny that the Russian’s even looked. Puttie is ex KGB. Of course they looked.
    Now if you accept the russians looked out of even normal concern don’t you thimk we should know how much?
    After all it was cheney, mea culpa for even naming it, who proposed the 1% approach. So be it. Prove to 99% certainity that the russians did nothing. Or accept the education in schools.

  3. JAKvirginia says:

    I’ve known too many intelligent women to put up with this stupid airhead bitch. (Sorry, Momma.) Ladies of TWMDBS, please take this one to the woodshed. Thank you.

  4. I have been up to my a$$ in alligators here at work but when my little bride shared this link with me, I decided to take a few minutes and oppose another of Hair Drumpf’s Cabinet picks. Not that I think my/our opposition will make a difference but because we must oppose.

  5. Micr, I just did the same with my two senators, and I agree it probably won’t make a difference with two Alaska Republicans, but I’m making sure they get some opposition feedback.

  6. Weeks of transition team preparation and this is the best she can do. Maybe if they asked her to explain pyramid schemes…
    For what it’s worth, she still hasn’t submitted her forms to Congress nor has she paid her fines and back taxes.

    Sigh, she will fit right in with the rest of Putin’s minions.

  7. Marcia in CO says:

    Deb … Pyramids? Ooooh, she should speak to Bennie Carson about pyramids … you know … where they stored grain!?!

    There could always be the off chance that a gun could be pointed in the wrong direction …

  8. This dame is weird. I taught school in Michigan. In the country in Michigan. there were cows grazing right next to it. In all of the history of public education in Michigan – which is a big, big hunter culture state – has there ever been an incident involving carnivores of any type threatening a school house or the students. And Michigan s a big state. It actually has two peninsulas, one of which snuggles next to Canada. Now I may have to admit that Wyoming is quite another breed of state. but its not bears that make it that way. DeVos is just another R dame inner own little diamond studded bubble. For heaven’s sake, why can’t a real teacher get the Ed/Sec job? C’mon, people! If this is the best the transition team can do, they all need to be fired!

  9. TrulyTexan says:

    Grizzly bears? Is she taking advice from Palin?

  10. Kudos to Elizabeth Warren and Al Franken for leading the charge and showing just how incompetent she is. I didn’t see the whole hearing, though, and wanted to know if they brought up the voucher/charter school issue which drains millions from public schools, is not regulated, is for-profit and results in defacto segregation. Can anyone enlighten me?

  11. Re vouchers, it really takes a snacilbupeR mindset to say, “These public schools are lousy, so instead of making them better, let’s take the money and give it to SOME kids so they can go to Catholic school” (which most of the private schools are). That’s not actually insane, but it’s ugly. And unAmerican, at least since the 18th century.

  12. @JJ: you need to add a label to your tags. “Criminal”

    I think we may be using that a lot in the next few years.

  13. You mean momma grizzlies? Like Sarah Palin?

  14. Aggieland Liz says:

    Uh, Rhea, the GOOD private schools are cathlick, but “Christian academies” are becoming very thick on the ground here in Tayaxes (Hi Marge!!) and aren’t any better than the public schools-but they can teach that old tyme religion! They also “partner” (?!?) with homeschooling types that don’t send their kids to public schools because Jesus was homeschooled. Or something like that.

  15. Aggieland Liz, sorry I forgot– we don’t have kids so I follow the issue fitfully, but I have read that a lot of nonpublic schools, especially the “Kristian academy” type, are no better and often worse at teaching kids than the lousy public schools they came from. Certainly they aren’t getting any education in science there. And last I heard, Virginia (at least) had absolutely NO standards for homeschooling if you claimed a “religious” reason for doing it. Probably that has to be the “right” religion, though.

    I wonder how long it would take this country to severely reduce the wealth gap if we were committed to giving ALL kids a good education.

  16. The less educated voters are, the better Repubs do.

    I suspect the guns are really meant to protect the kids from larnin’ somethin’.

  17. Rhea, home schooled kids have a hard time getting into college. They are really limited due to the highly circumscribed home curriculum. There is Patrick Henry, a new hard right wing school in Virginia and then there is Messiah College located out of state. Do not know if schools like Oral Roberts are OK with home schooled kids. It seems to me that the lack of higher ed would keep a lot of these home schooled people out of really persuasive jobs that demand real degrees from real schools. Maybe that is a good thing?

  18. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    For all we know, “Grizzly Bear” could be a weird ethic slur used by Michiganders who think that poisoning poor people with lead is a strategy for reducing the poverty level.

  19. Linda Phipps says:

    I am most upset about Cruella DeVos’ waffle that funding for special education should be left up to the states. We all know there are a lot of states that are not capable of funding anything except gerrymandering. She has been grilled hard, but not hard enough, I want to hear, “Thank you for your time, Ms DeVos, we’ve heard enough, please leave and return to Michigan”.

  20. Linda Phipps says:

    BTW, two other disturbing nuggets are that one of Trump’s advisors is DeVos’s brother Eric Prince, founder of Blackwater, and furthermore Trump has invited Strache, the righest of wings in Austria to the inauguration. Are we looking at the NWO?

  21. Linda Phipps, “Cruella DeVos” is outstanding. Good on ya.

    Yeah, and she knows nothing about how the ADA affects schools. She probably hates Title IX, as many snacilbupeR women are socialized to diminish themselves and women everywhere.