No. Just No.

November 14, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Another shooting.

Next up, thoughts and prayers.

Mike Pence checks in.

Pence wrote on Twitter: “Saddened to hear of the shooting in N. California, the loss of life & injuries, including innocent children. We commend the effort of courageous law enforcement. We’ll continue to monitor the situation & provide federal support, as we pray for comfort & healing for all impacted.”


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12 Comments to “No. Just No.”

  1. Let’s not talk about automatic weapons…not the time!

  2. All those prayers didn’t do much for the people in that church. How about less praying and more action.

  3. slipstream says:

    Yeah, because “we will continue to monitor the situation” means exactly “we will not take any action.”

  4. and the parrots squawk:

    “Thoughts & prayers. Thoughts & prayers. Polly want a NRA donation. Thoughts & prayers.”

  5. Jane & PKM says:

    Mikey, at least two mass shootings have happened in churches. Do tell us all about the efficacy of your prayers, moron. Or, why don’t you settle in while we bury you in grim facts and the statistics of our assault rifle armed country versus gun deaths in sane countries with reasonable gun safety laws.

  6. How long before they become daily events? Well, they already are, depending on how you count.

  7. Yawn. Save your thoughts and prayers and get those semi-automatic, automatic and bump stocks out of all hands, you hypocrite.

  8. SteveTheReturned says:

    Get ready for the usual “It’s a mental health problem, not a gun problem” deflection effort from the NRA crowd. Just because it’s wrong, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work—over and over again.

  9. 1smartcanerican™ says:

    Seems to me that Pence is stepping into the Dotard’s role 🙁

  10. Short version: Hebrews leaving Egypt. They’re terrified. Moses said “Just pray and God will save you.” God said to Moses, tell the people to quit praying and start moving.

  11. Like I said before, these NRA tit suckers are cemented into their positions. they will not break out even if they see their family murdered before their eyes.

  12. “Pray for the dead. And fight like hell for the living.” – Mother Jones