Moral Bankruptcy

October 08, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

One of the rising stories in the war between Trump and Tillerson has underlined the actual issue at the core of this administration – moral bankruptcy.  We all know that Trump is a complete waste of oxygen, a Grade A Shitbag, and every other pejorative one can conjure.  What is he, though, at his essence?  At his center, Trump is totally devoid of any decency or empathy and worse (if that’s even possible), he is morally bankrupt.  The case in point is the disagreement that has been simmering between Trump and Tillerson since the beginning of this train wreck; Trump’s desire to legalize bribery.

One of Trump’s core issues is a law that he wants reversed: the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.  The FCPA was passed in 1977 in an attempt for the United States to lead the world in reducing what was then blatant corruption and bribery in international business.  The law is enforced by the SEC and DOJ and has greatly reduced corruption because, under the law, business leaders are personally liable should their companies get caught paying bribes.  For years, Trump has railed against the law, calling it a “horrible law and it should be changed.” Trump says that not being able to pay bribes to foreign officials makes us uncompetitive.

Fortunately for us, but unfortunately for Tillerson, Rex disagrees with Trump.  In a White House meeting in February, Tillerson dared to do just that with Trump after he complained about the act, saying that bribery was key to success.  Tillerson stood his ground and even related a story to him about how he refused to bribe a Yemeni state official when he was CEO of Exxon.  The deal got done anyway.

What this story reveals is not only the importance of actual adults like Tillerson, Kelly, Mattis, and others to keep Trump in check, but the critical need that they do so.  Trump is the very definition of corruption.  He is so self absorbed and completely saturated by his corruption that he actually wants to weaken US policy so HE’LL make more money.  Just thinking about having this cretin at the levers of power sends cold chills down my spine.  This man is not only evil; his corruption is a cancer on our society.

This disaster can’t end soon enough; in the meantime, as much as I disagree with Tillerson on any number of policy issues, I also see his value as the last defense against Trump burning down what’s left of our republic.  He, and those like him owe it to the rest of us to stay in place until we can excise this disease from office by either criminal charges and/or resignation.

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9 Comments to “Moral Bankruptcy”

  1. JAKvirginia says:

    May I ask a favor? Please continue to scream about stuff like this like a banshee. Too many throw around the negative labels at Trump right now without clearly identifying what “moral bankruptcy” or “mental state” means when it comes to this man. You just explained a good example. Thank you.

  2. Pence surely won’t protect the integrity of our government.

  3. That Other Jean says:

    Amen, brother! Trump is a sociopath/narcissist/victim of Alzheimer’s disease/all of the above, and must be stopped from wrecking what’s left of the government after eight years of Republican obstruction. I’m with Tillerson. Like you, I don’t like most of his policies; but if he stands between Trump and nuclear war/dismantling the government/utter corruption, I’m all for him.

  4. I agree. I may not care for Tillerson or Kelly, but I want them to stay and help Mattis keep the chaos contained as much as possible. The Republicans in Congress really need to step up and get the Orange One out by whatever means necessary, either impeachment or 25th Amendment.

  5. If Trump was unaware that it is illegal for U.S. businesses to pay bribes it makes me wonder just how many times over the years he has broken that law?

    Of course the most probable reason he has it is that he is too cheap to bribe anyone but it is still worth looking into.

  6. Moral bankruptcy is the best description I’ve heard yet for pure, unbridled free market capitalism. And yes, it does need to be screamed from the rooftops. Because make no mistake about it. Donnie Douchebag is the poster child for the ideology that drives the repugnantcan party. Unapologetic greed. (remember Gordon Gekko?) Unapologetic bigotry. No more pretending to be compassionate conservatives. Fairness is for suckers. Empathy is weakness. So what liberals have to do is make sure that everyone understands this. Donnie Douchebag is Ronald Reagan without the misdirection.

  7. Jane & PKM says:

    If this is the part where I’m supposed to rip open my shirt and bleed gobs of heart muscle for Rex, keep waiting. Poor Rex, thinking to himself that old fool Flynn made it look easy, is feeling sorry for himself. For sure by now he should have major money drops ready for himself at every locale to which he has flown. Instead, Donnie is collecting the easy money, while Rex is afraid his payday will go up in nuclear smoke.

    Of the grifters Dotard45 brought along for the ride, Betsy DeVos seems to be doing best for herself. She’s still self funding her own rides which means she really expects to get paid. Dunno about Mental Ben. He seems to be under the radar over at HUD amassing his future slumlord portfolio.

  8. What gets me are the ignorant SOBs who still talk about “Corrupt Hillary”. Trump has been known for corruption and dirty dealing for three decades, and it’s only getting worse. The fools Con Man Don has conned are staying conned, even in the face of the bloody obvious.

  9. The Gerg, the conned ones . . . well, they may be actually enjoying being conned. Yes, I know thats perverse, but look who and what we are talking about.