Manafort Violates Terms of Bail; Mueller Backs Out of Deal

December 04, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Russians

Apparently, Paul Manafort doesn’t understand just how much trouble he is in.  He’s been in contact with a Russian for a public relations effort, clearly in violation of the terms of his bail agreement.  Mueller has apparently backed out of the deal and wants Manafort back in court.

Here we go…

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23 Comments to “Manafort Violates Terms of Bail; Mueller Backs Out of Deal”

  1. Yet he is still free to walk the streets and play with his ill gotten gains.
    The deference shown these crooks, even by mueller, suggests that the fix is in to protect the wealthy and connected.
    Can you imagine a person of color accused of robbery by muellers FBI allowed to walk the streets while “negoitating’ their bail? Plus even allowing that person to pledge his vehicle to cover his bail but does not have to pay bondsman 10% or liquidate assets?
    Essentially mueller appears to be of the opinion that a rich white guy is good with his promise to surrender some assets if he skips town.
    Put him in jail in general population, treat him like Gov. ( including muellers fbi) like they treated Chelsea Manning or Barrett brown as examples.
    (or treat him like FBI did Fred Hampton when mueller was a young and up and coming member of apperchatek)
    At best I am expecting a few wrist slaps before the convicted reaasume their positions of wealth and power just like the slime from Iran/Contra came back.
    That and a further expansion, even on legal level, of Its OK if your a right wing whack job.
    Jails and laws are only for progressives, the poor, people of color and all other powerless groups. After all they deserve it for not being wealthy.

  2. Good legal advice seems hard to find these days.

  3. Like a dog with a dead skunk, these boys just can’t leave the Russians alone.

  4. My little bride raised her voice at the electric teevee, demanding that local police be sent to bring Manafort to jail, bashing his head on the door frame in so doing as Drumpf suggested in a speech a few months ago.

    My soliloquy postulated that I knew not the size of Mueller’s ego, but Manafort’s was obviously ginormous and until now he seems to not have taken the measure of Bob Mueller. Too bad. My suspicion is that Mueller, as a prosecutor of criminal cases, is not the prosecutor to fork with. When Mueller’s team returns to Federal court to ask the judge there to hold Manafort’s $10 million bond insufficient, they might ask that now bond be denied or that the bond amount be substantially increased. Way to go Manafort!

  5. “When Mueller’s team returns to Federal court to ask the judge there to hold Manafort’s $10 million bond insufficient,…”

    If the accused was poor woman or of color the bond would be forfeit.
    So prove your worth mr. mueller first arrest, perp walk and imprison manafort while moveing to seize and foreclose on everything manafort had “pledged” as forfeit and keep behind bars until a new bond is imposed, not “negoitaited”.
    Treat him just as you did any criminal that the fbi pursued while you were its head.

  6. According to CNN, the next court date is Dec. 10th. At the very least, that should be expedited to tomorrow. Because IMHO he just became a bigger flight risk. And is there anybody who thinks that he doesn’t have a fortune in some of the very same foreign banks he’s been accused of dealing with? Yeah, if he disappears overnight, he’ll lose what seems like a fortune to me. But he’d be retired and living like a king in Patagonia right next door to the descendants of the Dread Pirate Roberts.

  7. I never fail to be amazed at how people like Manafort, who are so arrogant, can also be so damn dumb. There was in the 60s a left wing writer who got crossways of Nixon and of the FBI. I do not recall his name. But he fled to France, where he was given political asylum.

    This person had been granted bail, one of the conditions of which was that he not exercise his First Amendment Rights of free speech, by writing articles. He used his brain, as Manafort and his gang do not, and instead of writing articles, he sat in the sun, in comfortable chairs and was interviewed by other writers, whose First Amendment Rights had not been screwed by a Federal Judge.

    The main reason I raise this, is the hope that Manafort reads Juanita’s comment columns, will set for an interview, and will further incriminate himself while being interviewed.

    By the way, “K” above is probably correct on all points.

    “Steal a little and you go to jail. Steal a lot and they make you king.” Who said that???

  8. slipstream says:

    If I might be allowed to put forward a few modest suggestions regarding the treatment of Mr. Manafort:

    Dungeon. Leg irons. Thumbscrews. Bread and water.

  9. George in Lee County:
    Not sure about that particular quote. But similar- “Cause a man with a briefcase can steal more money than any man with a gun”. Gimme What You Got by Donnie Henley. Google the lyrics folks. Because there’s a treasure trove of prophetic material. (Think golden, released in 1989) Also it’s a great song on a great album. Give it a listen.

  10. two crows says:

    @ K:
    Right you are. Even if his case is violated [an unlikely situation at best] he absolutely will not be placed in a real prison. He won’t even darken the door of one of those country club jails the Watergate convicts were sentenced to. At worst, he’ll get his ankle bracelet back and be allowed to fly anywhere in the country he likes over the Christmas holiday.

    And once on a plane, who thinks he’ll stop at the nation’s borders? Raise your hand.

    Yeah, me neither.

  11. Sandridge says:

    George in Lee County: “Steal a little and you go to jail. Steal a lot and they make you king.” Who said that???

    Sure sounds like Sam Clemens-Mark Twain to me (without looking it up).

    Some of my favorite Mark Twain:

  12. Sandridge says:

    Texan Don Henley’s work does resemble that of Mark Twain, it’s very observant, full of biting satire, pessimistic on ‘human’, and often optimistic too. Like Twain, one of my favorites (esp. with the Eagles– they seldom make music like that anymore).

  13. Well, in the Orange Moron’s Bizarro World, Manafort counts as “One of the Best.” “Brightest”? Not so much. He must be counting on a pardon. Of course, if OM told him that he would get one, well . . . everything else out of the Moron’s mouth is a lie, so . . .

    I can’t express just how much I hope love of country overwhelms the voters in Aladamnbama on Dec. 12 and sends a sliver of good news to us sane people.

  14. @Sandridge
    “Steal a little and you go to jail. Steal a lot and they make you king.” sounds like a Bob Dylan lyric to me.

    It doan get no better than Stevie Nicks and Don Henley except maybe when Stevie Nicks … does just about anything, including reading the white pages lyrically.

  15. Elizabeth Moon says:

    None of these guys should get the ankle bracelet–or bail. The crimes listed on the indictments aren’t just passing a few ounces of marijuana or selling cigs out of the packet or jaywalking.

    I want them in jail–a real jail–in jail clothes, eating jail food, sleeping on jail bunks, realizing what’s in their future unless they have enough information to satisfy the prosecutors to make a deal, and ALL deals should include a minimum of ten years in a serious prison. That’s the minimum. Ten years to think about what sh*ts they are, and how nobody cares anymore if they were rich white guys jetting around the world cutting deals.

  16. Micr,
    I think that Dylan distilled a lot of previous ‘stuff’ through his slightly twisted ‘pot still’ mind and came up with some good single malt stuff too ;] (but I prefer Simon and Garfunkel over BD of those NY(start) folkies).
    BTW, from Wiki, Henley’s “A lifelong supporter of the Democratic Party”.
    Nicks- yes… the ‘good ol’ days, and music’. I reckon I sometimes played it a little too loud.

  17. Pretzelogic in Philly, PA says:

    He may very well have drawn inspiration from an earlier source (as he has on many an occasion), but the specific quote we’ve been asking about is indeed by the master, Bob Dylan, from the song Sweetheart Like You on the album Infidels. The full lyric is here:

  18. @Sandridge

    Playing currently on KMiCR radio is…

  19. Also, “Play your harp ’til your lips bleed…”

  20. Woody Guthrie distilled the thought in “Pretty Boy Floyd the Outlaw”: Some men rob you with a six-gun and some with a fountain pen.”

  21. Lunargent says:

    Re: quote – Huey Long?

    Re: Manafort

    Patience, Children.

    Manafort is still being tested by Mueller – and, predictably, failing. Every strategem and dodge he employs adds to the roster of charges he’s accumulating, and probably also adds to the list of his fellow dirtbag colluders. He thinks he’s swimming free; but when Mueller reels him in, I think Manafort will discover he was on a bait hook all along.

    True, he’ll probably end up in a pretty cushy prison. But I doubt he’ll be released soon enough to enjoy much of all that money he’s grifted. Then again, considering his frantic concern over being “made whole”, Paulie, like his friend Donnie, might be up to his eyebrows in Russian debt. In that case, fleeing the US would be a very bad idea, indeed.

  22. “Steal a loaf of bread and you’ll go to jail. Steal a railroad, and you go to congress.”

    Mother Jones is certainly known for saying things like this, but the original source, AFAICT, is unknown.

  23. @Lunargent
    “Then again, considering his frantic concern over being “made whole”,…”

    With this in mind he will skate on everything and be reimbursed for all fees, lawyers and lost income by the US Gov. with the help of another ollie north get out of jail card from rethug congress and law from the twits junta that gives money back for those in exec. branch that are investigated but not prosecuted.

    Ain’t this democracy just swell.