Make No Mistake About It, Girlfriends, The Republicans Are Coming For Your Pills

February 28, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Oh yeah.

They are serious about this crap.  They are coming after your contraception.  And they mean business.

And, they readily admit that the only thing standing between them and taking away your contraceptives is President Barack Obama.

When Bob Scheiffer interviewed Mitch McConnell, he asked about Senator Roy Blunt’s desire for an amendment that would allow any group that had a “moral objection” to contraception to not have to pay for birth control pills.

McConnell’s response?  “Hey, lookie, I’m a damn crazy man.”

You know if– if we end up having to try to overcome the President’s opposition by legislation, of course, I’d be happy to support it and intend to support it.

You, Girlfriend, are next.  In a explosive collision of religion asserting themselves into government, they want to remove contraception from Obamacare (Yeah, he does care so what’s it to you, Mr. So-Called Christian).  You know, because they have “moral objections” to birth control, but not to letting children starve or die without insurance.

McConnell, you’re an old man.  You are not doing the wild thing, and even when you did it apparently wasn’t wild because you’re so willing for everyone to give it up.

You have moral objections to birth control, but not to war, or hunger, or poverty or pollution, or tobacco, or letting people die outside emergency rooms doors if they aren’t citizens?  Don’t you talk to me about morality, you shriveled-up old man.  You don’t get that honor, twit.  Your morals suck.  Big time.

This wall-eyed snot nosed hissy fit is brought to you by a heads-up from David.

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24 Comments to “Make No Mistake About It, Girlfriends, The Republicans Are Coming For Your Pills”

  1. Austinhatlady says:

    At least a dozen years ago (probably more like 15, since everything seems to have happened further back than I initially recall), I read that a Texas Right to Life leader stated that once they did away with access to abortion they’d go after contraception next. That was the first time I became aware of their broader purpose. As a woman who has used birth control pills to avoid pregnancy and to treat “female problems” and who supports access to contraception for all women, I find these people to be appropriate objects of not only a “wall-eyed snot nosed hissy fit” but all manner of opposition at the ballot box.

    You go, Juanita Jean!

  2. Another Ellen in Texas says:

    You rock Juanita Jean. “Wall eyed, snot nosed hissy fit.” I haven’t heard that one in years, but surely fits.

    Ya gotta love a a lady that can do that with class and no swearing. Having grown up in the 50’s and 60’s I guess I’m simple minded; I thought we already did this.

  3. Of all of the corporate whoremongers in Congress, there is no mongrel more venal than Mitch McConnell. If the eyes are the window into the soul, what does his pinched face, a cross between a skeleton and a waxwork, say about him? He is a soulless ghoul who would sell his grandmother as readily as he sold his office and his constituents. His considerable wealth was made exploiting his Chinese connections through his wife. There has been no greater champion of the export of American jobs to China than Pinch McConnell. There is no one in Congress more loathsome.

    But that may soon change: McConnell’s vacuous stare hints of impending senility and irrelevance. And who is waiting in the wings, but Pinch’s hand-chosen disciple: our own hollow, McConnell-wannabe, imitation vanilla John. Look at any photo of McConnel from the last ten years, and you will see John Cornyn standing behind his man, groomed to ascend to the leadership, eager to lead the charge into oblivion.

    As Beauty is continually replenished from below by the young, Evil seems too often to grow out of the desperation of hollow old men.

  4. Uncle Dave says:

    JJ After you recover from your snot nosed hissy fit listen to some of the women, WOMEN!!, who defend this sort of crap, typically by beginning with, “Well, the Democrats are just as bad, because they (insert the GOP big lie de jour). Those ladies cause me to experience somemore akin to frothing at the mouth than a mere allergy symptom.

  5. Uncle Dave says:

    Hell I get so frustrated and POed by this stuff that I cannot spell or write a complete sentence. Please insert in my prior rant another quotation mark along with whatever words appear to have been ommitted.

  6. Take a gander at a blogger who was on the right until he saw the light and now sees things from the left perspective. He has an article with is a real jawdropper about some right winger who seems to think the more sex you have the more birth control pills you need.
    These people are not based in reality.
    the title has “sexed crazed coeds” in the title, now have I got your attention?

  7. 1toughlady says:

    These people could screw up a wet dream.

  8. Good to see something else Texas is number one at:

    can’t find your e-mail, this may be of interest.

  9. I know what’s after that.
    They will start to legislate the working conditions of women.

    I’m sure their jobs bill is to have all women with children stay at home with the children, home schooling them.
    They could do away with the education dept. and have plenty of jobs.
    This way their rich cronies will not have to pay more taxes.

    Yep, barefoot and pregnant ladies should be the republican’s newplatform

  10. ks sunflower says:

    We all need to pitch more “wall-eyed snot nosed hissy fit[s]” and get out to campaign for moderate and progressive Democrats.

    Juanita, I want one of those buttons. I think if I can find one, I will wear it every day, just hoping someone will ask why.

    Great post. I hope everyone wakes up to the hypocritical use of religion to get and retain power and to subjugate women.

  11. When will we finally have enough of the fluffy boys and their mysogynistic views and say “Enough!”? Why doesn’t this kind of crap raise as much resistance as a $5/month debit fee from BofA .

  12. ks sunflower says:

    You know, I sometimes think that the good old boys in the GOP want to take away contraceptives because they buy into the crap that people like Pat Robinson and Pat Buchanan have been pitching – that the whites are an endangered group whose numbers need to be pumped up by higher birth rates.

    They seem to think that they can have a win-win situation: get women out of the workplace and make them produce more little white babies. Well, hate to tell them, this will make more babies of all colors, increase illegal abortions, and kill more women and children due to inadequate access to health care.

    Maybe they think that the only babies that won’t get born or that will die early are those from people of color. They sure seem to give that impression sometimes – you know, because “those” people have more sex and enjoy it more than white folks. Dumb shits (the white GOP/TP politicians, i.e.).

    What they don’t seem to get is that if they keep cutting women’s health care, prenatal care, neonatal care, early childhood education and school lunch programs, they won’t have to worry about any group’s population rising because more women and children will die or sicken, regardless of color. Why, they even want to defund programs intended to help stop domestic abuse. After all, to them, women are just property to be bred.

    For me, their argument against contraceptives really comes down to submerged racism and misogamy. Every person deserves affordable, easy to access health care.

    Life doesn’t stop at birth, but you sure wouldn’t know it from these goobers.

    Okay – just reread this – and I guess I just threw a hissy fit of my very own. Good. We all need to do it if it means we will stand against these awful, ignorant zealots.

  13. Spay and neuter your Republicans.

  14. Corinne Sabo says:

    Those males are pro-life before birth, even before conception, and anti-life after birth.

  15. Ralph Wiggam says:

    As long as they keep drawing that line between morality and contraception, they lose.

  16. Stephen Weinstein says:

    Juanita Jean – on a scale of 1 to 10 for blog rants, this is a 10+. It is beyond time that these repugnant hypocrites be put in their place. On a personal level, I just hope that I never tick you off. Great job!

  17. RockheadedMama says:

    What these dimwits don’t realize is that the poor aren’t afraid of being poor! Having the oppressor’s foot on the back of their neck is not a threat – it is a reality already! Who should be afraid? The Bristol Palins of this country! Those are the young women who have something to lose. The young women who are not achievers in their own education, not achievers in their chosen field; those young women who have been told their entire lives they can chose the life, the profession, the number of children they want to have. Far too many of our minority young women already know and realize they will have to survive in a world that does not allow them to participate except at the margins. However, these young minority and poor women are already seen as assets in their own families – they can bring in the money where many times, their spouses cannot. Seems to me the upper class women will have NO security – more interesting, younger women will always be available. As for “moral objections”, it might just be me, but, it would seem in order to make that claim, one would have to be in possession of some morals to point to!

  18. What’s next? Are they going to take aim at hormones for menopausal women? Hoo boy…will they see some wall-eyed, snot nosed, hissy fits then!

    I wouldn’t give a plugged nickel for their shriveled up cojones then.

  19. @ks sunflower: Pat Buchanan, that good Catholic boy who worries so much about how all those brown people keep growing in numbers, has been married to the same woman since Christ was a Corporal. And yet, they have NO children. Why not? Nobody around here is rude enough to ask. He, however, will be happy to dictate to everybody else what they should do and get in their business. Putz.

  20. These slimy bast**** have made me have so many wall-eyed snot nosed hissy fits, I have had to give up news, and the GOP for Lent..
    By the time the Season allows me to return- I will NOT be responsible for what happens- but my Grandma left me an a*kickin’ recipe for turtle soup, Mitch!

  21. @BarbinDC, I expect that Jesus made Pat Buchanan sterile because he recognized his mistake and didn’t want Pat to multiply.

    @Timbo, your description of Mitch McConnell is the best I’ve heard. He is a real AH; he just exudes bile.

  22. “The puritan hated bear baiting, not because it gave pain to the bear, but because it gave pleasure to the spectators.”
    Thomas B. Macaulay

  23. I NEEEEED one of those buttons please. Super-sized please also. I don’t need the pill anymore but my sons and daughters-in-law do. This is indeed an issue for men who love their wives and care about their health.

    Yes, I had Buck Fush button. Yes, I did wear it. Yes, I did get lots of strange looks and some hate stares. I have the misfortune of having Virginia “Everything-in-Iraq-looks-Wonderful!-through-my-rose-colored-glasses” Foxx as my congresscritter.

    Timbo, Mitch a venal corporate whoremonger? EXACTLY!!! And that is too nice.

  24. Way to tell him off, Juanita! So SICK of these republicans, that I literally get a physical reaction in my tummy when I see and or hear them speak!!