Jake Tapper Cuts Off Trump’s Little Nazi

January 07, 2018 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Trump sent out his Little Boy Nazi this morning on the morning talk shows to do his bidding by weaving a fantastical argument that his boss’s uncontrolled tweeting is actually true and normal.  On CNN, Steven Miller with his Great White Shark Dead Eyes and acidic lies peddled hatred and bullshit for a full 12 minutes until Jake Tapper finally got a belly full of it and cut him off.  I simply can’t believe that major television networks give this little cretin even one second of airtime.  Here’s the video.  If you just ate, skip the first twelve minutes and just watch Tapper eject the little turd blossom.

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19 Comments to “Jake Tapper Cuts Off Trump’s Little Nazi”

  1. Jane & PKM says:

    Miller needs to wire his tinfoil hat for time travel. So sad he missed the crazy eyes match up with either Jim Jones or David Koresh. Maybe he can catch the next leap off a tall building when a comet passes with the rest of the end timers.

  2. His collar seems to choking him. It it because he is telling a lie? He can not believe trump is a stable, qualified person. Can he?

  3. “It’s pure false!”
    Thank you Steven Miller for your eloquent summation.

    And now for something completely different, I think I’ll put on “Fly Like an Eagle” by a Steve Miller who makes sense, and seems to know what he’s talking about. Followed by “The Joker” & “Take The Money And Run.”

  4. Tilphousia says:

    After listening to forked tongue Steve miller, I think I need a drink. He’s as delusional as traitor trump and a pathological liar. Hope Mueller gets him soon. It will be interesting to see how he likes the feel if the bus tires on his ass as traitor trump kicks him under.

  5. RepubAnon says:

    For too long, interviewers have allowed their guests to filibuster and make speeches rather than answer questions. Hopefully, guests will be informed that if they don’t answer the questions, the interview will be terminated. If they want to make speeches, they can pay for the airtime.

  6. RepubAnon, I like the way you think!

  7. Steven Miller and Joseph Goebbels. Maybe the Boys from Brazil weren’t JUST Adolph Hitler clones.

  8. CNN knew what they were getting when they invited him on the show. This was contrived news when the real story about Trump is so much more damning. I expect better from CNN.

  9. Now, if they would just stop booking these liars in the first place …

  10. Somebody on the net has dubbed this creature “Baby Goebbels”.

  11. SteveTheReturned says:

    Anybody who can seriously refer to trump as a “self-made billionaire” is not entitled to any further national TV exposure. What a vile little scumbag Miller is.

  12. Has Miller’s family disowned him yet?

  13. Twelve minutes too late, but maybe a lesson learned? Nah.

  14. “Great White Shark Dead Eyes”
    “Baby Goebbels”

    Yeah, either one works to give me the creepy crawlies. I don’t recall a person on a presidential staff in my lifetime being this creepy. Although I remember Ike and JFK some, I don’t really start recalling staff till LBJ. Still, that’s a lot of aides, Cabinets, etc. Some were obnoxious, irritating, even enraging, but I don’t recall Baby Goebbels level of ickiness elsewhere. Eeuuwwwwwwwww!

  15. RepubAnon:
    I’m withya. Miller is a repulsive gobbler of putrid pond scum who got about 12 minutes of exactly what the hell he wanted. I’m pretty certain that video is running on loops for people who already think “lamestream media” is destroying their champion, Donnie Douchebag. And little gobbler went in to the lions den to bravely stand up for the truth!. (nnggck,,,,, that was close)
    Micr and montag:
    Little gobbler may not have an actual genetic link to Goebbels, but it obviously ain’t stopping him from keepin up appearances.

  16. I think tess got it right: CNN knew what they were getting and this was contrived news. And when I glanced at the channel throughout the day, CNN seemed to be replaying the interview over and over. Unlike tess, I gave up expecting better from CNN.

    Miller walked away with the win. He got to spout all his lying talking points plus he got into an argument with Tapper, something that’s sure to rile up Trump’s base. The only way Tapper/CNN could have had a “win” is if they hadn’t had Miller on in the first place. And ditto for all of the other GOP/Trump stooges: you know beforehand (i) what they’re going to say, (ii) that they’re going to lie, and (iii) you aren’t going to get any useful information. So why bother?

  17. Karen byrd says:

    Miller, it is being reported, had to be escorted out by security.

  18. “Escorted” out by security – that is happening a lot lately. I refer to Moochie’s departure from the White House, among other such WH denizens. And yet it is reported as if the fact had to be carefully peeled off like old wallpaper in a decaying house! What gives? Is this fact deliberately withheld for some reason? And why the bleep is Kellyanne still in the WH? Miss More Mouth Than Brains has always impressed me as a sitting duck and still she remains. (That is actually a bleep of a lot different from ” Yet she persists.”)

  19. Lunargent says:

    A better question, IMO, is why is Steve Miller still in the White House? Trump got rid of the rest of the proto-Nazis, but kept Mr. Snake Head. I took it as a sign that he still is deeply sympathetic to the white nationalist cause.


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