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April 26, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Honey, if “probably” is the best they could do


He took money from Russia and Turkey and then didn’t reveal that when he wanted his security clearance back to serve President Trump.

Here’s the Fun With Republican Math part.

Chaffetz stressed that the government ought to “recover the money” that was paid to Flynn by foreign entities — a figure that would at least be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

We know he took $45,000 from Russia and more than $500,000 from Turkey so, yeah that’s tens of thousands.  That’s 545 tens of thousands.

Flynn could face jail time but don’t count on Jeff Sessions to make a big deal of it.  Or to even see it. I don’t even think Sessions even casts a reflection in a mirror at this point.


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11 Comments to “In the “No Shoot, Sherlock” Category of Breaking News”

  1. Larry from Colorado says:

    Lock him up! Lock him up!

  2. I agree all these facts about this administration are encouraging/discouraging . Not sure which is the correct word but they don’t add up to any proper investigation. neither the House or Senate committee are doing anything! No staffers, no witnesses called ,a bit frustrating, don’t you think? It’s like getting all the ingredients for a recipe and just leaving them there on the counter and then leaving the room. Everything is there but no one does a thing!

  3. @Larry from Colorado

    Indeed. “Lock him up!”

  4. treehugger says:

    Republicans everywhere would be all over this Russia stuff if it were Dems in bed with Putin. But it isn’t, so they don’t give a darn. Oh they squeak from time to time, but they have no plans to investigate or prosecute. All these people, including the top Cheeto himself, need to be led off in handcuffs. It will not happen under this Congress. The Republicans are morally and ethically bankrupt and if they do NOT investigate and prosecute, they are complicit. I hate them all.

  5. Lock him up! Lock him UP!

    And this is why we need divided government. Just as I told my husband that we shouldn’t both be big fans of the same thing at the same time, so there’s somebody to say, “You want to spend how much on what?”, there has to be another party in a position to say, “That is illegal, and you cannot get away with that.” And enforce it.

  6. I fear the only real investigation will be done by the FBI and perhaps CIA and that will take forever.

  7. Actually, the a FBI et al. can really do a huge amount of good with this. When they haul your a** off, count on bars in front of your eyes. The FBI has had to cope with stupid, screwy AG’s before. Ditto for President’s who tried to keep everything at arms length. Hope when this happens they go full force and are loaded with electronic media for the world to see the instant it happens.

  8. Texas math is fun, too!

    545 tens of thousands?

    Ain’t that 5.45 million?

  9. Juanita Jean Herownself says:

    I dunno, Ormond, my head exploded as I was typing that.

  10. There are a couple things going on now that I can’t really wrap my brain around:

    That an entire Congressional majority shrugs at foreign espionage playing a large role in our last election and continuing to play a large role in current governing.
    That a sizable chunks of the population, a third?, shrugs at that espionage.

    That so many Americans, and they are technically Americans, are not morally or ethically troubled at this selling out of our country . . . I can’t wrap my brain around that.

  11. Marge Wood says:

    It’s just more blatant now. I remember back in the Dark Ages, when we lived on Long Island, various countries were buying our banks, newspapers, shipping businesses, farms. I was kind of hysterical when Rev. Moon bought a super market chain. I wouldn”t shop there but my friends said, hey, the prices are better. Rev. Moon eventually got caught doing something big and illegal. That period was when I wanted to fence in our yard, keep bees and grow our own food (we did that), make our own electricity and never come out. I got over it.