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As most of you know by now, my Momma doesn’t take to cussin’.  She just flat doesn’t allow it.  And since she comes to my website every single day, we have a rule around here that you cannot cuss.

I’m breakin’ that rule.  I know I will suffer the consequences.  Momma is 85 years old but she remains the most determined woman on the planet to clean this place up.

I hate to add to the mess, but Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is a sumbitch.

There is just no other word to describe him.

There is a man named Anthony Graves, who spent 18 years behind bars, 12 of them on death row, for a crime that prosecutors now say he didn’t do.

After he was freed in October, the Texas comptroller’s office refused the compensation provided by law for those who are unjustly convicted.

Then the Texas Attorney General’s Office began garnisheeing his wages for child support that a judge decided Graves owed even though he was on death row at the time. But when they blocked payment of the $250 fee he earned for a presentation to students at Prairie View A&M University, it was too much.

“If you feel I owe some compensation, fine, I’m not crying about that, but don’t go after everything I make,” said Graves, 45. “I’m tired of the state kicking me.”

The Attorney General’s Office is garnisheeing $175 of the $3,000 monthly salary he earns as an investigator for Texas Defenders Service, an organization that represents death penalty defendants.

Jeff Blackburn, a lawyer for Graves, said that the Texas Comptroller refused to pay Graves $80,000 as provided by law for each year he was unjustly in person.  Graves appealed the comptroller decision and Attorney General Greg Abbott is peeved about that.

So, he’s taking it out on Graves by being a sumbitch, something he’s very good at.

Anthony Graves will beat the rap, but he won’t beat the ride, all because Greg Abbott is a sumbitch.

Thanks Sam for the heads up.

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