I Love Yew, Texas

July 01, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Everybody has pretty much come to the realization that by turning down federal funds, we here in Texas getting more federal intervention.

About a quarter of the population is Texas is uninsured.  Governor Perry has announced that he don’t give a big bear’s butt what the Supreme Court and Congress says, he’s gonna do a Robert E Lee and claim states rights.  We have a goldarn right to die uninsured in Texas and roll up enormous hospital bills that people with insurance have to pay when they go to the hospital, by gawd.

So, it’s about as likely as a snowstorm in Brownsville that Texas can set up a health insurance exchange by the 2014 deadline, forcing the federal government to design and manage it until the Lone Star State steps up.

But there’s good news associated with that.

If Washington puts together Texas’ exchange, it will almost certainly be “more progressive and liberal,” said Mark Jones, head of the political science department at Rice University in Houston.

But, Rick Perry doesn’t give a rock with the N-word on it at his hunting camp about no damn ObamaCare.

In a statement Friday, Perry’s office said that Texas “has no interest in accelerating the implementation of Obama-care in Texas and will continue to call for the full repeal of this bankrupting and overreaching bill.”

Yeah, because it’s much more fun to bankrupt Texans one family at a time with enormous health care bills.

Now, if you’re from a foreign state you’re probably wondering why Rick Perry would rather have liberal Washington come run Texas’  health care program instead of doing it himself in a more conservative fashion.  There’s a good reason for that.

“We’re very conservative, and we’re very stubborn,” said Bill Miller, a lobbyist in Austin for HillCo who has represented both Republicans and Democrats. He described the Texas mind-set this way: “We’re not going to be smart. We’re going to be pure. It’s a point of pride, and if there’s something else we’re proud of, it’s our pride.”

Yep.  Bill Miller said it.  What Texans lack in intelligence, they more than make up for in rockwall stubborn and inane sanctimony.

And this guy gets paid money by politicians to come up with this stuff.  Good Lord, I’m free and I have this advice for politicians:  Try real hard not to do dumb stuff.

Thanks to Kate for the heads-up.

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14 Comments to “I Love Yew, Texas”

  1. We Tennesseans are the very same boat as Texas – guess we will all VOLUNTEERILY (sp int) the way of The Alamo~YIPEE, the feds will do a better job of implementing the ACA~single payor NOW.

  2. *correction

    Should have said, “very same handbasket”……or something~rofl

  3. No One's Puppet says:

    And we out of staters love Juanita Jean’s and Texas, thanks for the laughs.

  4. Bananas says:

    This calls for a sermon from Proverbs 16:18 with a dash of Obadiah 1:3
    … The pride of your heart has deceived you, you who live in the clefts of the rocks and make your home on the heights, you who say to yourself, ‘Who can bring me down to the ground?’

  5. Yep, states’ rights and we know how to do it better locally. I guess that’s why Rand Paul is so hot on Congress telling the District of Columbia what it can’t do with its own locally-collected tax money and its own local city council decisions. Nope, the GOP in the House knows better than you do about that. Funny how DC gets more local control under Democratic Congresses. When hell freezes over, they might even get a vote of their own in Congress. (They have a pretend Rep, and she’s very serious about her job, but she’s not allowed to vote on anything if her vote would make a difference.)

    Glad I live in Maryland or my blood pressure would be even higher. (And we finally got power back after 22 hours.)

  6. So… NO CARE AT ALL is better????

    On what planet do these people live????

    Isn’t there something somewhere…….. about “Pride Goeth Before a Fall”???

    Just like the EPA came in here, because Texas was in violation of environmental regulations….. and Rick Perry screeched to high heaven…..

    Health and Human Services will come in here…… and into Florida….. and Louisiana……if the States don’t comply…. and where ever…… and they will do what the law says they have to do…..

  7. TexasEllen says:

    Rick Perry and his buds are quite willing to have little children and old people die for their pride.

    The Feds will put together a better program than Ricky ever could when noncompliance triggers intervention.

  8. AKA “cutting off your nose to spite your face” and “throwing the baby out with the bath water”–both excellent ways to hurt yourself far more than you hurt your target.

  9. There could be a gotcha coming. While Perry and his cronies have no concern over health care for the poor, they are going to be getting an earful from important people who run hospitals, etc., and who really want that federal money coming in. The next month should be interesting.

  10. I read an article in USA online yesterday that listed every state and the steps it’s taken to implement the health care exchanges, and TX isn’t the only one on the list. My state, GA, was one of the states that sued the federal government about the ACA. No steps have been taken to set up the exchanges here because the tool in the governor’s mansion and in our republican-majority state legislature just knew they’d win the suit. Deal, our governor, has been surprisingly silent about expressing his opinion on the ruling, but the lazy golf-playing lying azzz senator of mine, Saxby Chambliss, released a statement focusing on tort reform and filled with lies about the ACA. Snort. It is out of character for Deal to be so silent because he was a member of Congress until he ran for governor in 2010. He had one of the loudest and ugliest mouths of any GOPer in Congress when it came to demonizing the president and democrats, so I expected him to be in the lead in the Nut Brigade. Perry should be ashamed of himself, and so should Jindal, Walker, Scott, and the other GOP governors who are so blatantly telling their citizens, ‘Fruck you. You don’t need no d*amn health insurance because you’re not as important as my family who has health insurance. Go crawl into some corner, curl up, and die.’ I truly believe God has a special section in Hell reserved for these tools.

  11. Mah Fellow Murkuhn says:

    What I can’t get my head around concerning the health insurance mandate is that the guvmint requires me to buy liability insurance on my car, and nobody complains about that. What’s the difference between being forced to buy car insurance vs health insurance? I guess Flo and the lizard have to make money just like the holy Anthem Corp. does.

  12. 1toughlady says:

    Well said, Majii.

  13. Bo Leeyeau says:

    Governer Perry wants to educate the illegals with the Dream Act and then deport them. Betcha he’s getting paid twice on this deal.

  14. So none of the southern states will set up their own exchanges and the Federal government will come in and have one for the whole region. They should name it the William Tecumseh Sherman Memorial Health Exchange.