Holy Crap: Real Christian Edition

January 29, 2015 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Thank Sweet Jesus that there was a real Christian on the steps of the state capitol where Muslim Americans were scheduled to speak after their day in the legislature.

As the group of Muslims continued the event by singing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” the interruptions persisted, with the protesters yelling, “Islam is a lie!” and “No Sharia here!”

Now you tell me which one is the jihadist.

Thanks to everyone for the heads up.

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32 Comments to “Holy Crap: Real Christian Edition”

  1. There’s a lot of real stoopid in that woman. Why, oh why, do these nuts think they know everything about the Second Amendment and nothing at all about the First?

  2. I’d have to question what Jesus actually did for her other than make her sound like a raving lunatic.

  3. Lorraine in Spring says:

    Well, isn’t she just an example if Jesus’ love and an inspiration of Christianity! Yea, I wanna be just like her.

    Said no one ever.

  4. Of course Fox News follows the obnoxious jackass screaming abuse instead of staying with the polite speaker whose microphone was wrestled away from her…. As if we didn’t know what Ms Blowhard was going to scream anyway.

    I see Fox only for the local “newsbreak” during DC football halftimes, and they don’t seem too crazy. Here’s a reminder that that’s not typical.

    Reminder once again: Religion– if you’re pointing fingers and screaming, you’re doing it wrong. And I can’t imagine that you’re making any new friends either.

  5. e platypus onion says:

    Israel drags US foreign policy around by its nose. Hillary is a big fan of Israel. No voting for her. Boner and buds belong to the United State of Israel and pledge their allegiance to Israel,Grover Norquist,insane politics and somewhere bringing up the rear is America in their loyalty.

  6. e platypus onion says:

    Probably an attempt to provoke a violent reaction from Muslims so they can scream,we told you so.

  7. Massatoosets John says:

    Hi Y’all – look up the crazy who interrupted the Muslim service at the National Cathedral in DC. This one looks mighty similar – think she is a serial ruckus raiser? Pretty scary and someday she’ll try to do more that shout. There’s more of mental illness than Christianity about her. Sadly, that seems to be true of most fundamentalists – of whatever stripe.

  8. Deacon Blue says:

    Orwell’s Two-Minute Hate compressed into 30 seconds. Gotta appreciate her supporting cast also…sad, it’s just sad.

  9. More evidence that supports the atheists’ strongest argument
    against the existence of Christianity.

  10. Public displays of stupidity are disgusting.

  11. Linda Phipps says:

    Re pointing fingers: when you point one at someone, you are pointing 4 at yourself.

  12. Edward Starsmith says:

    What a silly person.

  13. 1smartcanerican says:

    Wow! She is one angry woman! The hate just came off her in waves. I hate to have her in my family, sure know she wouldn’t be a friend. What a terrible example of a “good christian”!

  14. Hmmm. How effective is a witness that consists of screaming, “Jesus loves you!” Doesn’t that contorted face and jabbing finger just add to the warm and fuzzy feelings?

    Makes me think of videos of the first black students integrating that southern school. White adults in their ugliest faces were screaming vile language at that little black girl. I can’t remember her name.

    As a adult she was asked how she managed to deal sanely with that abuse at such a young age. She said that her grandmother gave her a kind understanding of the fearfulness of those white adults. She had a maturity and courage the “Christian” adults lacked.

    The Muslim folks in that video showed a maturity and courage that ugly white woman lacked.

  15. Angelo Frank says:

    That lady has obvious anger issues to deal with. Do you think if this had been a Christian based gathering and a Muslim grabbed the microphone in such a manner that the situation would have been the same? I bet there would have been bullets flying from the concealed carry crowd in attendance.

  16. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Just another Teajihadist placing her bigot foot in her mouth. Too bad their flapping feet don’t both silence them and land them on their keisters.

    When will they learn that acceptance and grace are better protection than bombs and bombast?

    We seriously need a national “Muslim Acceptance Day” to reassure our Muslim brothers and sisters that not all Americans are knuckle dragging chowder heads.

  17. I think you are absolutely right, Massatoosets John. The crazy lady is Christine Weick, she is from Michigan, she lives out of her car and she does this a lot. And where there is crazy, of course, there is Louie:


  18. Sw on another source today a female TX legislator who was not in her office today but left a sign up about Muslims must renounce Islam if they want to meet with her etc. etc. Now, really! What is there about this that just doesn’t make sense? Oh, I know! There is that pervasive belief that rain makes applesauce!

  19. At the end of the clip that [fill in the blank] crazy woman is heard screaming “Serve a risen savior Jesus Christ. He loves you.” She forgot to add “but I don’t.” Or “I’ll love you only if you love Jesus like I do” also too.

    @Angelo – You are absolutely correct that had one a them Mooslems tried that in a KKKristian krowd s/he would likely have been murdered on the spot. Equality for me but not for thee.

  20. On the other hand, it certainly made the Muslims look like the sensible ones.

  21. Yup, she gets to yell (as long as it’s not “fire” or “sniper.”
    But when does the discussion get to start about religion being a pathology? Historically and currently, religions that espouse peace incite their believers to kill in the name of god. Isn’t it time to stop regarding this as a rare, aberrant occurrence and admit it is the natural outcome of brainwashing people to believe in cosmologies and myths that can’t possibly be true? If god exists, the bible is his word, and Jesus takes on all sin until the zombie apocalypse then the devil exists and satanists should be able to affect the world through prayer and sacrifice as well. If Mohammed really is god’s prophet, muslims must kill apostates and convert infidels by the q’uran or the sword.
    When do we get to say that all this is crazy talk? Frankly, it keeps me up at night that every President of the US believes in a magical sky wizard.

  22. His Holiness, the Almighty Omnipotent FSM thanks and blesses you, Wally; and waves His Noodly Appendage in your general direction in benipastadiction…

  23. Why are we even celebrating a Texas Muslim Capitol Day? For the same reason that the State Capitol is now the site of a monument to the Ten Commandments and a creche at Christmas.

    Religionists have incrementally eroded the separation of church and state in order to advance the perception of the rightness of their own particular theology over others.

    The church, mosque, synagogue, temple, shrine, footbal stadium, or shopping mall is the place for practicing religious devotion; not the State Capitol.

    As for me, I’m going fishing.

  24. Mark Schlemmer says:

    She is a one woman Westboro Baptist Church. Only in America.
    God must be so embarrassed sometimes.

  25. @Debbo
    Are you recalling Central HS in Little Rock? 1957?
    If so Elizabeth Eckford.

  26. I always figure that people like this have deep and serious doubts about their own beliefs, which makes them go batty when everyone else doesn’t share those beliefs.

    That philosophy also applies to the sex police.

  27. There is a saying among some Baptists, “I’m not that kind of Baptist”. Apparently that needs to be expanded to “I’m not that kind of Christian.”

    There was a time when people who believe as I do were persecuted by fellow Christians. I’m thankful that here we have freedom of religion. And if I value my freedom, I have to respect the rights of others to their beliefs and to acting on them as long as they don’t harm others.

    It is one thing to say politely “I don’t agree with you about that.” The only people with whom I agree on everything I know about them are people I don’t know very well. Rudeness and disruption are totally different and discredit the message being put forth.

  28. Timbo, I’m with you on most of that, except I think we could leave religion out of the stadiums and malls too.

    Numerous city councils and such have wanted to “open with a prayer” but they’re supposed to make it all-inclusive and not divisive. They haven’t figured out that the only way to do that is to not open with a prayer. A moment of silence, okay — Jesus might even approve that; he didn’t approve public prayers (Matthew 6: 5-6).

  29. Marge Wood says:

    That could change worship services a lot: silent prayer. Hmm.

  30. Marge Wood says:

    You reckon somebody finding a place for that lady to live in, all bills paid, would shut her up? or maybe running around and screaming at protesters gives her a high.

  31. Charlie Ammen says:

    More evidence that the human race is becoming extinct, and the Earth will be much better off without us.

  32. Micr- Yes, thank you.

    Susie- There is an organization known as NALT. It stands for Not All Like That. It’s for Christians who are appalled by people like the subject of this post. Here is their website: