Hobby Lobby: Barefoot, Pregnant and Crafty

June 30, 2014 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

The Supremes did it on a 5-4 decision.  If you work for Hobby Lobby, being pregnant constantly is a job perk.

You know how the rightwing feels about President Obama?  That’s how I feel about Scalia.  I think we need to see his birth certificate AND his law degree.  Damn Ronald Reagan for appointing his nincompoop.

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57 Comments to “Hobby Lobby: Barefoot, Pregnant and Crafty”

  1. Hobby Lobby’s Corporate HQ
    Be short, be polite, and remember the poor little receptionist didn’t do this, her corporate masters did.

  2. Pat Crocker says:

    I hope this hurts their profits…but I have never been in a Hobby Lobby. However, I may have to go over there, fill up a cart with stuff, take it to register and tell them…to just… have nice day! With apologies to staff that will have to restock the stuff.

    On the bright side, this seems to have a lit a fire that might just affect mid-term turn out!

  3. Deacon Blue says:

    But will HL pay for ED meds? Because sex is OK, if you’re a guy (as long as its not with another guy). And, well, reliable birth control means fewer abortions. Just sayin’…

  4. Repubs really don’t do irony. I am old enough to remember the great angst and fear of Catholicism that Southern Baptists and other tali.. uh evangelicals expressed when JFK ran for president. He had to go to great lengths to reassure the country that he would govern religiously neutral. Now the [not]Supremes are forcing religious ideology on us and the KKKristians are rejoicing. Yes, well, it IS *their* particular “religious” (in quotes because it is a perversion of religion) ideology. Nope, they don’t do irony at all.

  5. Lorraine Stone says:

    This sudden “discovery” of the sanctified need to protect the embryo comes after MILLENIA! of calling the “illegitimate” (i.e.: no right to live!) child “bastard” and easily abandoned by the father. The “unwed mother” has, of course, almost always been abandoned and scorned. What at is really the issue involved is, as it has always been: Control of reproduction in male, not female, hands. If these Hobby Lobby ‘religiously oriented” male supremists (what they truly are) were actually concerned with the embryo/fetus/baby/child/adult, they and their ancestors over the ages, would not have excoriated the mother and abandoned the baby on doorsteps. History, however, clearly shows the truth: male-dominated religion/law has stood by sneeringly calling the mother “whore” (even if she was a rape victim!) and the child a bastard, unentitled to anything from his/her father.
    Case in point: Henry The Eighth was desperately eager to have a LEGITIMATE male heir to his throne. He had two sons: one by Anne Bolyn’s sister, Mary Bolyn, and another the son of Lady Mary Blount. Born out of wedlock, however, they weren’t eligible. So, he married Anne Bolyn hoping to have a legitimate son with her. She, instead, gave birth to, as he worded it: “A useless daughter” so he ultimately had her killed and tried again – with a sixth wife. She, however, was smart enough to arrange her departure, and save her head, without ever having sexual relations with him.

    The Hobby Lobby crew’s sanctimonious “devotion” to the embrio/fetus/baby is heir to millennia-long persecution of women and children now wrapped up in sanctimonious (and cynical) references to religion, all involving subjugation of women and demanding they carry a fetus to term, without ever mentioning that they, the Hobby Lobby “righteous” will put so much as one penny towards the resultant possibly “illegitimate” child’s welfare and future.

    If these guys (and they are usually almost always guys) really wanted to “do good,” they would open nurseries and endow educational grants to women and children, not heap scorn and “religiosity” on them in order to make themselves feel “virtuous.”

    The truth is, women will continue doing what they MUST do for themselves and their families, Hobby Lobby win or lose.

    One of man’s (and I mean “MAN”‘s) worst inventions was and remains religion – almost always interpreted and surrounded by male dominance. Thus Hobby Lobby’s reference to religion (to be interpreted as “virtue”) recourse, in a classic example of “I THINK YOU SHOULD…” efforts at controlling and demanding female submission regarding female behavior, sexual and otherwise. That’s why it took over 70 years for American women to “be granted” the right to vote.

    Women ultimately won that right and women will continue doing what must be done for themselves and their families, whether the “virtuous religious” like it or not. And they almost invariably hate it.

  6. Tom Harding says:

    It`s not nincompoop.It`s ASSHOLE.You can quote me on that.

  7. I wonder if they let their Muslim women employees wear hijabs or such on the job. They apparently have sincerely held beliefs in their religion if they wear them publicly.

    DISCLAIMER: I am a Christian. I am all for religious freedom, though I think that applies to persons, not corporations or other such entities, despite the Supreme Court saying corporations are persons for any purpose. I know some Christian groups expect women to wear head coverings. I know that’s in the Bible but I believe that was a cultural issue of that time. And I disagree with any expectation of women being required to cover their heads or any other such restriction on women only.