Fun With Guns: Game Edition

May 28, 2014 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Okay, think of somebody you really dislike.  I mean really, really.

Then give them a gift certificate to here.

The Oklahoma City city council has approved a liquor license for a new gun range expected to open this spring.

An Oklahoma City TV station reports that councilors approved the liquor license for Wilshire Gun Range on Tuesday.

The 40,000-square-foot establishment includes 24 firearm lanes, 10 archery lanes and a cafe where food and alcohol will be served.

I mean, what could go wrong?

Now, they say they will “flag” their driver’s license once they’ve been served alcohol so they can’t go back into the firing range.  Like nobody in the entire world can get a fake ID.

What the hell fun is it to shoot stuff up while sober?

Thanks to Zyxomma for the heads up.

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17 Comments to “Fun With Guns: Game Edition”

  1. daChipster says:

    TONs of people I dislike.

    Not sure I want to see any of them armed and drunkerous.

  2. Calling Dick Cheney, Dick Cheney your reaction is ready….

    No word yet on whether he will be bringing his lawyer.

  3. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    Is flagging a driver’s license kind of like punching a train ticket? I don’t think that the authorities who grant such licenses would take kindly to having them defaced. Maybe they will just stamp it with invisible UV sensitive ink like at amusement parks and such. Oh, but that would be easy to wash off. I don’t suppose they would be amenable to having people check their firearms before being served although that worked pretty well for Wyatt Earp as I recall.

  4. Yes! Flag that drivers license so the customer can’t go back into the firing range. Instead, let them belly up to the bar, then drive away a few hours later with an increased blood alcohol level and a loaded weapon. As you say JJ, what could go wrong?

  5. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Texas is safe, until the tide comes in. Oklahoma is still sucking.

  6. Kate Dungan says:

    Look at this as Darwinian Selection in action.

  7. I’d say that this kind of thing is completely normal for Oklahoma. You see, in OK the abnormal is normal. And vice versa.

  8. When are these yahoos going to wake up and discover that this thing is actually a blue collar version of a country club! Think about it! Instead of spending millions for a golf course so people can shoot balls, the management came in with a really nifty, thrifty idea of shooting targets at a range. Then dressed it up with a cafe and a full bar and probably a patio. Now they just might have to tolerate a dress code! And a dance band on Saturday night which means in the summer white coats and black tie and -gasp!-shoes! Next thing you know they will be having elections for club president and all! It will all got o hell in a handbasket the minute they are asked to pay dues!!!

  9. Marion (formerly known as MM) says:

    Once upon a time where I lived, there was a cantankerous old refrigerator and a roommate who came home drunk one night and woke me up with his shooting the refrigerator. The door wouldn’t open, you see. I moved shortly after.

  10. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    maggie, management might want to think twice about charging dues, after having gathered a bunch of ammosexuals and liquored them up, if they live so long to have that particular disaster. Call it, ‘The Balls and No Balls Ball, black tie optional.’

    Oklahoma. Someone finally gathers up your ammosexuals, takes them off the street to a safe play area for their fetish and what happens next is the irony that your city council adds alcohol to one of the first sane things done in Oklahoma. Seriously boys, you need to do something about your addiction to “what could go wrong.”

    Prediction: OKC, 2014 capitol of the Darwin Awards.

  11. Elise Von Holten says:

    Having PTSD from a gun held by one drunk man, shooting at another drunk man, the gun going off a few inches from my sleeping face and making a hole in the bedroom window when I was about 16 with GSR all over my face, I am, a “special occasion” drinker only, and would like to see handguns eliminated in our society–they only have one purpose–to do harm. Peacekeeper is an oxymoron, handguns keep you safe is another.
    Perhaps to be an owner of a handgun, you need to be shot by one first, clean shoulder shot, through and through–or your leg or foot…that way their might be some sort of respect for the reality of what happens to a human that gets shot, so bring the object lesson home…just sayin’ I know for a fact the ODS can’t be changed by facts so this crowd of Neanderthals need object lessons in 3-D. The “I am impervious to pain. Ow! Not my own!!”

  12. maryelle says:

    “Enter at your own very real risk.” should be posted at the door, and the club made to pay for bodily harm on the premises and all police, fire and ambulance service. They’d better be well insured.

  13. donquijoterocket says:

    @ Maryelle#12- I think I might be real leery of any insurance company who’d write them a policy. If they find one I bet the premiums are a doosy.

  14. Zyxomma says:

    From the article “Fairchild says no matter how many safeguards are in place, people will find a way to get around them.”

    I can see the ammosexuals of Oklahoma inviting their wives or girlfriends to the cafe, and having the WOMEN order the drinks, so their barcodes aren’t scanned for alcohol. Once they’re in their cups, entirely off the radar, they’ll head for the range. It doesn’t even require a fake ID. This is a waiting-to-happen disaster, which I look forward to reading about her at the beauty salon.

  15. Zyxomma says:

    here, not her!

  16. UmptyDump says:

    Makes about as much sense as going out to the local airport to enjoy a beer break during flight training.

  17. Let them in, don’t let them out until broad daylight the next day. Cart the live ones off to jail on a charge of manslaughter, toss the deaders in a ditch, rinse and repeat. Since none of them think they’ll end up dead, this is one way to clean the gene pool. They wanta play with guns and alcohol, they can play, but they can’t get on the road and drive, and they can’t shoot anyone but some other clown stupid enough to go to a live-action shooting bar.

    Note: This is not a serious suggestion.

    Alternatively, require the Oklahoma City Council members who voted for this to go there, unarmed, with their spouses, also unarmed, every night for a year.