Friday Toons

January 31, 2014 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized




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6 Comments to “Friday Toons”

  1. If I had a hammer, Id hammer the GOP into oblivion.

  2. Despite all their idiotic “hammering”, the Repugs are predicted to keep control of the House and maybe even capture the Senate.
    How can this be? Must be the billions the Kochs and others are spending on jack hammers.

  3. @UD . . . very succinct.

  4. Kate Dungan says:

    Maryelle, If they do win it’s because they’ve managed to cheat…something that is well known and familiar to them.

  5. Fact: the GOP already has and is capable of raising yet more trainloads of money at any time. The Dems have some $$ but not quite as much but they have candidates that are worth everything!!! Mittens had incredible gobs of money for his campaign and he lost it big time by opening his mouth as in “the 47%” that weren’t worth his time. And he also had a background in business consulting that stood my hair on end. One of the clients of his consulting business was the guy who started Home Depot, one of the worst places to work. They hire seasonally and sometimes don’t tell the hire it is only part-time seasonal work and then dump the hire like he is the plague. Sure does keep the profits in the stratosphere, though.