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February 04, 2018 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Fran, our foreign correspondent in Washington State sent us this report last night —

How afraid are you of having more women in leadership roles and elected office? I’m not. But there are people who must be downright terrified.

Last night, I went to an Emerge Washington training in my little purple bubble on the west end of my very red county. The library meeting room was full of women, mostly in the 30-40 year old range, with a few of us dependable oldies thrown in. It was wonderful to behold. My heart leapt with joy at the sight of so many young women interested in public office and how to get there. (Definition: Young to me is if they are young enough to be my daughter. Sometimes I forget and think I’m still 40.)

And then I saw them. One couldn’t miss two old white guys, one with a MAGA hat, sitting in the FRONT ROW. Are you kidding me???? Who would do that? Well, I did recognize one of them. It was the County GOP Chairman. He was the one in the MAGA hat. He lives on a small ranch about 30 miles east along State Hwy 14, and had the biggest Trump sign in the county that stayed up well past the expiration date. Next to him was his tea party patriot side kick. I know that because they actually signed in, and the sidekick’s email address was Patriot@…

The presenter was an incredibly poised young woman who is a veteran of Sen. Maria Cantwell’s campaigns, and is planning a run for State Legislature herself. She spoke eloquently about how to run a successful campaign, how to prepare yourself for the job you want, and how to engage a team to help you get there. She never ONCE looked at these two men, just off to her left. She never missed a beat. Totally unflappable. Must have been disappointing to these two. What a sad life you must have to drive half an hour in the pouring rain on a dark 2 lane highway to crash a progressive women’s political training.

That is how terrified they are. And it makes me smile.

Me, too, Fran. Me, too.  And I think you need to send us a picture next time so we can offer a nationwide warning that these guys are attending Democratic women’s meeting to grab them by the … well, you know.


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23 Comments to “Foreign Correspondent Fenway Fran”

  1. I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to read your report, Fran. And, according to what shows up on my FB page, your meeting wasn’t an outlier, either. November can’t get here soon enough.

  2. Suggestion for 2028 campaign theme song: Twisted Suster’s “We’re not going to take it”

  3. I’m sure they considered themselves as brave spies in the enemy camp. I would like to have heard their conversation after they left.

  4. Tilphousia says:

    That’s happening all over. Small, midsize and larger groups. Women have awakened to the horrific threats to everyone’s liberties. Young ones aren’t taking so much for granted. Seems as though the horrific ramblings of traitor trump have sunk in. He’s ruining everything cherished by our country from parks and national monuments to clean air and water I personally would like to see traitortrump and his administration and most of the rethuglican party cleaning up superfund sites in their underwear using a broom and wastebin. They must be STOPPED! We have only one home.

  5. Bob Boland says:

    AK Lynne – yeah, nothing says superspy like wearing an ID tag that says, “Look at me. I’m your opposition!” Idjits

  6. Jane & PKM says:

    Civics lesson in the 21st century – compare and contrast the democratic principles.

    A. Meeting held open to the public at an announced location with 2 known detractors allowed to remain.

    B. Secret meetings held at undisclosed locations with only rich old white men invited and guarded by both police and private security.

    C. Campaign rallies at which a candidate for President calls for security to abuse and remove any opposition.

    RepubAnon, 2028? We’re ready for President Kamala Harris now, and are waiting impatiently for 2020.

  7. Old white men.

    Still trying to intimidate, extract, and wring every last ounce of respect out of a woman, whenever possible. Even though it’s getting harder to coerce their targets into a compromising position, or outright grab them, still, they gotta try something. Why not place themselves front and center with passive aggressive taunts, wearing their favorite symbol of misogyny, the red hat MAGA.

  8. van heldorf says:

    Another option: the leader gives a short intro about the openness of this meeting and the courtesies of the ladies then recognize the 2 “gentlemen” politely, of course, and ask these men directly or indirectly if their meetings would allow the opposition to sit in without the guards ready to bar them entrance initially.
    How would these repubs recognize these ladies in order to bar them? They’re probably the only ones not packing guns:)

  9. I don’t suppose someone could find a picture to go with this story?

    Not needed really but I’m curious.

  10. Fenway Fran says:

    I was in the back and didn’t have a good angle for a photo. I will see if anyone else got one, and get it to Juanita Jean for your viewing pleasure.

  11. I have been to any number of resistance and protest meetings over the years. there was always someone there to remind the rest of us in some way that we were “bad.” Hell, I enjoyed it!

  12. Fran,
    Gosh! I love this! Just heard of one (there are probably dozens and dozens) teacher of high school government who is promoting the notion of getting senior students registered to vote. Further, it’s nonpartisan, with the notion that the kids need to know how government/voting and the whole American process really works. It does sound like the perfect idea to make America even greater than it already is. The kids won’t even have to invest in a candidate’s campaign by purchasing a crummy red ball cap.

  13. Betty–a Social Studies teacher at my daughter’s high school is able to register voters, so lots of 18 year olds were able to vote in the 2016 election. My daughter proudly voted for Hillary.

  14. RepubAnon says:

    @Jane & PKM says: – OOPS, I meant 2018’s election is when we send the message “We’re not going to take it, anymore!”

  15. “Look at us– we’re what you’re campaigning and voting against.” Fine to have an object lesson or two right up front.

  16. Marcia in CO says:

    LOL … Love Rhea’s example … use the 2 MAGAs as an object lesson!

  17. Wonderful Fran. Thanks.

    Imo Tiliphousia has the best comment of 2018 thus far: “I personally would like to see traitortrump and his administration and most of the rethuglican party cleaning up superfund sites in their underwear using a broom and wastebin.”


  18. I can imagine that the two MAGA guys were very disappointed that they weren’t attacked and/or asked to leave the meeting. It’s probably what they would have done if it had been their meeting. Kudos to all the women at this meeting that ignored their behinds, leaving them nothing negative to run to Fox and share. After the meeting, all the MAGAs could do was return to their vehicle[s] and drive back home on that two-lane highway through the rain.

  19. Charles R Phillips says:

    Clark County isn’t so right-wing as all that. It ain’t a patch on, say, Yakima? But I get the drift here.

    And Vancouver women are tough, damn tough. I’m really surprised Mr. GOP County Chairman and his mini-posse had the huevos to show up at all. Bravo to you all, Fran!

  20. That cheered me right up. Thanks, Fran!

  21. Epic FAIL! You know, when you do oppo research, you’re supposed to BLEND! Bet these guys wives wouldn’t do it (attend the meeting, that is) for them and they just had to port their own butts on over.

  22. Mah Fellow Murkuhn says:

    I’m an old white man, and I ain’t skeered. But then, I’m not the chairman of the county GOP. Any county GOP. Actually, I’ve been voting since 1968 (you had to be 21 to vote back then) and I have never knowingly voted for any Republican for any office. And the kids can play on my lawn any time. 😉 We’re not all misogynists.

  23. Unfortunately, many elderly Americans have become brainwashed from FOX news and herding them to the polls to vote for repugs may be counterproductive.
    I realized this while caring for my aging parents and finally stopped taking them to vote. My dad had changed from a life-long Democrat to a hard core right-winger and my mom just did what he told her to.
    Having tried repeatedly to let them know the facts about current events, I had to face the fact that the harm FOX did was irreparable.


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