Everybody’s Talking At Me

October 30, 2011 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

About half a gillion people sent me this while I was outside today.

These are highlights of Rick Perry’s speech in New Hampshire.¬† The speech was 25 minutes long and here’s the best parts stitched together.

Janette pretty much summed it up and she emailed me, “as my alter-ego said: Well, bless his heart, this campaignin¬≠g thing just has him worn to a frazzle. Poor lil Rick couldn’t remember if he is at the 700 Club Auditions or Open Mic Nite at the Wazoo Brainless Bagger Comedy Club.”

I thought that was charitable of her.

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18 Comments to “Everybody’s Talking At Me”

  1. Uuuuuuummmmm . . . . .
    I hope he’s got a prescription for whatever he’s using.

  2. I could only watch maybe 10 seconds of that video and then started wondering if it was one of those Bad Lip Reading videos; Perry sounded just as random but more desperate than the BLR videos. You’d have to be pretty messed up in the head to think this guy is electable for any office.

  3. Mizcreant says:

    Been hitting that ignorant water again?

  4. I saw this ridiculous thing on HuffPost today, and like glf above, I could not watch the whole thing, because my lunch was stirring in my stomach!! I can not blame people when they make fun of Texas–I am so ASHAMED of this idiot!

  5. Maybe they started him on a fantastic antidepressant.

  6. Gotta agree with Angela. Dat boy has somethin peculiar sprinkled on his Wheaties. His handlers licensed for the tools they are using?

  7. Edith Ann says:

    I think this speech was to the 700 Moron Club, if I’m not mistaken.

    What a dweeb!

  8. Cameras,speeches and “cold medicine” don’t mix too well.Oh,this was good for a giggle!!

  9. Beth Kozan says:

    Thank you for whittlin this down from 25 min to this. I could barely hang in for all of this. Now I see why he’s got the rep for being a little light in the loafers. He’s floating up above the world so high! Just the silliest man I’ve seen in a lonnnng time!

  10. That’s sad.

    I watched a few seconds….. that’s all I could stand.

    No wonder people ….. all over the country ….. think Texas is inhabited by a bunch of idiots…..

    After they see, and hear….. “our fearless leader”….. who’s to blame them…????

  11. Grace Newton says:

    Yep. I was one of the gazillion people who sent this link to Juanita Jean. And I agree, that boy just ain’t right.

    As a matter of fact, he’s real strange. I watched the video without sound and all I can say is Gov. Perry is a full bowl of fruit loops. Our Govenor here in Virginia is a wacko but even he isn’t up to Gov. Perry’s level. Those of you who didn’t watch till the end, you should do it just to watch Ricky’s reaction to receiving a bottle of NH maple syrup. It’s classic.

    Here’s to holding the gates against the barbarians – Grace

  12. Maybe he should have the first speaker instead of last.

  13. oooooooooohh, ooowwwwwwww,eeeeeeeeeeee, my ears are bleeding……

  14. Lorraine in Spring says:

    Well, there’s 8 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. I see Rick’s been practicing his Bushisms:

    “Love on you”
    “Bring It”

    When he first reached inside his jacket, I thought he was going for his flask.

    Rick was playing Bush for Halloweeen or he was flat out drunk. Either way, he’s a bad decision maker and not fit for any job except unarmed night watchman at a cemetery.

    Good grief.

  15. He is not a very good impersonator. Making that much fun of his opponents will cause them to all gang up on him some more. This is gonna be fun.

  16. Wow.
    That white boy is HAPPY!
    I want some of whatever he’s got into!


  17. Credit to you JJ, you’ve been calling this scenario from the gitgo, as he rose in the polls, the ceiling and then the fall. You nailed this call, lady. Take a bow.

  18. “Save a pretzel for the gas jets!” – jk; gotta love that BLR, but Rick just topped himself.

    Sounds like Ricky knocked back a few pitchers of Shiner all by his lonesome before getting up behind the podium…

    …and I love that they kept the cameras rolling AFTER the speech, where Rick seems to bob and weave, can’t stand still (or stand up), keeps that idiotic grin going, and the goofy hand gestures…

    Rick Perry — like GWB, but minus the towering intellect, and the sobriety.