UPDATE: Bannon Registered to Vote in Two States

January 25, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: 2016 Election, Trump

UPDATED: Not only is Steve Bannon and Tiffany Cheeto registered to vote in two states, it’s now come to light that Steve Mnuchin, nominated to be TREASURY SECRETARY, is also registered to vote in New York and California.  Is it possible to be so goddam rich (sorry, Momma) that you can’t remember where you live?  This has entertainment written all over it.

Steve Bannon, that charming white supremacist from Breitbart who is now co-infesting the White House, is registered to vote in Florida and in New York.  He voted absentee in New York in November, no mention of if he also voted in Florida.  Also, in an ironic twist, Tiffany Cheeto, one of the daughters, is also registered in 2 states, Pennsylvania and New York.  Ol’ TwitterFinger has been ranting on his favorite medium for 4 days now about voter fraud.  It would be a shame if his Lead Orc and his daughter get caught up in the fraud investigation.

Glass houses, anyone?

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20 Comments to “UPDATE: Bannon Registered to Vote in Two States”

  1. Juanita Jean Herownself says:

    Let’s add some more fun to this game. Donald Trump’s nominee to head the Treasury department, Steven Mnuchin, is registered to vote in two states, a CNN KFile review of paperwork obtained through open records requests in New York and California show.

    While it is illegal to cast ballots in multiple states, it is not illegal to be registered in two states at the same time. In a tweet Wednesday, the president called for an investigation into voter fraud, including whether citizens are registered to vote in two states.

    I wonder when more will trickle in.

  2. I think we’ve seen in the past that the majority of the very small number of voter fraud cases have been perpetrated by Republicans using absentee ballots. Now just being registered in 2 states doesn’t automatically mean they voted in 2 states, but more often than not, they did.
    Want to bet the Repug Congresscritters shut this “investigation” down ASAP.

  3. Texas Expat in CA says:

    I surely hope that a reporter will ask about these cases in Shawn Spicer’s very next presser. This is just too delicious!

  4. Really!!! Well,dog my cats! Wold like to know if even more of the thugs at the top are double-stated! Keep on keeping on with this news!

  5. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you (said in Raynaud’s voice from Casablanca).

  6. Jane & PKM says:

    When the snacilbupeR are accusing, it is a clear indication of the shenanigans they are perpetrating. Round ’em up, Donnie.

  7. All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. -George Orwell, Animal Farm

    Some animals are just animals. -Rick

  8. From past experience working on petitions drives, etc., it is not at all unusual to find people registered in two places. Most don’t even know it.

    In Texas, the county sends out the cards. If the person no longer lives at that address, the cards are returned by the USPS to the county. In their dreams. We had one house in our subdivision that had 4 families registered at the same address. I had find and call them all to unregister.

    When you move, you are supposed to inform the county. If that card gets in the mailbox, they have you at that house. I don’t know if the State has worked out that problem, yet.

    A Scottish friend was surprised when i told her she was on the rolls. She just filled out cards given to her when she registered her car. She never thought to vote.

    A person who lived in California and worked in DH’s office in Dallas was registered in Texas and California. He voted in both places, Republican.

    The voter rolls are a mess. How much do we want to spend getting them current on all days? The question is do those registered in a couple of places really vote twice? I doubt it.

  9. Don’t get your knickers twisted about this folks. Anybody in the country who was registered to vote in one location, and then happened to move somewhere else and registered at the new location is very likely still registered at the old location. Like myself, for instance. I moved from MA to CO last Fall. Did I bother to unregister? Uh, nope. Was this fraud? Uh, nope.

  10. With regards to Drumpf’s voter fraud effort:

    “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” ^

    When they spend money on this effort, and find (essentially) NO IN PERSON FRAUD, the reasons for all the voter suppression efforts go away. Or, there may come a national standard of ID availability that cuts out that venue of repression.

    The best solution is an autofail for Drumpf.

    ^ Napoleon Bonaparte

  11. Numerous articles and columns in the WashPost about Donnie’s obsession with “voter fraud” that he thinks deprived him of the popular-vote majority. Many commenters address the issue of mental illness and removal from office.

    I wish he’d just hold his breath until he turns blue. He’s 70; with any luck he couldn’t be revived. Mind you, that would leave a bigoted theocrat in charge….

  12. Sandridge says:

    Haven’t the Rescummies recently been using a voter disenfranchisement program among a number of states that cross checks voter names, and if a voter with a similar name in another state is found, they get bounced?
    This official program has a real name and acronym, I just don’t remember it.
    Like two (or more) “Donny Smith’s” living in different places must surely be the same ‘bad’ person, therefore cheating? I believe it was only applied to Democrats though.

  13. Sandridge says:

    Yeah, I live/have lived in areas with almost majority illegal alien population numbers that most of you cannot comprehend. Even now, in a changing rural county 250 miles from the Mexican border, there is a very large population of illegals (the ranchers, farmers, construction, etc luv them some cheap labor).
    In every election that I have ever voted in (most all) since 1968, both here and in the Valley, I have never seen anyone vote that I even suspected of being a non-citizen.
    Particularly this last one, which had mostly dour, angry Hillary-hating Anglos voting about 80% for Trumpov and all the Rescummies.

    PS: A certain very high-end, high quality milk products dairy is not far away (closed down now I think, they still have the processing plant in SA), it really is good stuff. The company was founded and owned by a very powerful Texas ‘behind-the-scenes’ Republican power-broker.
    Guess who most of the dairy workers minding the herd and milking house were?

  14. JAKvirginia says:

    Ah… the ever practical R. FL address for no state taxes, and New York is it (?), for other things like voting. Not the most ethical of actions but no prob until he votes in both places. Uh… what? Oh, my! Now we have a problem.

    And Mr. Trump? How do you plan to prosecute those dead people who are still registered to vote? I believe purging the lists is the responsibility of the Office of Elections in each state. And over 30 of those states have majority Republican legislatures and governments, so… Oh, yes! PLEASE investigate! Show the whole country how badly R’s govern.


  15. Minn has a pretty good system to avoid that problem. I’ve moved several times, received a voter card each time, and was never double registered.

    At today’s WH presser, Sean Sphincter insisted they had real facts, rather than their usual Alternative Facts/Lies, proving the Orange Toddler’s claim of millions of fraudulent votes. He never provided any of sources. Yeah, they were Alternative Facts/Lies.

  16. Sandridge says:

    Debbo shoots, she scores, for today’s meany, vicious, disrespectful, hilarious and dead-on naming “Win”: Sean Sphincter!
    Exactly the image has been rattling around my subconcious everytime I’ve seen that diarrhea spewing azzhole on the teevee.

  17. FWIW there are two Reinhold R Priebus, both born in March ’72, both registered to vote in Kenosha County, WI.

    This bears repeating, whenever Trump accuses someone of something he is probably doing it himself. The only thing this tells you is he knows that the election was either influenced indirectly (Russian fake news, Wikileaks, Comey etc), or directly (hacking, CrossCheck, voter suppression) and he’s trying to distract people and further tamp down on descent.

  18. Marge Wood says:

    iF you live in a huge palace with golden walls and toilets and multiple floors, can you register to vote from each floor? or each hotel you own?

  19. JAKvirginia says:

    Marge Wood: Don’t give that fool any ideas.

  20. Lunargent says:

    I think that there should be a huge congressional investigation. And that the Democratic committee members should subpoena each and every Repub who’s double registered to testify, starting with DT’s near and dear.

    Maybe drag Chris Kobach in there too, and demand to know why his CrossCheck program, which threw so many people off the voting rolls, didn’t catch all these people. Maybe because it was biased, and only targeted toward people with African American or Hispanic sounding names? Also ask him to explain how, if they show up on Election Day at one locality, they’re able to travel hundreds of miles and vote again on the same day in another state.