Cornyn Suffers Abuse – From Constituents Giving Their Opinion

February 10, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Holy Crap, Steeple People

Apparently, Hang-’em-High Cornyn is not happy that his phone and email system crashed this week from thousands of concerned Texans who were terrified that he was supporting the most ill-prepared and ignorant candidate for Secretary of Edumucation in the History of Edumucation.  You see, he publicly came out in support of Betsy DeVos, Super Special Deluxe High Grade Christian and Private Church School Crusader after she gave the most disastrous testimony in the History of Senate Hearings during her Senate hearing.  She lacks even the most basic grasp of education policy, and has no clue about the behemoth that she has just inherited which is a more than full time job for even the most experienced education experts (Arnie Duncan), much less for a dumbass like her (sorry Momma).  Lil’ Betsy believes you should just “pray on it” and all will be good.  She’s going to be drinking from a firehose just right quick, like her boss, Cheeto Jesus, who just got his ass handed to him by the 9th Circuit over his wonderfully planned and articulated unconstitutional Muslim ban which is going so well.

Cornyn was most offended that constituents from Texas voiced their loud and vehement opposition to DeVos, calling it “sour grapes” and that they were angry that CJ won.  Well, he’s right on that one.  We are angry that the worst presidential candidate in US history is now polluting the White House.  But, no, the reason we were all calling Cornyn the Deaf was that we were waving our arms and screaming at him as he gleefully jumped on the crazy train over the cliff that destroys public education.

The US government is unrecognizable to me, and my elected officials are simply the worst I have ever witnessed in my 6th decade life.

Jesus.  No.  Literally, Jesus.

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28 Comments to “Cornyn Suffers Abuse – From Constituents Giving Their Opinion”

  1. charles phillips says:

    Cornyn got nuthin’ on Sam Johnson, 3rd district Texas representative. Sam wants to defund the EPA;

    If he has his way, the Cuyahoga will be aflame in no time, along with most of ND, LA, and Texas. Based entirely on the number and severity of recent oil spills. That, plus no oversight of drinking water, air quality, the only thing he left out was tainted food, and I guess he just doesn’t care about the FDA.

  2. The founders knew that our Republic was an experiment that required an informed and engaged electorate to succeed. Trump and his appointments are proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that the experiments is a monumental failure. The US electorate is too dumb to pour water out of its boots when its feet are wet.

  3. “Experiment” Poor editing.

  4. charles phillips says:

    No one wants to admit they backed a horrible loser, either in a horse race or a campaign. We’ve got to get them to see they were duped, conned, and it wasn’t all their fault.

    Although, really, it was mostly their fault.

  5. Will it be easier to get people to accept that they were conned, or to persuade them that the promises to them have been broken? Because most human beings resist admitting that they’ve been had, and will double-down on the original choice rather than drop it. Maybe it would be better to say, “He said he was going to do X and Y for you and look, he’s not doing it.”

    Now that I say that it doesn’t sound much different, but it’s a matter of emphasis. People don’t thank you for making them feel like fools.

  6. My oh my. Constituents are calling Cornyn on the telephone to voice their opinions, which last I checked is part of the job description for elected officials? What will they expect next?

  7. I sent this joker an email urging him to oppose the stupid wall because of the damage I believe it will cause all along our state border, and I got back a long email about why illegal immigration is so horrible. I started to reply that we have a lot worse problems here, and with the Texas economy failing, illegal immigration is likely to take care of itself, but I decided it’s not worth my effort.

    Dumb and deaf.

  8. IIRC, when Cornyn was AG for Texas, didn’t he rule that the Matricular Consuelar card could be used for ID? That let the undocumented buy and finance cars and houses. I thought then he was working for the banks and mortgage companies. And Bob Perry.
    But that was some time ago, and with POTUSs W and Pussygrabber a lot of wine has been consumed at my house so my memory may be faulty.

  9. Wyatt Earl says:

    “DeVos orders all school globes flattened.” Must be true – saw it on the internet.

  10. The only way to stop all the looting and pillaging is to vote them out of office. As long as these politicians know that nothing of consequence will happen to them for ignoring their constituents, they will continue to trash everything; that’s their stated goal. So stop re-electing them.

  11. I prefer email. My little bride prefers telephone calls. We each communicated with the public numbers of Pistol Pete Sessions, Raphael Cruz, and Hang ’em High Corny_n. To the extent that we contributed to their PBX and email meltdown, gosh, just think how quick they’d gone down it we had targeted them in a denial of service attack.

    Senator, For the most part little brown folks in Bangalore developed your Asterisk PBX software and in Silicon Valley keep your flavor of Linux or M$ Winblows working. Pi$$ enough of ’em off and your office will be calling 9-1-1 with semaphore flags.

  12. All Texas Republicant politicians have always told their lunatic minions that they are doing everything possible to fight illegals. While spending/wasting huge sums of dinero, like on the Bush-Perry Rio Grande River riverine gunboat fleet (~$1M each, plus op expenses) showy photo-ops to mollify the cretins.
    At the same time, they, and their TX biz buddies, have quietly facilitated a flood of illegal, low cost labor, profiting immensely from it. The entire TX construction industry, and many others, would not be near as profitable as they are today without the exploited labor.
    And don’t lose sight of the fact that we in the US are just one domestic terror attack, whether a real one, or a staged ‘false-flag’ one, from the imposition of martial law, and an absolute Fascist style takeover.

  13. yet another baby boomer says:

    Went to a huddle last night here in Houston. This was posted to the discussion board today. It’s not Coryn but might as well go after Cruz while we’re at it.

    From a member of TX21 Indivisible—–

    ACTION ITEM: A Sister/Resister has developed a cordial relationship with one of Cruz’s staffers, Grant Murray. He’s been polite and has met with her and spoken/corresponded with her. But he’s insistent that both he and the senator feel that the current resistance is a matter of “intensity, not numbers”.

    If you have a minute, email Grant at to drive the point home, that we are here, en masse, and that neither our numbers, nor our intensity, are going to die down.

    My email said: “Hello. I live in Austin, zip code 78753. I understand you’re under the impression that we constituents speaking out are all intensity, no numbers. Just dropping you a line to say you can count me among the numbers of those who are really not happy with Sen. Cruz right now. Tell him to grow a spine and get to work defending our democracy, our civil rights, and our constitution from the trainwreck of this Administration. Thanks.”

    (I was trying to keep it short, but it was tough holding back on the rant I’d really love to lower on Cruz’s pointy little head, so I suppose I did end up sounding a bit annoyed.)

  14. snacilbupeR legislators aren’t enjoying their trips home in many places. Chafedass in Utah got a lot of grief. A Montanan skittered through the airport and outta there without taking any time, that’s Any Time, to talk to his constituents who’d gathered there. Another one, don’t recall who, got mad at his constituents at a town hall. He trotted out the old “death panels” garbage in response to a health care question and was hooted down. That’s when he called them “children.” Ohhhh, I think he’s going to regret trying to demean his constituents in that way.

  15. L'Angelomisterioso says:

    @Sandridge #12- It’s either that or they’re doing it “for the children”. I don’t wonder much at either since snacilbupers have no interest in, nor talent for, actually governing, they’d prefer to rule and believe that banning something will halt it entirely-look at some of their pronouncements in the anti-choice, forced birth area.

  16. e platypus onion says:

    Cornyn Suffers Abuse

    All together on the count of three, 1,2,3 Aw shucky darn it!

  17. Taking bets as to how long she lasts.

  18. maggie,
    It doesn’t take particularly virulent pathogens, like Republicants, very long at all to do a tremendous amount of very difficult to repair damage to anything they come in contact with.

  19. Tilphousia says:

    Cornyn and co. are true sniveling cowards. They have made grevious errors of judgement in backing trump who is the worst president in US history, and we’ve had some really bad ones.
    We need to investigate trump’s Russia connection. Chances are they will do it again in 2018.

  20. 1smartcanerican says:

    Just wondering if everything is ok at the beauty salon since we’ve not heard from Juanita Jean in a bit. Hope all is well.

  21. I will now emit a very lady-like “whoopee”. Seems as if the constituents in Congresswoman Barbara Comstock’s district in northern Virginia are determined to have a town hall, with or more likely, without her! Cameras and recording devices of all types permitted! This is the gal who waited forever to chide Trump for his campaign behavior. Then the clouds of the heavens parted, and she got the message! No wonder she is scairt poopless over meeting with “her” people!

    I just watched two ‘interviews’ with Stephen Miller, tRump’s raving ‘Jr. Fascist’ WH advisor on the MTP & TW telly progs.

    Apparently Kellyanne Conjob and Rancid Prickus were unavailable, or had a muzzle slapped over their flapping prevaricating jaws.
    Miller was all fangs and claws, blasting an almost limitless stream of lies and distortions.
    I ended up restoring, just a little so far, confidence in Chuck Todd and George Stepinopolis(sp); those two must have gotten some kind of rush job titanium spinal implant before their health plan goes away.
    Woohwee, voices (and eyebrows) were raised and the non-stop Gish Gallop bullchit coming from Mr. Miller was racqueted right back. It was like watching a tennis or hardball match.
    George tried to wrap up Miller, Miller just kept on yammering and it really looked like George was going to jerk his mic, but he finally let him finish and then politely sliced the SOB to ribbons on the extro.

  23. SteveTheReturned says:

    Cornyn is the emptiest suit in D.C. The only way Cornyn looks good, is in comparison to Ted Cruz—but I’ve encountered rattlesnakes in my back yard that looked good, compared to Cruz.

  24. Sandridge, I saw Miller on the teehee this AM and I swear that guy flunked a lot of courses in school. Per him, the courts were never instituted to beat up on the President, blah, blah, blah. This guy is not just stooopid, he is sneaky stooped. And the reality tv guy hired him! Lawsy me! Where, oh where did I put my pearls!

  25. Sandridge: Yeah, this is the first time I’ve seen and heard Miller, but from what I’ve read, he lives up to his reputation. Standard Operating Procedure. Miller steps out front and center. “In your face”. Everybody’s gonna talk about this douchebag and his lies for days. The echo chamber’s got fresh fodder (even though there’s nothing fresh about it) for a few days. Taking the spotlight off of Propaganda Barbie. Let’s all pay attention to what happens on page 3 for a few days.

  26. Steve Miller has the deadest eyes I have ever seen…..what a mindless spew quoting pawn of Bannon.

  27. All my emails to Senator Corny_n had been positive, asking him to vote against Devos, Sessions, etc saying in part “I’m emailing to encourage Senator Cornyn to take a principled, public stand against…” whatever.

    Well I’m not a “sore loser”. I voted for Hilary but somehow the nacilbupeR nominee prevailed and was inaugurated. What I am is unalterably opposed to the direction which the new President and the Tea Party subsumed snacilbupeR have headed.


    Miller – the kind of whacko that other whackos write off because he’s too nutzoid.