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To Russia, With Love

September 23, 2016 By: Primo Encarnación Category: Uncategorized

The crazy just keeps on coming.  It turns out that The Muscovian Candidate is already reaching out to his KGB handlers – or whatever they call themselves these days – via one of his trusted foreign policy advisers.

Congressional members reportedly have been briefed about Carter Page, Trump’s “Russia adviser” who has built an entire money-grubbing, investment-banking career out of kissing Putin’s Gass, aka Russia’s state-run oil-company, Gazprom.

Page, reportedly, has been serving as a back-channel between the Trump campaign and the Putin regime, ostensibly promising to ease sanctions if Trump becomes President.  Is this the “pro quo” for the “quid” of Russian hackers leaving him very obviously alone, while targeting his opponents?

Carter Page is the guy who, in a June meeting of Washington foreign policy experts with the Prime Minister of India, praised both Trump and Putin to the skies.

Later this summer, he spoke critically of US foreign policy at a commencement for the New Economic School… IN MOSCOW!

What did he criticize?  How would the Trump foreign policy differ from our current approach?

“Washington and other Western capitals have impeded potential progress through their often hypocritical focus on ideas such as democratization, inequality, corruption…”

Yup, too much focus on democracy, inequality and corruption.  That’s EXACTLY what America is doing wrong.

Well, Trump will certainly fix all that, starting with a big, wet, sanction-lifting kiss to Russia, with love.

Watching a Man Crumble

September 23, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

From the Quorum Report —



He’s afraid that Rick Perry is going to run against him for Governor.

This is not going to be a popular decision among Texas Republicans.

Asked about a possible endorsement, Jason Johnson, Cruz’s chief strategist on the campaign, responded with a photo of himself, with his hand over his face.



Seriously, this is kinda fun.  So now he’s asking people to NOT vote their conscience?


Say What?

September 23, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Here’s the deal.

The Secret Service reimburses presidential candidates for the expense of their protective agents flying with the candidate.  For example, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been reimbursed $2.6 million so far this election cycle for expense of the flights for her agents.

On the other hand, Donald Trump’s campaign has only been reimbursed $1.6 million, mainly because he qualified for protection later than she did.  However, every dime of that money went to a company owned by … I don’t have to tell you, do I?

The difference with Trump is that one of his companies, TAG Air, Inc., owns the plane, so the government is effectively paying him.

The Clinton campaign, by contrast, mostly has been chartering planes from a private company called Executive Fliteways in which the Clintons do not have any ownership interest.

“The taxpayers are actually reimbursing Trump for the travel of the Secret Service agents,” said Brett Kappel, a campaign finance lawyer at the law firm Akerman LLP. “It’s just another example of how the Trump campaign has taken an unprecedentedly large amount of its money and spent it at Trump-owned facilities.”

Just another example.  We know the agents stay in Trump hotels and eat at Trump restaurants and that is paid directly by the Secret Service.

So when he said he might be the first candidate tomato money off running for President, he wasn’t kidding.

Thanks to Portman for the heads up.


September 23, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Well, I have to admit that I am thankful for Lt. Governor Dan Patrick today.  At least he’s a Republican willing to tell the truth.

Explaining why he leads Republican Donald Trump’s Texas presidential campaign, Patrick said Democrat Hillary Clinton would have people “coming from all over the world.”

And then?

“It will be very tough, Mark, to actually elect a Republican again to the White House.”

Dan Patrick leads Donald Trump’s presidential race in Texas, and he’s freely and proudly admitting that Trump’s immigration policy is based on politics.

I love my country this much.

I love my country this much.

So to the little boy sitting in back of an ambulance in total shock and covered with blood, we’d love to help you, but Dan Patrick sheds his Christian faith at the White House door.  Or, the voting booth.  He leaves it outside the voting booth so he can bring his own personal devils in there with him.

Sweet Jesus, I hate these people.  I really do.


Friday Toons

September 23, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized











Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press





Our Lady of Perpetual Misogyny UPDATED

September 22, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

One of our customers, Bunny, sent me this and I have her permission to share it with you.

Hard to believe but….

The picture is of two of my granddaughters who are the only two girls on their high school boys varsity soccer team, Foothills Academy, Scottsdale, AZ. That they were chosen for the team was an honor.

Tonight their school played Our Lady of Sorrows, Phoenix, AZ, so appropriate because their all boy soccer team would not even come on the field if the girls were to play. They would rather forfeit.

The girl’s coach left it up to the team and the girls were part of the decision. They didn’t want the rest of the boys to not be able to play too and they handled it really well. Coaches and players and parents were very supportive. Ready to forfeit, but decided to kick their butts instead. 3-1 halftime now.



UPDATED by Bunny on 9/22 —

Faith Christian notified Foothills Academy today they would forfeit their game if girls played.

Foothills Academy coach accepted their forfeit. Each player on his team voted. Every player voted to accept the forfeit. Especially noted are the players who are being looked at for college soccer scholarships and whose stats will be affected by each game not played. “I don’t give a damn about my stats, the girls are my team mates.”

The league will be updating their rosters with schools willing to play girls.

There ya go!