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It’s All Kabuki Now

July 18, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Goat Rodeos, Healthcare

As we’ve all heard, the latest iteration of the GOP’s “Appeal and Replace”, better known as “Search and Destroy”, died last night when two conservative senators, Mike Lee of Utah and Jerry Moran of Kansas, said they couldn’t vote for the bill because it didn’t wreak enough havoc or kill enough Americans to suit them.  Later in the evening, TurtleNeck McConnell predictably announced that the Senate would then just vote to repeal with no replacement so even MORE people would die.  That idiotic notion died a sudden death today when less insane Republicans said no to that.  So what is left of this issue, Donald Trump’s biggest promise to his red-capped mobs who voted for him?  This:

For the Republicans, who are hell-bent on erasing Barack Obama from the history books to satisfy their mouth breather base, they can only offer Kabuki, or highly stylized and exaggerated staging, like signing ceremonies for letters, executive orders, and silly truck shows on the White House lawn to make it look like they’re really doing something when they’re not.

In these days of clowns, carnival barkers, and totalitarians infesting the White House, I’ll certainly take nothing over something, which is what the Congress is producing, at least so far.

Hypocrisy Report

June 15, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Goat Rodeos, Trump

You recall how the fashion police went after Michelle Obama every time she stepped out of the WH residence.  They hated her dresses, hated her in short sleeves, hated her in sleeveless gowns.  They hated her hair, so on and so forth.  The noise machine was continuous and loud.  So, I find it pretty ironic that zero has been said about how Melania Trump was dressed last night for the hospital visit with His Orangeness:

Here’s the close up:

Under normal circumstances, I would say that’s a beautiful dress on a beautiful woman.  But I can’t be that charitable.  After listening to 8 years of horrible insults and howling about Michelle’s appearance, I find it ironic that all we’ve heard is crickets over Melania’s attire.  Can you imagine the din if this was Michelle and she was showing this much thigh?  Especially on an official presidential visit?

Just sayin’


A Dozen Donut Holes

April 05, 2010 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Goat Rodeos


“They say there’s 12 of them now,” Juanita announces while making coffee this morning.  “I’ll put up our one against all 12 of theirs.”

She’s talking about the 12 GOP Presidential hopefuls meeting in New Orleans.

“And why would they pick New Orleans?  To remind us of what a gosh-awful job they did there?  To visit some bawdy houses?  To get drunk and nakkid?” Juanita thinks they are up to no good.

At the Conservative Political Action Conference in February, Republicans dedicated hours of the event to promising to “kill” the health care bill. Now that it’s passed and Democrats are enjoying an uptick in popularity, it’s going to be time to refocus on a new line of attack. It’s also possible there will be either a refinement of the “repeal” message, or that that conference will showcase Republican divisions on the topic.

“I personally think the Republican lovefest in New Orleans is being fueled by a big burst of damned if I know,” Juanita suggests.

“One other thing,” Juanita grins, “don’t they know that fluffy rich white boys are scarce in new Orleans?  I think they are parachuting into a live volcano.”

I imagine we’ll get Aunt Wanda Lynn to get a ringside seat for this thing,” she promises, “and she’ll let us know which of these perfectly silly fools takes the cake.”

It’s About Time (UPDATE)

March 31, 2010 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Goat Rodeos


One word:  Teabonics.

(Safe for Work)

That is all.  It is enough.

UPDATE: Kary sent us another one —

Hey, babe, it’s spelled The Libruls and we’re also stealing your Marks-A-Lot and your poster board.

Thank you, TEA Party

March 30, 2010 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Goat Rodeos


Who wouldda thunk it?  Juanita s perfectly delighted with the Tea Party people today, after she read this

Contrary to historical trends, the Houston Chronicle notes one of the toughest challenges facing U.S. Census officials is “not from counting the traditionally undercounted groups such as African-Americans and Latinos. Instead, a new and growing threat to an accurate national head count is coming from anti-government conservatives who may not fill out their forms to protest against ‘Big Brother’ in Washington.”

In Texas, some of the counties with the lowest census return rates are among the state’s most Republican, including Briscoe County in the Panhandle, 8 percent; King County, near Lubbock, 5 percent; Culberson County, near El Paso, 11 percent; and Newton County, in deep East Texas, 18 percent. Most other counties near the bottom of the list are heavily Hispanic counties along the Texas-Mexico border.

“Oh yes,” she whoops, “ten years after Tom DeLay tried to marginalize the Democratic Party by gerrymandering Texas to his liking, his co-hearts are going to reverse the tables by shooting themselves in the foot.”

It could not happen to a more deserving bunch of people.

“And, all the old white people don’t forget, sending in your census is the first step to indoctrinating your grandchildren to be transgendered tattooed welfare queens who smoke dope and vote Democratic.  Don’t take that risk,” she warns.


Free Haircut, Style, or Perm

March 26, 2010 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Goat Rodeos


Juanita has a standing offer of a free haircut, style, or perm to Rachel Maddow any time she happens to be in town.

Juanita believes that Rachel Maddow is smartest person on television.  Maybe ever.  “She ought to be doing Meet The Press,” Juanita suggests to whoever it is who decides these things.

Well, Rachel took the cake and the icing this morning when people in Massachusetts woke up with a full page ad from Rachel explaining that Scott Brown is a jerk.  Big.  Ole.  Jerk.

It appears that Scott Brown is mailing himself around the country in a letter claiming that Rachel Maddow is running against him for Senate and that people should give him gobs of their hard earned money because, well dammit, Rachel Maddow is practically a communist.  He just made that up out of thin air. All of it.

“And, God love her, she challenged him on it,” Juanita grins.  “She patted him on  his little pointy head and gently steered him back to the reality section of the bookstore.  Go read it.”

Yep, Rachel Maddow is welcome at this place any time she wants to drop by.  We’ll even buy her a cup of coffee and send Thelma out to get her a kolache.