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More on the Washington Post – O’Keefe Story

November 28, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: 2016 Election, Alternative Facts

Last night we posted about the Washington Post catching a Project Veritas operative lying to them in one of its more clumsy “sting” operations.  The story gets better –  a lot better.  None other than DJT donated $10,000 to Veritas in 2015; in 2016, they leaked another false story about Hillary supporters supposedly paying protestors to disrupt Trump campaign events.  This silly “sting” operation is yet another sorry attempt to smear anyone who opposes conservative politicians.

Even more shocking, O’Keefe’s merry band of propagandists are getting serious dollars from somebody; so far, we haven’t found the full 2016 Form 990, and the 2015 we found had the donor names redacted.  However, if you look at the screen shot below, O’Keefe has scooped up over $12 million since 2012, AND he pays himself and his cronies nice hefty salaries.

More important, though, is how in the hell did a 100% partisan political organization get non-profit charitable status from the IRS?  O’Keefe is a self-confessed political operative.  As far as we know, he’s never done any project through Project Veritas that wasn’t racially partisan and sometimes illegal.  The fact that he gets away with it while purporting to be charitable is pretty blatant.

We’ll continue to follow this story.

Shocked, I Tell You, Shocked. When is Truth a Requirement?

November 19, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Alternative Facts, Dammit!

OK, I’m breaking the silence on this one.  I believe the behavior of many men, including Roy Moore, Donald Trump, Kevin Spacey, Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, and thousands more to be appalling.  To expose this behavior is necessary to cure this ill in our society.  #metoo is a strong message to all Americans, especially men and the boys that come behind them.  However, a social contract comes with that solemn responsibility.  Women who accuse men of harassment and abuse MUST be truthful.  We must believe what women say is their experience.  The other side of that contract is that if a women accuses a man of such abhorrent behavior, it must be the true.

Which brings us to Leeann Tweeden, who, this week in an emotional nationally televised statement and followup interviews accused Senator Al Franken of sexual harassment by forcing himself upon her and kissing her.  A photo was then released of Franken supposedly groping her.  Then the truth came out:

Tweeden is well known for horsing around with men, sexual innuendo, and semi-nude modeling as well as appearing in a number of sexually charged scenes with men.  She’s played grab ass with men on and off stage, and rubbed all over them.  Her shock at being kissed by Al Franken in a skit rehearsal where they were rehearsing…wait for it…a kiss, rings pretty hollow.

She regularly appears on right wing media, and Roger Stone, one of Trump’s henchmen and all around dirtbag, spoke of the attack against Franken hours before it became public.  Ray Charles, were he alive, could see the coordinated attack on Franken to damage a Democrat and distract from the actual predators, Roy Moore, Donald Trump and others now being revealed.

These issues are serious; deadly serious.  Since the beginning of time men have abused and forced themselves on women.  They’ve been disrespectful and even criminal.  To expel this behavior from our society, we must believe women and teach young men to respect them.  The requirement of this, though, is that the accusations against men must be true.  If they’re not true, like Tweeden’s fabricated attack against Franken, cheapens and politicizes a critical issue.  When this happens, everyone, men and women, must call this out for what it is.  Otherwise, we make no progress.  We cure no ill.




Dear Trumpists –

October 08, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Alternative Facts, Trump

Dear Trumpists,

If you support this guy:

You don’t get an opinion on this guy:


El Jefe


September 24, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: 2016 Election, Alternative Facts, Trump

Lock him up!  Lock him up!  Lock him up!

Kushner used private email to conduct White House business

White “Identitarians”

August 31, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Alt-Right Racists, Alternative Facts

In his New York Times column this week, David Brooks dubs a rising segment of the GOP as White Identitarian.  The identity of this group was  complicated in its development, but straightforward in its result – overt racism.  White Identitarians may or may not be simply racist; its worse than that.  This group, which has risen from 6% of the party in 2005 to 40% today apply minority standards to themselves.  What this means is that these white people feel discriminated against and are aggrieved by that perception.  They want minority standards applied to themselves, even though they are in the majority.  An example of this behavior is the White Lives Matter folks that has emerged to oppose Black Lives Matter.

Like many cultish like groups, White Identitarians reinforce their own belief that they’re being treated unfairly by talking only to each other and getting their “news” from propaganda outlets that repeat that myth.  The idiocy of this belief reveals itself when these folks say something really stupid to normal people resulting in mockery. For example, they believe the term “old white guy” is actually racist and/or sexist.  Saying that is silly, of course, but these folks actually believe it and get even more offended when someone like me laughs at them.

The dangerous element of this belief?  Donald Trump is playing to White Identitarians giving rise to overt racist behavior such as we witnessed in Charlottesville a few weeks ago.  Overt racists have taken control of the GOP, and radical gerrymandering has put these overt racists (and morons) in positions of power in Washington and state capitals all over the country.  It’s tearing the GOP, and indeed, the country, apart at its racial seems and needs to be exposed for what it is – white supremacy.  Period.

How do you fight this?  Head on.  You have to call racism racism.  This is not dealt with by equivocation and the “both sides” argument.  Like Brooks says in this column – white identitarianism is noxious.  It is poisoning the GOP from within and will destroy our democracy if not stomped out quickly.

Science Denier Uses Science When Convenient

August 21, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Alternative Facts, Trump

Cheeto Jesus made an appearance with family members today on the Truman balcony at the WH to witness the solar eclipse.  Here is Trump and Melania:

So, here’s my question – Why did Trump come out to the balcony? Why did he (eventually) put on protective glasses to witness the solar eclipse? Why did he do that?  How did he know what time to come out and what the proper glasses were to protect his eyes?  Did he just make it up?  Did an evangelical pastor give him a prophecy?  Of course not; the answer to all these questions is science…astronomy, physics, math, astro-mechanics.  There was no guessing about it.  We knew exactly when the eclipse would happen.  There was even an app that could tell people by zip code when to watch.  It’s easy.

As we all know (except for a few ignorant flat earthers), the solar eclipse that transversed the entire US was predicted by scientists down to the second for each precise location where one might want to watch.  Scientists and engineers also developed the precise eye protection that was manufactured by the millions to protect people’s eyes from damage due to exposure to the sun.  They knew exactly what to do.  In addition to all that whiz-bang, scientists have already set the date and time for the next US solar eclipse in 2024.  The path is calculated, and the times are already known. That’s some bad voodoo if you ask me; or conversely, damn good science.

So, here’s the question – Why, when science and math nails the exact time and place of a solar eclipse that millions believe, that science about climate change is then dismissed out of hand?  What about medical science that develops vaccines?  What about immunology that predicts, calculates and fights pandemics of exotic diseases?

Donald Trump is one of the most cynical science deniers to ever occupy the WH.  While believing the science that predicts solar eclipses, or being completely confident in the astro-physics that calculates targets for our nuclear arsenal, why does he deny other science? Is he stupid?

That’s easy.  He is certainly stupid, but he’s also a narcissist that plays to the adoring hordes of ignorant shitheads who respond only to manure shoveled by the truckload.