Brimming With Diversity

February 28, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Remember yesterday when I said that the Trump meeting with the CEOs of the major insurance companies would be the largest collection of old white guys in a room since Trump’s last meeting at the White House.

Shucks, I missed by one.


But, I am right about this — they do not provide great healthcare. ¬†They provide the least possible healthcare they can get away with. At the highest cost.


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10 Comments to “Brimming With Diversity”

  1. Actually, they provide no healthcare whatsoever. They provide the least amount of healthcare insurance they can get away with.

  2. In reality these gazillionairs do all they can to stand between sick people and their doctors. It’s the doctors who provide the actual healthcare.

  3. JAKvirginia says:

    They just can’t govern. They just can’t.

    Under Bush: Let’s get a group from the for-profit energy industry to craft US energy policy.

    Under Trump: Let’s get a group from the for-profit health-care industry to craft US health-care policy.

    What’s next? A group from the Kremlin crafting our Russian foreign policy? Oh, wait…

  4. I think every radio station is correcting Orange Whore’s *erroneous tweet that referred to them as health care “providers.”

    (*I know I could have omitted “erroneous.” That’s a given for any Orange Whore tweet.)

  5. Close, but no cigar!

  6. gabberflasted says:

    It appears to me to be a meeting of the United States Health Care Dismemberment Society.

  7. That’s ok JJ, I bet the loner thinks he’s white.
    Statistically, the others probably have some black DNA and certainly half that DNA is from a woman.
    God bless her soul and the doctor present for the birth.

  8. During a similar picture someone quipped that Beyonce had more blacks in her uterus.

  9. Does he really think that insurance companies provide healthcare? If so, we are in worse trouble than I thought and I have been perpetually terrified since the election.

  10. Orange Whore has zero experience with health care. He’s never shopped for health care, talked to insurance agents, evaluated policies, struggled to fit premiums in a slim budget, filled out a claim form, fight with the company to get something covered or any of the things 99% of us Americans do routinely. Orange Whore is totally clueless. Totally.