Because They Are Very Mean People Who Cannot Be Trusted, That’s Why.

February 10, 2018 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Okay, so let’s pretend that you decided to give a one-time contribution to the Trump campaign of $150.  But, remember – we’re pretending now – they start randomly snatching $150 out of your bank account whenever the spirit moves them.

So let’s also pretend you’re a maid in Crystal Beach, Texas, and you probably don’t make much more than minimum wage.

Now let’s quit pretending.

Meet Pamela Goza from Vidor, Texas, who actually thought that they’d stop taking money out of her checking account once she gave them the number.

Click here and scroll down to MUR7255.

Thanks to Alfredo over at the Dairy Queen for the heads up.


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18 Comments to “Because They Are Very Mean People Who Cannot Be Trusted, That’s Why.”

  1. Tilphousia says:

    That’s fraud and she needed to get her bank’s fraud division into the fray. That’s what I did with a similar situation.

  2. Margaret Rose says:

    Uh….that’s MUR7255.

  3. Juanita Jean Herownself says:

    Thank you, Margaret Rose. I’ll go correct it.

  4. She should be glad to have auto-contribute. She got that tax break of what, $1.50 a week because of Trump?

  5. I’m getting nothing.

  6. And yet, did the mark learn from her action?

  7. I find it hard to be sympathetic to a Trump contributor. However, I hope she learned something about who/what she was dealing with from this.

  8. Not so fast, this ‘poor’ Hispanic lady fully intended to make (and admitted to it) a total of 4 payments of $150, totaling $600.
    Since there seems to be no reference/link above as to who Pamela Goza-Quiroga* actually is, does she live in Vidor and work as a maid in Crystal Beach. Quite a commute (expensive too), or a live-in maid? I used to commute from Galveston-Houston and viceversa, no fun; and CB-Vidor is at least 1/3 further.
    Can’t imagine somebody making ~$250-400 a week able to contribute $600 to a candidate and party that is so anti-worker, particularly an Hispanic voter; but delusion must be an equal opportunity condition.

    If so, it just goes to show, at least in the corrosive, propagandized Texas environment, that the Democrats are far from any kind of lock on that mythical solid Democratic Hispanic voter group which everybody seems to depend on to turn things around. In my own county it seems that an awful lot of Hispanics must have voted ‘R’ in 2016 (~50% Hispanic population, ~74% Trump margin), and the county’s per-capita income level is relatively low.

    * Something fishy here, looking at those surnames on some Galv TX property records, there are some strange things going on, like a $3.5M property assessed at $4K, etc. Think that you maybe can add another shadowy demographic group to Trump’s associates…

    From the FEC case:
    “Respondents Trump Make America Great Again Committee and Treasurer Bradley T.
    Crate (collectively, “the Committee”)* by and through undersigned counsel, submit this response
    to the Complaint in MUR 7255. The Complaint points to no provision of the Federal Election
    Campaign Act of 1971, as amended (“FECA”), or the Commission’s regulations that the
    Committee allegedly violated, nor does it assert any allegation providing reason to believe the
    Committee violated federal campaign finance law. Accordingly, the Commission should dismiss,
    this matter and close the file.

    ***Furthermore, it is worth making clear for the record that Complainant admits she made a
    recurring $150 contribution to the Committee, and intended to contribute a total of $600.***

    Nonetheless, as the Complaint acknowledges, the Committee has refunded Complainant for all
    but her original $ 150 contribution.”

  9. Linda Phipps says:

    Basic rule #1 – 100: do not ever contribute from either your bank account or credit card. Send them a check or money order.

  10. It has always puzzled me, trump says he is soooo rich why does he need to fund raise anyway? I thought he once said he was paying for his own campaign, am i wrong? Could he had lied???

  11. Oops, have lied not had lied. Are both correct when it comes to trump had, have, always.

  12. Linda Phipps, I sent a check to a Dem fund raising group and they sent it right back. They wanted me to use my plastic. since I am old and do not have the plastic a lot of younger people do, I could not do that. Hence, no donation to the Dem cause.

  13. Maggie you’re still young by so many parameters! Albeit Jane & I received a calendar nudge yesterday. There’s a Generation Z (15-24) biting at our hells. Damn kids! 😉

    We appreciate your concerns especially in the light of the Equifax breach. We’re not all that comfortable writing checks with too much info such as our acct & routing #s, plus our PO Box. Even if the agency we wish to make a donation is trust worthy, we may be unaware of problems with their accounting service. When in doubt, we load the amount we wish to donate on a pre-paid card c/c which leaves all our personal accounts and c/cs safe.

  14. oops, sorry Mama! That was heels. Seems autocorrect has gone rogue.

  15. Remember how the government finally got Lyndon LaRouche into prison.

  16. Fleeting Expletive says:

    Tx Ag Commissioner Sid Miller, I remember reading about some of his shenanigans here and there before. Well, I was over at the Texas Tribune site, reading an article from Feb 6 about a debate he was in, up in Tyler. The Tea Party Debate. Think about that.

    Y’all, the thing is, down the page is a picture of the moderator, Ms. JoAnn Fleming. What brought her in this life to that particular podium. That picture, though, is worth a thousand words. I bet JuanitaJean’s place could fix her hair though.

  17. Just as a point of reference, I was curious about her two surnames. They both originated in Spain as opposed to Latin America. I don’t know if that makes a difference, but it might change her slant on things depending on her own background. The people I knew in Mexico who were more of Spanish descent generally had a superior attitude. (Maybe it’s a big nothingburger assumption on my part too.)

  18. Linda Phipps says:

    Jane & PKM … thank you for that information. Obviously I don’t contribute much except to World Wildlife (accidentally twice and got both blankets). I got both checks back, so my good/bad.


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