Are You Kidding Me, Idaho?

March 31, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Come to find out, Republicans are not just screwing women with health care, they are damn and determine to screw us at the bank, too.

Butch Otter

Take, for example, Idaho.  Governor Butch Otter (No, I did not make up that name.  I wanted to, but I didn’t.) is paying his female cabinet members 83 percent of what their male counterparts earn.

His excuse?  The economy is bad.

But apparently just for women.

And then there’s the other problem – Republican women themselves.  The only thing standing between them and me and some nasty hair pulling is three Texas statutes and the fact that they have real sticky hair.

Take Nancy Merill, for example —

Merrill is one of eight Cabinet members hired by a board or commission. Otter appoints all the members of those panels and designates whom he considers a Cabinet member.

Merrill, a former mayor of Eagle, said she hadn’t noticed the gender gap and believes Otter is “pleased with the performance of his women” Cabinet members. “He certainly has supported me.”

Merrill added that when she was hired in 2009, she “had to accept hiring of a deputy director for the same pay as I was getting.”

Though she’s the boss, Merrill makes $83,320, the same salary as her male deputy director, Dave Ricks.

“I wanted to work for Idaho State Parks, so I accepted the stipulations attached with the job,” said Merrill. “I do not have an answer as to why women lag so significantly. I believe we are well qualified to perform the same jobs in a professional manner.”

Nancy and Butch

Nancy, Babe, calling you in and patting you on your pretty little head instead of paying you what you earn is not, I repeat NOT, “support.”  It’s demeaning and a slap in the face of your daughter.  And I ought to pull your damn hair for it.

The problem with Republican men is the crap that Republican women let them get away with.

A little boy who used to live in my house came home from second grade one day and announced, “I hate girls.”

“That’s a shame,” I replied, “because one day you might want to marry one.”

He thought carefully for a minute and replied with eyes rolling, “Momma, you marry women.  I like women just fine.  It’s girls I can’t stand.”

It was at that point that I realized that some girls never become women.  They become Republicans instead.

Thanks to Iris for the heads up.

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14 Comments to “Are You Kidding Me, Idaho?”

  1. JJ, your closing is perfecto! I think it is that daddy thing.

  2. fenway fran says:

    I’ve been pondering how women can be Republicans for a long time. NOW I get it.

  3. Juanita Jean, you would ban me for life if I said what I REALLY want to say. Suffice it to say I will most gladly join you in the hair pulling. If you want to have a wall-eyed, snot-nosed, hissy fit I will most happily join in that too.

    ??? “I do not have an answer as to why women lag so significantly. I believe we are well qualified to perform the same jobs in a professional manner.” ??? That’s a pretty darn big rock Ms. Nancy has been hiding under all her adult life and probably most of her childhood too. Do you think they will let her pay 83% of the marked costs for goods and services? Me neither.

  4. If she is stupid enough to accept that pay, then let her work for it.

  5. Sandy Havens says:

    Being a guy I should probably just keep my mouth shut. But I just wanna say that I agree with fenway fran.

  6. Ralph Wiggam says:

    Clayton Williams comes to mind here. I wonder if Ms. Merill has been told to “relax and enjoy it.”

  7. trixicopper says:

    I have never understood Republican Women or Minorities. Let alone Log Cabin Republicans. It’s not like they ALL have trust funds the size of Brazil.

    It IS rather sad when you realize the sheer number of people who obviously were dropped on their heads repeatedly as children.

  8. Corinne Sabo says:

    I really like her ‘his women’ comment. If she belongs to him, why take a salary?

    I lived in Arizona for 4 years (thanks, U.S. Air Force) but left BEFORE my brain baked.

  9. Butch ‘Otter’ know better!

  10. And ergo, like that brilliant little boy said, we just can’t stand “girls” (which in Republican parlance, that translates to “gals’).

  11. “The problem with Republican men is the crap that Republican women let them get away with.”

    I have missed you, Juanita! Glad to be back…

  12. avotresante says:

    “… some girls never become women. They become Republicans instead.”
    What a simple yet profound truth; one that had evaded me while I tried to figure out why some of us females can be so stupid. Thank you for enlightening me. That needs to be on every t-shirt!

  13. Could she gaze a little more adoringly at him in that picture? Geez!

  14. Now there is hope for some of these women. My own wife was a Republican, raised in a Republican family (tragic) with as mean a Republican for a father as ever was. He didn’t live to see Obama elected, but that doesn’t matter. He would have died soon after it happened. But when we started “seeing each other” I made it clear that I would never marry a Republican and wasn’t too happy dating one. She got right and we drove 20 miles to the courthouse one day, not to get married, but to change her registration to Democrat. Well good Lord, she’s gone way past Democrat to someone ready to kill for the slightest perceived injustice. God help the poor man who would try to pay her less. So you see, if you catch some of these women early enough, they can be helped.