Annie Get Your Gun! And Cletus, too.

April 30, 2015 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Republicans in the Texas Senate just okayed a tax-free weekend on guns.

Yeah, guns.  Just what Texas needs – more guns.  We need gun to fend off the US Army, y’all.

Guns:Penis_1We have tax-free weekends for school clothes and school supplies to help working families.  Now we have tax free gun weekends for … freedom.

The proposed tax break — which Creighton calls a Second Amendment tax holiday weekend — would come one week ahead of hunting season and one week before a similar weekend in Louisiana. Texas would lose $3.6 million per year in tax revenue under the proposed legislation, according to an estimate from the Legislative Budget Board.

Yes, $3.6 million.  We are second to last in education.  Our health care and treatment for mental illness is lower than dirt.  But we have $3.6 million to subsidize hunters.  And criminals.

Next will be a tax free weekend on yachts and golf clubs.

Thanks to Sam for the heads up.

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23 Comments to “Annie Get Your Gun! And Cletus, too.”

  1. linda phipps says:

    It’s hard to comment on something as disgusting as this.

  2. I thought that state wildlife management programs were paid for by hunting and fishing licenses and taxes on associated equipment, such as hunting guns. So those funds are going to be seriously cut back.

    I don’t know what’s funded by taxes on guns that idiots stick in their belts and shoot their nuts off with. Not nut-replacement surgery, I hope.

  3. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    In saner times and states, sales were what moved goods. Now the self-proclaimed small government fiscal conservatives want to send more government cheese to the corporate moochers.

    Rhea, there needs to be insurance on guns so the gun nuts can pay for their own surgeries and the medical care of those they ‘accidentally’ shoot. Maybe marry the NRA to AARP, so they can both promote insurance.

  4. JAKvirginia says:

    “Next will be a tax free weekend on yachts…”

    When I lived in FL (2001 – 2012) the state lege did just that. Yeah, they did.

  5. linda phipps says:

    PKM don’t think of marrying NRA to my AARP. Damn NRA can pay it’s own way, they have plenty of moola, and a plethora of nuts.

  6. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    linda phipps, apologies for sure. Was thinking along the lines of natural progression. Boy Scouts help granny across the street and she pays it forward by helping ammosexuals cross the street. Can’t blame her, if her cane accidentally slips and cracks one of them on their cranium. And, we know those mental midgets can’t read, so maybe both granny and the Boy Scouts can set up workshops to help them fill out their paperwork.

    As for replacement nuts for ammosexuals? That’s like a heart transplant for Darth Cheney. Just seems wrong to “transplant” what was never there.

  7. Perfect. I was debating with myself whether or not I could afford my 12th gun, but now I can screw the government at the same time. Hope that damn pothole in front of my driveway is fixed by then.

  8. “Compensator Rule:”

    The bigger the gun, the smaller the weenie.

    – and –

    The bigger the gun, the more withered the vag.

    (It’s a sexism-free rule. I hope ‘vag’ is okay with momma.)

  9. RepubAnon says:

    The real problem here is that the folks on welfare don’t have enough guns and ammunition. Obviously, each person on welfare needs to be issued a firearm and 1000 rounds of ammunition each month. This would solve many problems, especially if they all went to visit the Texas State Legislature to express their gratitude.


  10. Angelo Frank says:

    These GOP legislators are mentally ill. Otherwise they wouldn’t piss away $3.6 million per year in tax revenue as candy to their gun obsessed base.The race to the bottom has Texas in the the top three.

  11. Washington, D.C. merchants association has backed a tax free weekend before school starts every fall. You have to spend $100 to get the exemption. Considering what TX is doing, this sounds like angels singing.

  12. It’s also the gosh darned opportunity costs. Every minute spent on this drivel is another minute not spent on funding our public schools, building our highways, or making sure everyone has water. It’s not that this is brain dead stupid (which it is) but that they are purposely wasting our time. Can any of them honestly say with a straight face that they think that Vance and his brother Doofus’s gun prices are the chief priority of our state government. You have one clown crusading for cupcakes. You have others paving the way for Goober to bring his gun into church. Now, they want to make it cheaper to buy more. Are we being punked? This can’t be real.

  13. what would happen if I took their gun from them and beat them with it?

  14. Perhaps the loss in tax revenue should be paid for with cuts in Texas legislators’ pay.

  15. linda phipps says:

    Maggie, as to the tax free weekend for school supplies, if any one of the radio preachers sent one week’s donations, they could cover the cost of all the school supplies and new shoes and backpacks for low income children. But jesus wouldn’t like that, he is still regretting kicking the moneychangers out of the temple.

  16. UmptyDump says:

    Since this measure seems intended to encourage the slaughter of Texas wildlife, it sure sounds like a dead giveaway.

  17. Actually, I am surprised they didn’t make it a permanent tax abatement. After all, NOAR GUNZ=FREEDUMB!!!

  18. maryelle says:

    There’s got to be a revolution in Texas, democracy is just not working.

  19. Debbo, I think it is more like the bigger the gun the smaller the mind. But I do appreciate the non-gender bias!

  20. PattiCakes says:

    I agree with Maryelle…. Democracy is just not working in Texas. Revolution!

  21. maryelle says:

    Yellowdoggranny, I would cheer you on and help you out, then buy you dinner with a glass of champagne.

  22. Marge Wood says:

    Last Saturday when I went to Yeller Dawgs (11 to 1, at Tres Amigos, Cap f Tx Hwy) here in Austin, someone had brought a letter from a neighbor. Everyone in the neighborhood received one. The writers said they’d lived in the neighborhood for 30 years, loved it, etc, BUT they’ve gotten so fed up with new policies in Texas and the folks who pass the laws, that they are moving to Oregon. I know I’ve threatened to.

  23. Don in Huaco says:

    My thoughts are along the lines of Rhea: this is a direct hit to the TP&W budget, who already are forced to grovel for $ every 2 years due to the Lege slash and burn policies of stealing those supposedly dedicated $ for other budget items (see also: fuel tax revenue collected for highways…and DPS…and gunboats…and Perry security, etc.).
    Now I like guns, own guns, and wish I had more. Rest assured, my purchase would not likely be made prior to dove season, nor would a sales tax holiday have any effect on that decision. Besides, its crazy enough just trying to renew a hunting license that week, much less buy guns or ammo. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s a plethora of gun shows that week.