And You Know How Delicate God’s Feelings Are

November 30, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Careful.  God’s feelings are involved here.

Bryan Fischer, the director of issues analysis of the conservative fundamentalist American Family Association, on Thursday told a so-called “expert” who denies climate change that not using God’s fossil fuels would be like “crushing” someone’s feelings by rejecting their birthday present.

No, he said that. Seriously.

“And you think, that’s kind of how we’re treating God when he’s given us these gifts of abundant and inexpensive and effective fuel sources,” Fischer added. “And we don’t thank him for it and we don’t use it.”

“You know, God has buried those treasures there because he loves to see us find them.”

Uh, the same could be said for marijuana.  God lets it grow and then The American Family Association won’t let us use it.  God loves watching us find it!

I think God is crying, Mr. Fischer.

Thanks to Irene for the heads up.

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25 Comments to “And You Know How Delicate God’s Feelings Are”

  1. Corinne Sabo says:

    This jerk and his idiot friends need to stop using God as a prop for their garbage ideas.

  2. english teacher says:

    What about taking care of all those other gifts of god, like pristine wilderness, clean water and air, abundant flora and fauna? I guess trying to preserve them isn’t as important. They’re not hidden treasures, they’re out in plain sight so that can’t be as important and we don’t have to look after them.

  3. Ralph Wiggam says:

    I wonder if God would mind if we re-gifted it to future generations instead of using it all up ourselves?

  4. Maybe God is angry because we rejected the gift of polio.

  5. It always amazes me that these idiots presume to know what is in the mind of God.

  6. If God’s feelings are hurt, it’s more likely because Bryan Fischer doesn’t use something else besides fossil fuels. His brain.

  7. You people (yeah, I said “you people” – the God-botherers) have gotten so far out in the quasi-theological weeds that your crap has ceased to be amusing. I really think the fine young men in their starched white coats should start taking you away to quiet rooms with soft walls and lots of basket-weaving supplies…

    Has this become a contest for the tele/radio shysters to see who can be the weirdest?

  8. Does God have a pricetag on the wind and sun? I’m just so confused again….

  9. God has feelings? Who knew? And, what does that make him?

  10. @Barb DC: He has an ego too – fragile so it needs to be worshipped.

  11. Robin Frazier says:

    …And this jerk will guilt you out of your last dime.

  12. I suppose Fischer’s god cries whenever someone slaps a mosquito that would have given them malaria.

    And did the god bury all those convincing fossils because he loves to see us find them too?

    How do these people walk across the street without getting hit by a bus?

  13. Instead of trying to live up to being created in God’s image, Fischer seems to have reverse engineered and defined God to be as petty, ill informed, and self-delusional as himself.

  14. I think Fischer’s got God confused with Mammon.

  15. If I recall correctly, God’s birthday gift to us was “life.” And hell was pictured in terms remarkably like burning petroleum. For anyone calling himself a Christian, and thus more or less supposed to pay attention to what Jesus said…Jesus said a lot about loving others, and not one damn thing about how God would be hurt if people didn’t start digging for oil. Or gold. Or diamonds.

    He’s as dumb as Rick Perry blaming the Deepwater Horizon mess on an “act of God.”

    I hope this man builds a house on the seashore and washes away as the water rises.

  16. Elise Von Holden says:

    Amazing the lengths a person will go to to justify their right to be selfish, inconsiderate twits–akin to the abortion protestor who sneaks in for the 1st am slot, because she’s different, not like those s–ts, she has a legitimate need (too many kids, too young, too old) and then heads out front to try and change it so the “others” can’t have an abortion–as long as they get their V-8 engine, devil take the hindmost…If God is this petulant personality that needs constant appeasement, count me out–I have enough crazy people to deal with in my life, don’t need anymore….

  17. Ralph Wiggam says:

    Have you ever met a person who believed in a God with whom they disagreed?

    The crazier a person is, the crazier his God is. Crazy people never believe in a sane God. Sane people never believe in a crazy God.

  18. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    God’s will is a convenient excuse for whatever anyone wants to do. Flip Wilson to the contrary, no devil ever made anyone buy a dress.

  19. Bob Boland says:

    Rhea, they manage by living in backward communities that don’t yet have public transportation.

  20. Thank you, Ralph Wiggam: perfectly put!

  21. If God is crying about anything it would have to be about the destruction of creation by asses like this one who ignore the simple and beautiful balance of nature and deny that man’s refusal to acknowledge that it exists is the cause.

  22. Aggieland liz says:

    Rid yourself of the notion that God has anything to do with any words that fall out of Fischer’s mouth. Change it to “mammon” and see if it rings true? By their fruits ye shall know them…Fischer’s a fruit all right, but he’s not much of a Christian!

  23. Richard McDonald says:


    You’re the best.

  24. Abundant and inexpensive? Gee, if he wasn’t claiming to be Christian, I might wonder if he was considering burning the dead as fuel.

    I’m dizzy. My head is spinning with the force of stupid; why can’t we turn THAT to fuel.

  25. gabberflasted says:

    God is happy with our burning of hydrocarbons?
    Bespoiling his gift to us with heat?
    Virtually all energy derives from heat. Energy is never fully dissipated, unless given up to outer space. Hydrocarbon combustion blocks much of this heat (energy) transfer because of CO2 and particles contained in smoke.
    Enough of the stupid!