All My Rowdy Friends

June 29, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Tom DeLay is still not in jail.

Jack Abramoff went to jail.  Tony Rudy went to jail.  Michael Scanlan went to jail.  And yesterday, DeLay’s aide, Jim Ellis plead guilty, even though DeLay still claims they are all innocent as the driven snow.

How come everybody in that whole crowd has either gone to jail or plead guilty and Tom DeLay is still clutching his Bible to his chest and claiming it was all Nancy Pelosi’s fault?

Don’t answer.  I already know the answer.  He’s a festering piece of hypocritical slime who, like all conservatives, thinks the law is for everybody else.

He needs to go jail.  He does.  State jail.  Where they don’t have air conditioning.  He needs to get used to the heat because eternity is long damn time.

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17 Comments to “All My Rowdy Friends”

  1. Amen, JJ … Amen!!

  2. You want the State O’Texas to feed this cockroach three times a day????????

  3. You could do an exchange program with Arizona,

  4. Lorraine in Spring says:

    Since Old Tom has nothing better to do right now, maybe he could go help clean up that pork fat spill on I-35. That might be the best public service he ever provided to this country.

  5. I don’t understand. Please explain WHY he is not in jail. He was convicted, right? I’m sure he appealed, but it’s been quite a while. The inference here is that he’s got someone on the payroll keeping him out of jail. Is this right? I suppose I’m just a bit dumb or not up on judicial procedure.

  6. ks sunflower says:

    I a with Jan – I don’t understand why he isn’t in jail. Who is delaying DeLay’s time in the pokey?

  7. It’s cuz John Roberts is a librul.

  8. I do love the ” your comment is awaiting moderation” thing. As if moderation was something that JJ ever practiced.

  9. IMHO, he’s got something the Feds want. Old Tom may be their biggest informant who has hidden documents that could help the FBI nab much larger fish still under investigation. IOW… he is USEFUL and therefore valuable to the DOJ & AG. Me thinks also the GOP went after Holder to get the DOJ & him to back off this other larger investigation… tit for tat. Old Tom Kat’s mom didn’t raise a fool or he wouldn’t have risen from a lower perch in Texas politics to a much higher one in U.S. politics.

  10. Won’t he ultimately go to the Supremes for a ruling like they dealt Montana’s corporate money ban?

  11. I am reminded of the Saturday Night Live running gag; “And this just in, Francisco Franco is still dead…..”

  12. Just to provide the current facts: He’s been sentenced to 3 years in prison, plus fines and 10 years worth of probation, in a Texas court. He’s out on bail while he appeals. The appeal is taking its own sweet time in the Austin Court of Appeals, but it looks to me like they’ll have oral argument pretty soon. You can see the docket here and make your own guess as to how soon they’ll rule.

    And y’all oughta know that he’s going to say the law he was convicted under is unconstitutional under Citizens United. Since the Supremes bolstered that ruling last week by tossing out the Montana law, he might succeed.

    OTOH, at least he’s too busy keeping himself out of jail to mess with Texas right now.

  13. Whatever became of the misses and daughter?

  14. I’m assuming he didn’t go back to his extermination work so just how is he supporting himself? And his family who seemed to be dependant on his endevors?

  15. Sam in Kyle says:

    Not meaning to be indelicate but that picture of Tom with the cigar may foretell what awaits him in the slammer.

  16. Yup. The slime belongs in the pokey.

  17. I’m thinking that pink underwear is the thing for ole’ Tom