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January 05, 2018 By: El Jefe Category: Russian Hacking, Trump

Michael Wolff’s new book is dominating the airwaves and has all week.  Except on Fox Noise, of course.  The release date of the book was moved up to today, and Trumpland is doing everything it can do to increase sales, including threatening the author and his publisher as well as slandering everyone who spoke ill of Trump.  Steve Bannon, the Darth Vader of political strategy, has been renamed Sloppy Steve by His Orangeness.  Amongst all this firestorm, other news has been announced today, and the timing is just a little coinkydink:

The FBI has announced that it has reopened an investigation of the Clinton Foundation.  This comes after months of Trump screaming about “Crooked Hillary”, and demanding the FBI investigate what’s already been investigated ad nauseam. Word got out today of the investigation, apparently leaked by, you guessed it, congressional Republicans.  Second, Senate Republicans have made the very first criminal referral in connection to the Russia interference investigations against…wait for it…Christopher Steele, the retired British intelligence agent who wrote the famous dossier about Trump’s relationship with the Russians.  That’s right, folks…the VERY FIRST CRIMINAL REFERRAL from Republicans in the Trump-Russia investigation is against the guy trying to expose Trump’s collusion with the Russians.

The fact that these two announcements come on the same day as the release of Fire and Fury is, like I said already, purely a coninkydink.  Nothing to see here…move along.

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14 Comments to “Day of Distraction”

  1. Jane & PKM says:

    What a pathetic variation on the SODDI defense. Meanwhile Devin Nunes and Dana Rohrabacher really think Lyin’ Ryan can hide them from Bob Mueller. Team Dotard is throwing out a lot of shiny object chaff which is about to slap House ‘Cans square upside their tinfoil hats. Buy stock in nylon wrist restraints…

  2. There are organizations in which when one earns membership, one never can leave. There are no ex-Marines, for example, only former Marines. And there are no ex-SIS operators. Even “former” SIS operators remain intimately connected to the SIS. Until death. It amuses me to think that a guy with Christopher Steele’s probable skill set would be targeted by snacilbupeR “investigators”. And I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall when someone in the DoJ reaches out to an equal in the UK to talk about “compelling” Christopher Steele to do … anything. The muffled laughter will go on for an awkward period of time.

  3. Micr –
    I would add to your comment “there are no ex-…,” that there are no ex-Trump Administration officials, only former members with much better skills of observation and memories than their boss gave them credit for. And each one with more embarrassing inside info than could be obtained from the combined sum total knowledge of a group of personal assistants to 10 song divas, together in one room.

  4. If Mueller finds the money laundering I suspect, it would be a total waste of time and taxpayer dollars to submit a report to Congress given these behaviors. Just face down the Constitutional crisis and indict Trump.

  5. Well the wholly owne judiciary has started to protect demented donnie and his deplorable minions.
    One of the twit’s Circuit court pets has fulfilled his duty to his political masters and upholds subpoena of GPS Fusion bank records.
    Next thing we will see is Manaford’s case validated by another whipped cur befouling the bench with an expediated path to the thuglican supreme court.
    Meanwhile sessions will attempt to, at a miminium, bankrupt Steele with legal costs of bogus investigation.
    Heaven forbid if Steele ever attended or was associated in any way ( even $10 donation) with any of the Clinton foundation charities or events. That means it is a conspiracy requiring enhanced interrogation.
    Meanwhile the d’s will clutch their pearls and bemoan the corruption but not do anything since that would mean they would have to do something. Can’t have that. Don’t mention impeachment, don’t call out hacks on the bench, don’t prepare impeachment for gorsuch and every other rethuglican judge appointed since Eisenhower.
    Cn’t do any of that since then people might actually expect them to stand up for their constituents. That might ruin their chance at a little corporate welfare when they retire.

  6. e platypus onion says:

    Steele isn’t bound by any subpoena. He can refuse to appear as wingnuts have been wont to do when Dems want answers.

    Clinton Foundation has been through the vacuum and under the microscopes and the few irregularities they had have been fixed. Wingnuts are bound and determined to tie donations from the former owner of Uranium 1 to the Foundation, done at least a year before HRC was appointed SOS, as proof that HRC sold Uranium for donations. HRC Had nothing to do with the decision to sell the uranium to Russia.

    That was done through 9 different governmental agencies, (State was one, but HRC stepped back and her asst made the call) and the only one who could stop or okay it was the Potus. Russia will never have physical control of US uranium unless Drumpf gives them export licenses which he just might do and themblame HRC.

    This story has been bebunked a million times and wingnuts keep dragging it back up.

  7. Jane & PKM says:

    Dotard45 had his little feelers hurt by a number of states and territories before, during and after the election. But he and his cabinet bonobos are not prepared for the backlash to the temper tantrums they have directed toward the SOLVENT states. Expect to hear from Senators Kamala Harris and Catherine Cortez-Masto, western attorney generals and governors (including a few Republicans.) Even Republiclown Senator Cory Gardner has been offended by Jeff Sessions.

    Divided America? Yes. Anticipate a reaction from the solvent states toward Donnie, Congress and anyone else participating in the gross redistribution of our assets and attacks on our clean air & water to pacify the “sovereign” moocher states.

    Zinke declaring an oil spill war on the Santa Barbara beaches was just the latest of the many missteps made by this maladministration. Jeff Sessions messing with our spliff has not improved our mood. 😉

  8. two crows says:

    “Second, Senate Republicans have made the very first criminal referral in connection to the Russia interference investigations against…wait for it…Christopher Steele ”

    Which lands squarely in the So What? Department.
    1] He’s a British national
    2] He’s in Britain
    3] Britain will not be in the least interested in extraditing him to stand trial here.
    4] So the R’s, as they are so good at doing these days, are creating much ado about nothing.
    5] Gee, I’m SO surprised! I’ll bet you are too.

  9. I wonder if Mueller has information on members of congress and Russian money that’s got them peeing in their pants. Something’s got them really spooked.

  10. Charles R Phillips says:

    Eyesoars, I expect if he did, and they knew it, they’d be forming a conga line of serial fellaters to service him so he wouldn’t drop the bomb on them.

  11. OMG!! Against Steele? For **ipes sake! Does this mean we will have to go to war against he Brits AGAIN?

  12. People have pointed out that steele is a british national.
    But Fusion/GPS at the very least has offices in the Us and was required to turn over all financial records to drumpf’s protection squad in the House.
    Oh but I forget must have been from some conspiracy site that reported that so can’t waste time in reading it.

  13. e platypus onion says:

    k, just what is it you are trying to say? Do you think it is okay for politicians to use government agencies to harass citizens? You’re last sentence has me confused. Can you clarify it, please?

  14. 1) that demented donnie and his cotorie of twits will use any and all tools to harass and bedevil any one who points out that the emporor has no clothes.
    2) That people who kept saying the corruption of the legal process by paid off hacks sitting on federal benches was about steele when the immediate effect is that Fusion/GPS will have its entire business laid bare before the deplorables who will use the info to detroy the company. Think ACORN or the hit on Planned Parenthood or the constition.
    3) I have been derided by pople here for citing conspiracy sites, just thought that might be the convienent excuse people were using to overlook/ fail to read comment about Fusion/GPS.
    As for even thinking I was supporting the harassment of people by a partisan judiciary abeying ordeers from political hacks takes some special talent of interpetation, very odd and bogus but special.


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