Active Shooter in Parkland Florida – Shooter at Large

February 14, 2018 By: El Jefe Category: Fun With Guns

News is breaking that a high school in Parkland Florida is on lock down with an active shooter still at large.  Broward County sheriff is reporting 20 to 50 casualties.  Welcome to the new normal in America where the NRA has purchased the Congress, and gun lickers control the debate.



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29 Comments to “Active Shooter in Parkland Florida – Shooter at Large”

  1. is it to early to run and hide behind a statement of
    “thoughts and prayers” for the victims and their family.

    They better be happy with that since thats the only thing they will get from the thuglicans.
    Can’t do anything to close the nra cash trough filled with imported rubles.

  2. Thanks NRA and Republican recipients of NRA donations.
    Looks like you’re going for a new record.

  3. Juanita Jean Herownself says:

    A nation that shrugs at their children being killed in school and at church is not civilized.

    Screw thoughts and prayers.

  4. Gov. Rick Scott is sending his thoughts and prayers, so I guess it’s all better now.

  5. Rumpy just twittered his “thought and Prayers”. This country needs much more than WH and Congressional thoughts and prayers. But the GOP and the NRA are silent…smh.

  6. And no doubt our media, with its usual taste and restraint, will call it something catchy, like the St. Valentine’s Day massacre.

    Our society is sick. Maybe terminally so.


    I’m glad that President Trump has ended the carnage like he promised to do during his inauguration speech.

  8. Where as the Good Guy with a gun? It will be argued by some “Now is the time for Student Conceaed Carry.”

  9. Yeah too young to drink but give the students a cncealed carry license.
    Too young to vote but give the students a concealed carry license.
    Too young to sign contracts but give the students a concealed carry license.
    In some communities with teen curfews
    Too young to be out alone after 10 PM but give the students a concealed carry license.
    Sadly this is probably going to be a “serious” proposal by knuckle draggers feeding at the trough of unregulated bribes, and rubels.
    They probably not only own stock in gun & ammo manufactorers but emergency care units and funeral homes.
    After all what good is it to help perpuate the slaughter of innocents if you can’t make a buck off of it.
    after all that is the point of the excercise.

  10. e platypus onion says:

    Be prepared for standard stump broke wingnut’s standard stump speech that now is not the time to talk about gun control measures.

    I second Juanita Jean Herownself.

  11. Thirteenth school shooting this year? Gee, that’s two per week. Why, if we add in all the ones at churches and gyms and Walmarts and 7-11s and nursery schools, we might hit a new record this year!

    I don’t mean to make light of seventeen dead people, but for Christ’s sake, we all know it’s going to go on and on every damn week because those with the power to stop it aren’t going to do a damn thing until we can manage to get their ugly asses voted the hell out of office.

  12. e p o:
    I alternated between CNN and Faux News for awhile to compare the coverage. Faux’s coverage was amazingly professional. Very little opinion other than compassionate sadness. And I noticed that within an hour or so CNN started interspersing calls for sensible gun laws. We all know why. But the same wingnuts you’re referring to will use this with dramatic effect. Sensible pleas for actual dialogue will be portrayed as cravenly shrill attempts to use tragedy for political gain. As usual. It’s repugnantly effective with their target audience.
    Not civilized? True. It doesn’t stop them from being calculatingly, strategically, inhumanly,,,,,,,,,,,profitable.

  13. America’s most efficient and effective terrorist organization? The NRA, enabled by those white, nearly all male Christian terrorists in Congress, and their best pal Putie.

  14. Oh. And f*ck. This makes me so angry!

  15. I normally don’t do this, but I tweeted both Scott and Trump and told them what they could do with their ‘effen’ “thoughts and prayers. I get so sick of hearing that twaddle.

  16. My God, what does it take to get those deadly semi-automatic death machines out of circulation? Maybe a huge blue tidal wave.

  17. The Broward county sheriff just said that in his opinion mentally ill people shouldn’t have access to guns. Flanked by the Florida governor and Attorney General, who both remained stoically noncommittal, oddly enough. With T.V. cameras pointed at him. Turned on. In front of God and everybody.

  18. oh, wow! I heard the initial reports this morning, as I headed out the door.
    Am I too late to offer thoughts and prayers?
    Is it to soon to talk about gun regulations?

  19. Brought to you by a wholly owned subsidy of the NRA aka the US Congress.

  20. Linda Phipps says:

    A fresh new opinion poll at the local TV station showed 41 percent of the viewers still don’t think there should be stronger gun regs. Our own Barbara Comstock (beyond worthless) sent her “condolences”. It was only Van Hollan from Maryland who brought up the need for regulation. I was furious yesterday and still am.

  21. What if the populace and the congress critters were told that instead of a 2nd amendment backed mass shooting what they were witnessing was an actual take over of the country by a Death Cult? they seem to react a whole bunch better to words like ISIS, Hezbollah, Taliban, etc. That might change the whole thing. They could say that they aren’t bothering about 2nd A rights now. We’ve got to do something about this Death Cult! And the only ones who subsequently get premiered are the ones who don’t!

  22. That should have been primaried but what the bleep does spell check know! As for Barbara Comstock’s reaction, it is so typical of Rethugs. Even when they have been shot several times like Congressman Scalise was at the baseball practice, they could care less and that would include the murder of their own children right in front of them. Sounds damn awful, doesn’t it but after all we have witnessed, it also sounds like the truth.

  23. I was listening to local news this am. They were cheerfully mentioning that parents can get their student bullet-proof back packs. I am just horrified by the idea that an innocent child would need a a bullet-proof back for school or anywhere. What has this country become?

  24. Just listened to an interview from yesterday where Sen rubio, said we need to know all the facts before we decide if a rule could have prevented this. Well there is one, ban ALL assault weapons. Not my quote but again,” I want my police and military to have assault weapons NOT Joey from down the street” Any politician who takes money from NRA is now complicate in 17 more murders.

  25. A writer for the Jimmy Kimmel Show is tweeting how much each Repug hypocrite has received from the NRA, as they send out statement of sympathy to the victims. It’s in the millions.

  26. Douchebag in chief just started talking. How long until he blames the FBI?

  27. @Papa


    In addition one of the talking heads yesterday, either on CNN or MSNBC, babbled about how schools can now, and prolly should, purchase white boards for the classroom that are made of Kevlar and can therefore “protect” the classroom if hung properly.

    I can’t wait to see the first fortified schools, which will be very similar to jails, with 20-foot chain link fences and concertina wire and a long tunnel for outsiders to enter the classroom levels. School buses will unload in a secured sallyport behind remotely controlled and monitored doors.

    Maybe a special NRA tax can help pay for the enhanced security necessary to protect children in schools while their dysfunctional brethren play irresponsibly with knives, handguns, shotguns, and rifles.

    I am done.

  28. It seems like the only response we will get from the GOP:

    “Thoughts and prayers” if your child is shot at a school or college.

    “Thoughts and prayers” if your family members were gunned down while they were worshipping at church.

    “Thoughts and prayers” if your innocent son, daughter, husband is killed by militarized cops.

    “Thoughts and prayers” if your loved one was killed as they danced and socialized at a cub.

    These gutless GOP sobs that refuse to do what needs to done to stop the carnage, the NRA who endorses military assault weapons and the voters that elected/support them, should all be consigned to the lowest depths of hell.

  29. Guns super-saturate our culture. They are everywhere available, by object and accident. When a person commits mass-murder they are crazy by definition.

    And to those who might say, “I support the second amendment,” please say that to a mirror and see if you believe yourself.

    If the second amendment says it’s okay to go buy a gun and whatever happens thereafter is up to good guys who have guns, then we have this exact, horrid circumstance we are in today.

    Then one might want to say, “Well, I also believe in reasonable limitations on the right,” then look into that mirror again and see if you can define “reasonable” as is anticipated by your equivocation.

    Does that mean no one but you can be trusted? Surely not. You’re not the only sane person on this planet (Rand Paul, Manigault Newman, etc);

    Crazy people can’t be trusted? Probably not, but it appears many become crazy only after they pop a few caps and discover the sheer exhilaration and power celebrated by the simple pulling of a trigger;

    Tea Party folk might say anyone who voted in a Democrat primary should be excluded as crazy, meaning they would direct the Sheriff (or commissioners court) to make such a declaration in their county;

    Republicans would likely prefer only the top 5% of wage earners should be exempted from control;

    Democrats would ask for a vote on the due process required to disqualify a person due to insanity, but Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan would never allow a vote on the issue; and,

    Trump would have seven different opinions in any given twenty-four hour period. Knowing him, that solution would be to keep darker skinned children in detention facilities.

    It might just be that the mere ready availability of a gun is the ill.
    So let’s do this: leave it up to our elected officials to gather, discuss and vote. But before that, during the election process, let’s seek out those who accept financial contributions from the NRA and volunteer to go to their jurisdiction and work very hard to defeat them at the polls.

    It takes commitment.


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