A Tad Early So You Can Share It

November 26, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

John and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!



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24 Comments to “A Tad Early So You Can Share It”

  1. Marge Wood says:

    What else can we say? I think the picture says it all.

  2. Hey, you! Happy Thanksgiving backatcha.

    I just came across this article, and I REALLY like it. When you have a minute, check it out. It goes exceedingly well with the subject at hand.


  3. Kate Dungan says:

    Texas TurkDuckEn?

  4. Kate–Lose the K in that; I’d be tempted to replace it with another d and change the n to an m, but Mama would have the soap after me!

  5. Kay Carrasco says:

    ‘Tis the Season, isn’t it? We can each bag one, right? As long as it’s just for home use…. {{wicked grin}}

  6. It’s funny, but, unfortunately, it insults the turkeys!

    I’m thankful for you, JJ. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ole Bubba.

  7. Corinne Sabo says:

    They are already stuffed with…..

  8. My daily visit with JJ is near the top of the list of things to be thankful for this year.

    Happy Thanksgiving and pass it along to Mama.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all…a holiday about gratitude. It is my favorite one of all…

  10. Well, that about whittled my appetite down to about nuthin’!

    May you all have a beautiful and bouteous holiday!

  11. Kate Dungan says:

    DJW, yep my mistake.

    The bigger issue is which one is the turkey, which one ducks responsibity, and who is the chicken.

  12. Marge Wood says:

    Elsie, that is a fabulous article. Thank you for sharing it.

  13. Marge Wood says:

    Oh, and don’t forget the Cruz Cookies, full of nuts, for dessert.

  14. Happy Thanksgiving y’all. Just finished day two of the marathon cooking spree, tomorrow puts the combination dishes together, and dawn on Thursday will see the turkeys into the roasters and the ovens filling up with everything else. Then people start arriving.


  15. I just can’t see Louie as a turkey. A spud, maybe.

  16. Marge Wood says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to y’all too, and Elizabeth, you must be having a mob.
    I’ve been working on my book about the SECRET BUZZARD SOCIETY. It looks so REAL. I’m excited. I think I’ll let it sit and marinate. Maybe put a few cranberries on top.

  17. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!
    Visiting my daughter and having rain instead of snow!!!!

  18. e platypus onion says:

    Old Mitch McCTurtle has his own wattle and he’s not even pictured. These good ol’ Texas rethugs(as well as the rest of the wingnuts) have Thanksgiving broken down to the basics. Nutters open the treasury for special interests and special interests gobble and gobble and gobble and gobble and gobble. What is Thanksgiving without greenbacks stuffing greenback gobbling fatcats? Greenback leftovers are parsed out to fatcats at Christmas. The true spirit of giving manifests itself after the New Year when the process is repeated. On that festive note,I wish all the patrons of Juanita Jean’s(including herownself and family) the Happiest Thanksgiving manageable even when you realize “they” are still out there. 🙂

  19. e platypus onion says:

    BTW it is 2 degrees above zero in NW ioway,clear and calm. Thanksgiving is expected to be sunny and upper thirties-low forties. No precip before next week.

  20. daChipster says:

    Oh, I don’t think I’ll ever eat another turkey again. seriously, would you put THAT in your mouth?

  21. e platypus onion says:

    Texas version of three white men looking for Jesus,the illegal immigrant at X-mas time?

  22. Marcia in CO says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to JJ and Bubba and your family and, of course, to all the wonderful folks who congregate on this blog … you’re such a fun group of people!!
    The Old Gal Gang from church and I will be meeting up at our local VFW hall for their Thanksgiving Feast … they serve up a delicious plate of t-day goodness and top it off with a slice of pumpkin pie! All for a donation to the cause … and none of us old gals have to do the cooking and we don’t have to do the dishes afterwards!! For all of that, I am truly thankful!!

  23. Uncle Dave says:

    In Texas it is also the season for political candidates to file for office. How festive it will be if other turkeys of that flock draw Democratic opposition. Happy Thanksgiving all!

  24. Unlike the white House turkeys, those 3 don’t get pardoned. Off with their heads!