A Spectacle Hard to Watch

August 22, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Cheeto Jesus didn’t disappoint tonight in his appearance for devotees in Phoenix.  He shoveled manure in copious quantities.  A few of his gems:

  1. He reread his Saturday Charlottesville statement, but left out the “many sides” line.
  2. Announced that indeed his first pardon was going to former Joe Arpaio, convicted criminal and country’s third most notorious racist.  (Number one is Cheeto Jesus, of course, followed by David Duke.  Luckily, Duke is not currently convicted of any race crimes, so no pardon currently needed.  However, since Charles Manson is not eligible for parole until 2027, Trump could well go for him next.)
  3. Lies again about Washington’s statues.
  4. He’s going to cancel NAFTA.
  5. The media is the real enemy that caused the violence in Charlottesville. That’s right, it wasn’t the racists wearing body armor and carrying clubs; it was those panty waist reporters.
  6. He was hoping to take candy away from a kid on stage, but apparently they couldn’t find a kid willing to go up there.

It was Trump’s normal appalling performance that we have come to expect and continues to make us the laughingstock of the world.

Well, they would be laughing if he didn’t have the nuclear codes.  I just wish someone would tell this stupid sumbitch that the election is over, and he doesn’t need to do this (but for his insatiable ego).


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18 Comments to “A Spectacle Hard to Watch”

  1. My favorite quote of the evening:
    “I don’t do Twitter storms.”

    Where did he think he was, the principal’s office?

  2. I didn’t watch him; haven’t been able to since he mocked the handicapped reporter. I did read what he said. He needed a fix just as much as any heroin addict. He cannot survive without a regular shot of Cheering Crowd. He needed to be able to lie, malign the press, and promise to pardon a disgusting excuse for an individual, in a nice, safe space. Now, he’ll probably be OK for a few days, but then, as in any addiction, he’ll have to get another fix.

  3. That Other Jean says:

    But he’s not re-living the last campaign–Trump believes he’s going to be trying for Presidency in 2020, so he’s started campaigning already. It’s easier than actually running the country. Although, considering what he wants to do with the country, I’m fine with his campaigning and golfing all he wants, as long as it doesn’t slow Mr. Mueller’s investigation.

  4. Washington Post said water bottles were confiscated, temperature was 107. Two people were ejected, others got tired and thirsty and left before he finished his 75 minute rehash of statements from the last week and attacks on the press. I had the TV muted for a while then switched off.

  5. Gotta say . . . he was totally shameful and so the hell was that crowd of cretins! As for pardoning Arpaio, that might turn out to be a much harder thing to do inasmuch as it did not involve a jury trial but a lone judge. If he goes through with this, it will also be on the heads of the so-called legal team he has around him. The pardon could ricochet badly.

  6. tRump is a one trick pony. When will people get tired of his old streck?

  7. Ask Momma, if it OK to hope that Kelly still carries a service issued pistol and that there is a someone smart that would disobey this madman.

  8. I tried to watch, then had to turn it off, then tried again had to turn it off, I was getting sick and embarrassed. I said this before I can accept that he is a juvenile and a sick individual but people actually voted for him! I will never get over that.

  9. @maggie

    My understanding, limited tho it may be by a lifetime spent in Texas, is that contempt is a prerogative of the judge on the bench. Contempt is like pornography: we cannot clearly define it but we clearly recognize it when we see it. As such, the contempt finding is neither legally review-able nor legally pardon-able.

  10. Micr@9: I sure hope you’re right.

    Arpaio deserves his own little circle in 110F hell…

    And Trump can share it before he goes to the next circle.

  11. So 45 comes to Arizona and say’s he going to cancel NAFTA, in a state where Mexico is our largest trading partner. I’m so glad I live in Baja Arizona (the southern blue part of AZ)

  12. I haven’t had enough coffee to get all ten digits connecting with my brain.

    Let’s try this again.

    Ask Momma, if it’s OK to hope that Kelly still carries a service issued pistol and that there is someone smart that would disobey this madman.

    That looks better.

  13. Hard to watch indeed. We didn’t make it very far before switching to something far more cheerful. Having recently gotten access to Hulu, we’re catching up on The Handmaid’s Tale.

  14. Sandridge says:

    I have no idea who this guy is, but he hit the OA bullseye– CNN’s Don Lemon on Monday (eclipse day) said about SOBOTUS’s AZ driveling: “A total eclipse of the facts.”

    And the same for this guy, who mocked the Golf Cart Goofus thusly– The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah said:
    “Yeah, Trump is a problem solver the same way Godzilla is a city planner…”

    I’d rather have Godzilla in the WH, if for no other reason than that he doesn’t have any parasitical spawn lampreying onto the rest of us and bleeding us dry:

    The ‘zancudo blovi’ lamprey (Petromyzon marinus Trumpi) is a parasitic lamprey native to the Northern Hemisphere (NYC):

  15. @Papa

    I’m hoping he’s packing a 100% sterile .22LR zip gun with a couple of hollow points.

  16. Lunargent says:

    I watched it in the only tolerable way. On MSNBC, Lawrence O’Donnell and his panel only showed the parts with new crap, none of the old rerun stuff. When Trump lapsed back into his standard spiel, they cut away and refuted his lies in real time.

  17. Ive watched bits of video and seen just how incredibly f*cked up Insane Orange Whore is. Last night he was much worse than when he was campaigning just a year ago. CNN reporter Don Lemon did a first rate job of describing his behavior and Lawrence O’Donnell seems to have completely run out of pussy-footing patience.

    WaPo had a good story about Michael the Black Guy. He’s the one sitting behind Insane Orange Whore holding the sign “Blacks for Trump” and wearing a t-shirt that has his website on it. He’s attended many snacilbupeR and Insane Orange Whore events. He’s got more than one website and 2-3 aliases plus serious mental illnesses. Guess that makes him just one of the guys.

  18. e platypus onion says:

    Pretty easy answer to Drumpf/ Put him under oath. Ask a question and file impeachment charge(s) of lying under oath-immediately. Problem solved.