Holy Crap

March 04, 2015

Republican State Representative Rick Miller is a man well-known to me.  He is a neighbor of mine.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 9.03.09 AMI had occasion to watch him and a few of his thugs “wreck” a local Democratic press conference.  He stood by while air horns were blown into children’s ears and a 72 year old woman was pushed to the ground because somebody dared to run against Miller’s idol, Tom DeLay.  Miller, who claims to be a veteran, stood by, smiled, and did nothing.

He was linked to an anonymous hate mail piece about a Republican Muslim candidate running for school board.  He can deny it all he wants but everybody in town knows he did it.

And he does all this because he is a Super DeLux Brand Christian.

Yesterday he gored the bull. He introduced legislation to undo LGBT protections enacted by cities.  That’s right, the man who bellows “local control” wants big state government to overrule local folks.

As a result, state Rep. Rick Miller’s House Bill 1556 would undo LGBT protections passed by numerous cities, including Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston and Plano. Altogether more than 7.5 million Texas are covered by such ordinances.

But, it gets far worse.  

Miller’s 41 year old son, Beau, who is a respected lawyer in Houston, is a proud openly gay man.

Holy crap.  I mean, think about that.

Beau Miller said he was “extremely disappointed” to hear about his father’s bill.

Boy, ain’t that an understatement? I cannot imagine how it feels to have your own father of this.  It’s one thing if Miller had simply and quietly vote for the bill, but he wrote and introduced the damn thing.

Which brings us to: what kind of father doesn’t want to protect his son?

Hell, even God told Abraham not to kill Issac.  You’d think a Super DeLux Brand Christian would know that.

Miller says his motivations were economic.

“Competing and inconsistent local ordinances interfere with economic liberty and discourage business expansion. By promoting instead of restricting business growth, this bill is about job creation and an improved state economy, both of which have a direct, positive impact on Texas citizens.”

Dammit!  Even the Mafia kept family out of business.

And you know that statement is hogwash because that would also mean that “inconsistent and competing” state laws should be overruled by the federal government.  Right, Rick?

Even Darth Vader couldn’t bring himself to kill his son.

Jerk.  There’s no job creation about this.  This is just mean.  To your own damn child.  And that, my friends, is breathtakingly sad.

I just don’t understand that much hate.

What Happens When You Hack Off Everydamnbody In The Stinkin’ World

March 03, 2015

It appears that John Boehner and I have something in common.

I don’t like Texas Congressvarmint Louie Gohmert and I always will.

John Boehner agrees.

American Action Network, which calls itself a “center-right” advocacy group, has bought $10,000 worth of digital advertising in the [Louie’s] district in the hope of building support for a congressional bill that will fund the Department of Homeland Security.

“Global threats against our security are increasing … and some in Washington are playing political games with our national security,” the ad stated. “Tell Congressman Gohmert: Fund Homeland Security.”

No kidding, Folks, Louie is so screwy that John Boehner is taking out ads against him.

It’s a plan so crazy that it just might work!

Thanks to everybody for the heads up.

Boehner’s Kissy Face

March 03, 2015

Those who saw Boehner’s kissy face can understand why this is happening.

As of Tuesday morning, 60 congressional Democrats have said they are skipping the controversial speech. Among those boycotting are Sens. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Vice President Joe Biden is also missing the speech due to overseas travel.

No, seriously, would you go anywhere where their might be a chance of having to look at this again?


Not me, that’s for sure.

Perry Unplugged Mississippi Style

March 03, 2015

And you bet that Rick Perry couldn’t even spell Mississippi.

Hell, he owns it now!

Mr. Perry is moving to establish a “super PAC” to back his effort, and has turned to Austin Barbour, a Mississippi-based lobbyist and political operative to head it, according to three people with knowledge of the moves.

Mr. Barbour’s brother, Henry, is a Republican national committee member who has supported Mr. Perry for years. The brothers’ uncle is Haley Barbour, the former Mississippi governor and a senior figure in Republican circles.

The Bush Dynasty?  Pfff!  Perry’s got himself the Barbour Dynasty.  It’s like the Bush Dynasty, but only pastier and dumber.

-tclthad47.jpg20140702You’ll remember Austin Barbour from the vote buying scheme uncovered when he worked for Thad Cochran.  After finding reimbursement checks reported to the FEC for $8,000, $10,000 and $15,000, for a total of $53,000 in “get out the vote” cash, Barbour had a logical explanation.

Cochran campaign adviser Austin Barbour says the filings were a mistake by the campaign’s treasurer. He said they should be listed as cash payments to “dozens” of people who helped knock on doors and with other GOTV work.

“Amanda, as director of operations, is like our office manager,” Barbour said. “So she would run to the bank to get cash to pay field workers.

Yeah, that’s what Amanda does.

Thanks to David for the heads up.

On a Personal Note

March 02, 2015

One of my personal Texas heroes, Bob Armstrong, picked Texas Independence Day to go to that great rodeo in the sky.

Bob will be missed, but we were all blessed to have him.

Happy Trails, Bob.

So Whaddya Do When You Rank 1.1% On The CPAC Straw Poll?

March 02, 2015

You question Hillary Clinton’s “loyality.”

You know how President Obama is an illegal alien Muslim from Kenya?

Well, it appears that Hillary Clinton is an Algerian sympathizer.

The Clinton Foundation accepted money from Algeria after the Haiti earthquake.  The entire donation was spent on Haiti.

That gives Rick Perry an idea …

“I think it falls flat in the face of the American people when it comes to, are you going to trust an individual who has taken that much money from a foreign source? Where’s your loyalty?” Perry said in an interview that aired on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Rick Perry, the world’s biggest pay to play goofball, is questioning someone else’s loyalty.  That’s so cute.

Thanks to Kyle for the heads up.