Yo! Newt!

December 11, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself

Newt Gingrich just can’t wrap his goofy head around it.

“Mueller is corrupt. The senior FBI is corrupt. The system is corrupt,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said on Fox News last week.

But …

The system wasn’t corrupt when it allowed you to call for the impeachment of Bill Clinton while you were cheating on your second wife with your third wife.

The system wasn’t corrupt when you secretly admitted that the Contact With America was a phony promise and that you had no intention of doing any of those things.

The system wasn’t corrupt when Republicans had to search the entire House of Representatives for someone with a clean sex life and all they could come up with was Denny Hastert, who was having sex with his entire wrestling team.

The system wasn’t corrupt when you led ethics charges against Democratic House Speaker Jim Wright for a book deal while you were doing the same thing yourself.

The system wasn’t corrupt when you lied about Bill Clinton forcing you to use the rear door of Air Force One, prompting you to shut down the government in retaliation.

The system wasn’t corrupt when you endorsed Donald Trump, a man you fully knew was deranged and unqualified.

The system wasn’t corrupt when Russians interfered with the presidential election.

The system wasn’t corrupt with Trump gave security clearances to his entire family.

The system wasn’t corrupt when Trump uses the office of president for his own personal wealth.

The system only became corrupt when Bob Mueller tries to stop all this crap.

I have always hated Newt and I always will.


Well Hell, Let’s Go For Broke.

December 11, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself

The new tax plan is already the most disliked legislation in a damn month of new moons, with only 32% of Americans supporting it.  By the way, that’s the lowest approval rating of any bill in 30 years, including the original opposition to the Affordable Care Act.

But, no, not one to leave well enough alone, here’s the top of the fold headline in the Austin American Statesman today.


Oh hell, let’s stick mandatory prayer in there while we’re at it.

So now I’m not only against the Republican tax plan, I want to kill it, stuff it, mount it over the fireplace and open my house for the damn Christmas Home Tour.

The sound you hear is me batting my head on the keyboard.


The Other Reality

December 11, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself

I have often felt that reality is only a collective hunch.

Republicans are not in the hunch.

The Economist / You Gov polls show that …

Most American adults disbelieve the claim that the former President was born in Kenya, but nearly one in three American adults say that it is definitely or probably true that he was. More Republicans – 51% – believe that to be the case.

And, most Republicans also “doubt that Russia hacked into DNC emails or spread fake news during last year’s campaign in order to help elect Donald Trump president.”

And the icing on the cake —

Even when it comes to Michael Flynn, who has pled guilty to lying to the FBI, Republicans aren’t sure he actually did anything improper: 19% of Republicans think he did, but twice as many (39%) say he did not.

He confessed, you damn fools!

This is creepy, y’all.


The Axis of Evil

December 11, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself

The Hill is reporting that Roy Moore is doing fewer public events.  I can’t imagine why.  

However, there’s is a giant rally tonight.

Moore will appear at a campaign rally Monday night with Breitbart News head Stephen Bannon and Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas). It’ll be his first public event since Tuesday.

Yes, Mr. Morality Gohmert, who is a far better Christian than Jesus is, has been playing a surrogate for Roy Moore.

Hide your little girls, Louie is in town.

Moore, Gohmert, and Bannon, the three dirtiest old men in a five state area.  Honey, they are the Trifecta of Torrid.

Thanks to Sam in Minnesoooota for the heads up.

Former Colorado GOP State Chairman Guilty

December 10, 2017 By: El Jefe

Steve Curtis, hate radio talker and former chair of the Colorado state GOP, regularly accuses Democrats of all kinds of malfeasance, including voter fraud.  Welp, this week, in a clear case of Karma is a Bitch, Curtis was convicted of…wait for it…voter fraud.  In 2016, ol’ Steve somehow thought it was a good idea to forge his ex-wife’s signature on a mail-in ballot and send it in.  Said ex-wife had moved to South Carolina and discovered the fraud when, upon requesting a mail in ballot for that state, was informed that she had already voted – in Colorado.

Steve’s defense?  He forged her name during a diabetic episode, and then accidentally mailed it in the next day.  The jury didn’t buy the story.  I wonder; why is it that the guys who scream the loudest about wrongdoing and voter fraud are generally the ones guilty of just that?


Railroading Ourselves

December 09, 2017 By: El Jefe

Note:  Sexual misconduct and sexual harassment are serious issues that are systemic and have been allowed to persist in our modern society.  It should not be allowed to exist in any part of our culture, and the only way to eliminate it, in my opinion, is to have equal representation between men and women in every government entity from villages to Washington, as well as in every board room in America.  Short of that accomplishment, this problem will continue to persist.  Now, having said all that, I have an opinion about this issue.

Politicians are generally Stupid.  Democrats tend to be Really Stupid, and Democratic party leaders are Perpetually Super Stupid.  Given almost any tough situation, party leaders take the easy Stupid route versus the tough and true route. Let’s take the case in 2009 when Democrats allowed a twenty-something rightwing lying asshole to flog his clumsily and dishonestly edited video tape and take down a major community service organization, ACORN.  The media enabled him, and Democrats’ defense of the organization was virtually non-existent until it was way too late.  James O’Keefe, the little lying shit who used Breitbart money for his first successful hit job, paid no price, and indeed just this week was honored as a “hero”, receiving the Impact Award from United for Purpose, a rightwing propaganda generator.  He received the award from none other than Ginni Thomas, wife of Clarence Thomas.  To add insult to injury, the award came a week after the Washington Post blew the lid off of his latest “sting” operation.  By the Democrats not crucifying this little shit when he committed his first crime, he’s still around doing damage today and is even being “honored” and taking home a hefty six figure income to produce his lies.

With that one textbook example of Democratic leaders being Super Stupid, let’s talk about Kirsten Gillibrand and the rest of her posse this week when they Super Stupidly used an obvious rightwing hit job to take down one of our best and dedicated members of the US Senate.  If Ray Charles were alive today, even HE would have seen that Leeann Tweeden’s coordinated attack on Al Franken was trumped up (no pun intended), aided by Roger Stone.  Further, it’s now coming to light that she was also aided in the attack by her colleague, John Phillips.  More about this jerk later.

One of the most infuriating features of this particular attack is that prominent women in the media and politics didn’t look at the objective facts, enabling the attack to work like a charm.  I pointed out almost three weeks ago that Tweeden is well known for horsing around with men, playing grabass with them, forcibly kissing them in public, and posing semi-nude in magazines.  She also had a very graphic discussion about having sex on Howard Stern’s radio program.  She’s a rightwing anchor on KABC radio in Los Angeles, right along with John Phillips, another rightwing talker who has his own show.  Trump pal and future prison convict, Roger Stone, announced the attack hours before it happened on Twitter, through a surrogate, since he’s been banned.  It doesn’t take Robert Mueller to connect these dots.  And no, pointing out glaring facts is not “slut shaming”, so don’t even go there.

After the attack, the normal pile-on happened, coordinated for maximum effect, mostly anecdotal and/or anonymous with the normal “his hand went too low when I had a picture taken with him” kind of accusations.  There was not ONE accusation that demonstrated some terrible pattern of misbehavior.  Those facts were ignored.  At the very beginning of this mess, Franken called for a Senate investigation of the claim.  He was never given the opportunity for these charges to be investigated in public.

On the Republican side, the parade of well documented perverts continues.  Trump has never been investigated for the dozens of claims of serious misconduct from groping to rape.  He now endorses Roy Moore, whose stalking of little girls has been well documented; now there is your friend an mine, Blake Farenthold who used $84,000 of taxpayer money to buy the silence of his accuser, and then comes creepy Trent Franks who offered a staffer $5 million to carry is baby.

Gillibrand, like other Super Stupid Democrats, decided that she should railroad Franken out of the Senate to take the “moral high ground” against Republicans.  The first stupid decision was thinking that taking the “moral high ground” would force Republicans to do anything.  WRONG.  They couldn’t care less about moral high ground, because their base doesn’t.  When in the hell are Dems going to figure that out?  Answer: NEVER.  Second, Gillibrand thought taking the zero tolerance route will change people’s minds and get them to vote for Democrats.  WRONG.  See the above answer.  Finally, I’m sure she made the calculation that Franken didn’t matter since Mark Dayton, Democratic governor of Minnesota, would appoint a Democrat to the seat, so they wouldn’t lose any votes.  WRONG.  Now, they’ll have to defend that seat in 2018 instead of 2020.  STUPID.

Making this catastrophe even worse is that, in treating Franken’s seat as a party commodity, we’ve now lost the strongest and most effective progressive voice in the national dialogue.  Franken is brilliant, and had made the difficult transition from comedian and entertainer to statesman.  His takedown of Trump appointees is some of the best CSpan you’ll ever see (well, at least WAS). Gillibrand, and the other women in the Senate, with the aiding and abetting of some of the worst reporting in the history of the Fourth Estate, has abruptly snuffed out one of our strongest voices without due process nor even a pretense of being truthful.

Yeah, I’m pissed.  I’m really pissed, and for several reasons.  Gillibrand and company tiptoed around Tweeden, who clearly set the whole thing up to damage Franken, which simultaneously delegitimizes the stories of millions of women who have been ACTUALLY sexually assaulted. The damage done is simply breathtaking.  Secondly, she attempted to influence the Moore vote in Alabama by railroading Franken out of the Senate before even ONE ethics committee hearing.  No thinking person believes such nonsense.  They destroyed the reputation and career of a good man for political expediency.  All she did was railroad Franken and in the process railroaded all of us.  SCREW HER and the horse she road in on.

Finally?  I’m so pissed that I’ll just poke some of our Hillary Hardliner friends in the eye on my way to the bottom of this post.  I GUARANTEE that if Hillary was the current occupant of the White House and Ol’ Bill was First Husband (or whatever they would call him).  Gillibrand and the rest of the crowd wouldn’t have made a peep about Franken, fearing retribution for Bill’s documented malfeasance that many prominent women defended, and continue to defend to this day.  Yeah, that’s what I think.

So there.