The Oppression of Donald Trump

October 23, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself

Oh y’all, Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer went on teevee this morning to defend Donald Trump’s speech at Gettysburg.

Poor Donald. Poor poor oppressed Donald. He’s being “waterboarded.” She actually said that and I have proof because I am an undercover journalist.


Well, I guess it’s okay since Trump supports waterboarding.

Governor Bob Kerrey did a nice job with the crazy authentic part.  Enjoy. It’s short.


Just A Heads Up

October 23, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself

James O’Keefe, of Holy Cow, It’s Crazy James fame, is sending out his hoard of “undercover journalists” to expose voter fraud.  He’s taken to begging money to line his pockets.  I just wish this kid would get a real job and quit violating the law.

screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-10-19-59-amWeeks ago, we deployed undercover journalists in early voting states across the nation.

They have been recording hours and hours of footage as we waited for the dam to break.

And now I need to double down and flood the field with undercover investigators.

They will be deployed to early voting stations around the nation to monitor “bussing” activities and catch voter fraud in the act.

Can you pay for one hotel night for an undercover journalist? One meal?

Our journalists come from all walks of life, some are young and in school, others are experienced and retired. But they are ALL putting their future at risk by working with Project Veritas.

So, now ruffians and bigots have a new name because, you know, voter intimidation sounds so … I dunno, true?  These people are now called Undercover Journalists.

There is no such thing as undercover journalists.  Journalists are protected by the Constitution and they operate right out there in the open.

Dude, if you run into one of them, sidle up to them and whisper, “James sent me. Code purple.  Repeat: code purple. Run!”  Then dash away and watch while they try to figure out what Code Purple means.


Just a Regular Modern Day Lincoln

October 23, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself

Well, Donald Trump went to speak to Republicans in Gettysburg.  Yeah.  He decided to go out in a blaze of historic glory.

trump_scumdogDonald Trump traveled Saturday to the site of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, where he suggested that the United States is nearly as divided now as it was then. But instead of laying out his vision for uniting the country, as President Abraham Lincoln once did here, Trump declared that the system is rigged against him, that election results cannot be trusted, that Hillary Clinton should have been barred from running for president, that the media is “corrupt” and that he will sue all of the women who have accused him of sexual assault.

Remember Newt’s Contract With America?  Compared to this, that idea wasn’t all that bad.

As an aside, it just seems kind of weird to me that some damn billionaire tries to claim that the system is rigged.


The Donald Trump Lawyer Full Employment Bill

October 22, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself

Donald Trump goes around threatening everybody with lawsuits.  The latest is that “after the election” he’s going to sue all the women who say that he groped them.

Yeah, “after the election” is because those suits will immediately be thrown out of court.  That’s if he can find a lawyer to file them because the bar association takes frivolous lawsuits very seriously. He’s already admitted that he sexually assaults women so there you go.

But, just for fun, the kids over at Gizmoto have a “How Long Since Donald Trump Threatened Someone” Countdown Clock.

Side wagers are encouraged.

Thanks to Rick for the heads up.

Wanna Watch Chris Christie Implode?

October 21, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself

Oh, Honey, go turn on the teevee.

This is a thing of beauty. The trial of Bridgegate this morning —-

Bridget Anne Kelly said she was discussing a press conference related to a fire in the Jersey Shore town of Seaside Heights when Christie exploded at her three years ago.

“He had a water bottle in his hand and he said, ‘What the f–k do you think I am? A f—ing game show host,” Kelly said, her voice cracking.

Kelly said he hurled the bottle at her.

“I moved out of the way and it hit my arm,” said a sobbing Kelly.

Well, after this trial, Christie would be very lucky to get a job as a game show host.


Well, Maybe She Didn’t Know Who He Is

October 21, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself

The #3 highest Republican in the Kansas State House says she was just trying to criticize Adolph Hitler when she referred to his “profound words.”

screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-2-23-50-pmKansas Speaker Pro Tem Peggy Mast took to Facebook to say

 “Great quote from Hitler in the video. Please listen to it closely. His words are profound! Let’s start using discernment.”


Here’s a green light idea – Republican need to stay off social media.  They ain’t worth a damn at it.