UPDATE: Dallas Republicans Playing Games

January 23, 2018 By: Juanita Jean Herownself

Remember how I told you about Dallas Republicans filing paperwork to remove 128 candidates in the Democratic primary and how completely absurd that is?

Well, our buddy Glen Maxey – who probably wrote the law and who can read writing – put the answer on Facebook.

Here ya go, straight from Glen —

Hear about that frivilous lawsuit filed by the Dallas Republicans? (See I put “frivoulous lawsuit” and “filed by Republicans” in the same sentence: Pigs do fly!) They claim the Democratic Chair didn’t sign candidate applications. Oh, my. There’s a blank right there on the form for the Chair to sign their name. Oh, but the Chair didn’t sign them, the Primary Director did. What a travesty! Oh, my! We can knock 128 Democrats off the ballot because these crazy Democrats didn’t follow the law!

HOWEVER, right next to the signature blank on the SOS prescribed application is a cite of the Texas Election Code. Sec. 1.007. And that little gem says ANY employee of an authority can accept a filing for the authority (i.e. the Chair).

As Emily Litella would say: “NEVERMIND”.

Sec. 1.007 DELIVERING, SUBMITTING, AND FILING DOCUMENTS. (a) When this code provides for the delivery, submission, or filing of an application, notice, report, or other document or paper
with an authority having administrative responsibility under this code, a delivery, submission, or filing iwith an employee of the authority at the authority’s usual place for conducting official business constitutes filing with the authority.

And for you youngsters out there, here’s Emily Litella.



Susan Collins Has Been Busy

January 23, 2018 By: Juanita Jean Herownself

To start off, Collins stood with a straight face and heard Texas Senator Ted Cruz talking to the teevee news …

“Look, we shouldn’t be shutting the government down. I have consistently opposed shutdowns. In 2013, I said we shouldn’t be shutting the government down,” Cruz told reporters on Monday.”I went to the Senate floor repeatedly asking unanimous consent to reopen the government.”

Being as how most senators lay the blame for the shutdown directly at Cruz’s feet (Remember Green Eggs and Ham?), and Cruz was one of the 18 senators who opposed stopping the 2013 shutdown, Collins was … well …

“You’ve rendered me speechless,” she said, then paused. “2013. 2013.”

Then, truly bless her heart, she tried to get a group of bipartisan senators together in her office to negotiate during the shutdown.  She tried a schoolteacher idea, a talking stick.  Only the person holding the stick gets to talk, everyone else has to listen until they get the stick.


It worked fine until … (You know what’s coming, right?)

At one point, Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee forcefully tossed the stick toward Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia after Warner interrupted him, nearly shattering a glass elephant belonging to Collins, according to two people briefed on the throw.

Collins reportedly decided to switch to a ball after the dustup, presumably assuming it would be a little less destructive.

Yes, because grown Republican men cannot be trusted with a stick.

Thanks to everybody for the heads up.

Oh, Clutch Your Pearls

January 23, 2018 By: Juanita Jean Herownself

You know, $100,000 just doesn’t buy what it used to.


#Disgrace, indeed.

Thanks to Deb for the heads up.

It Gets Better – A LOT Better

January 23, 2018 By: El Jefe

Yesterday, Common Cause filed a complaint with the Justice Department calling for an investigation of Trump’s attorney’s payment of $130,000 in hush money to porn star, Stormy Daniels as an unreported campaign contribution.  It makes sense, since the payment was made to help Trump win the election.  I think I start popping popcorn.


Maybe I’m Jumping the Gun …

January 22, 2018 By: Juanita Jean Herownself

I might be jumping the gun but my reaction right now is …

Screw you, Chuck Schumer.


Progressives are hammering Sen. Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) for his agreement with Senate Republican leadership to end the government shutdown on Monday.

Even House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has spoken out against the deal, saying there was no reason to support it.

“I don’t see that there’s any reason — I’m speaking personally and hearing from my members — to support what was put forth,” Pelosi said at a press briefing shortly before Schumer signaled Senate Democrats would agree to it.

There is one sign of hope.

“The Majority Leader’s comments last night fell far short of the ironclad guarantee I needed to support a stopgap spending bill,” said Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) “I refuse to put the lives of nearly 700,000 young people in the hands of someone who has repeatedly gone back on his word. I will do everything in my power to continue to protect Dreamers from deportation.”

Sens. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) all voted against closing debate on the agreement.


Well, Dallas Republicans, If That’s How You Want To Play This

January 22, 2018 By: Juanita Jean Herownself

The Dallas Republican Party has filed a lawsuit to have 128 Democrats kicked off the Democratic primary ballot because … oh yeah get ready for this … they claim the Dallas County Democratic Chair did not sign the petitions of 128 candidates.

Here’s the deal – everybody with stuffing between their ears knows that Democrats are going to win almost every election in Dallas in 2018, so all the Republicans have left is voter suppression.

Democrats were caught off guard by something this petty but hell, we’re talking about a Party that by all appearance is run by Stephen Miller.

So, this mess is going to court because, you know, Republicans don’t believe in clogging up the court system with frivolous lawsuits and by gawd, we need smaller government.

If you click the graphic below, it will talk you to the email addresses of the Dallas County Republican leadership.  Their leader, Missy, y’all, her name is Missy Shorey, might need to hear from you.