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July 30, 2010 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized


Most of you know that Juanita has had a ball making fun of the local GOP for not updating their website since March.  Well, they finally updated it.  And Juanita took a picture!

Now, if you click on that picture and get a larger one, you will notice that they are listing the Tea Party right up there along with the Economy, Health Care, and National Security.  “I circled it because I did not want you to miss it,” Juanita grins.

“So now whenever and wherever the Tea Party does something stoopid, it reflects directly on the Fort Bend County GOP and their candidates,” she smiles deliciously.  “I am a happy, happy, deliriously drooling quivering happy woman.”

“And there’s one more interesting thing,” she continues.  “Local GOP Chairman Rick Miller, a man who thinks it’s grand fun to blow a fog horn in a child’s ear and hit 70 year old women, has his own blog.  The first entry is dated July 6, 2010, which is kinda scary since at least until July 25th, it didn’t exist.  Damn!  Rick Miller has found the secret to time travel!  You’d think he would have used it for going back to our Founding Fathers, with slavery and women not being able to vote, like the Tea Party wants, instead of using these powerful and magical powers just to make himself look like he’s actually doing something when he’s so lazy that he has to prop himself up to spit. Republicans never cease to amaze me:  magical powers wasted on ego.”

“Miller says they are going to get to work in late August after the kids go back to school.  Rick Miller is an old white guy.  Old.  He ain’t got no kids.  What’s the problem?  He has to spend the summer yelling at the neighborhood kids to stay off his lawn?”

“Republicans: the best darn free entertainment around!”

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