Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

June 29, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

When I first read this blog entry, I thought it was satire.

I’m real, real, terribly afraid it’s not.  It’s a rightwinger explaining how the Supreme Court decision is the most evil thing to ever happen on the planet earth and how Obama engineered it.

Someone got to Roberts.  I bet they got to him and told him he has to vote this way or members of his family – kids, wife, parents, whoever – were going to be killed.

Later this afternoon, it’s going to come out that Roberts was coerced.  A Secret Service agent overheard Obama and Axelrod discussing the Roberts blackmail.  He managed to get them on tape discussing it.  Later this afternoon, the whole story will come out, Roberts will issue his REAL opinion, and Obama and Axelrod will be taken away in handcuffs.

When my son is my age, will he be able to call the doctor and go see him?

How can I protect myself from the government?  Isn’t there some way I can hide from them?

This blogger goes by the name Harry, which rhymes with Scary.  I admit that it scares me that this man is allowed to drive a car, but it is totally unacceptable that he is allowed to have children.

Republicans:  where the sanity ends but the fun begins.

Louie Gohmert: That human events thing.

And then there’s everybody’s favorite Congresscritter – Louie Gohmert, who got downright frothy-mouthed yesterday and let his tongue get ahead of his brain until everything stopped and there was a charming crash of epic proportions. Reacting to the Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act, he began …

“When in the course of human events it becomes clear that you have people who will not follow the law, it’s time to use orderly methods set forth in the Constitution to remove them from their offices, and get people who will abide by their oaths,” Gohmert said.

When in the course of human events?  Damn, Louie has been listening to his revolutionary tapes again.

And then Preacher Gohmert got to rolling on the River Jordan.

Addressing the crowd, Gohmert called on God to ”work with those who are so ignorant that they continue to support and love the liars that misrepresented things to get this bill passed.”

Oh crap, wait until Louie finds out about Harry’s information.

Thanks to David and Ralph for the heads up.

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24 Comments to “Your Guess Is As Good As Mine”

  1. “When in the course of human events it becomes clear that you have people who will not follow the law, it’s time to use orderly methods set forth in the Constitution to remove them from their offices, and get people who will abide by their oaths,” Gohmert said.

    Can we start with you, Louie?

  2. MCPO RET says:

    Please don’t remove Louie!
    I’ve seen all of the “Cheers” reruns and “Mayberry.”
    Louie is just about all that remains of funny.

  3. MCPO RET:
    Can we compromise and give him his own show, but no vote?

  4. Since ACA IS the law, is he referring to all those Republican governors who refuse to set up the exchanges or expand Medicaid?

  5. From your lips to your constituents’ ears, Louie.

  6. Mz Patti says:

    Please tell me there is a Democrat running against this fool for his Congressional seat…..

    For a good time, go to his campaign website and leave him a blistering message. You will get back into your own inbox a 2 line thank you… thanking you for your gift. A donation, I presume.

    I also did not know that Louie-Louie is also a graduate of Texas A&M and that Gov GoodHair bestowed him with a judicial appointment. I love how the Texas political onion keeps on peeling off, layer by layer… Rick Perry may have looked like a buffoon during the Presidential campaign, but he has his fingers in so many pies…. unbelievable.

  7. Seriously!

    Does anybody really listen to Louie Gohmert?

    Were it not for Faux News and HuffPost….. would anybody even know…….. or care……when Louis Gohmert speaks???

  8. Maybe under the ACA, Harry (rhymes with Scary) can get back on his meds.

  9. I ventured into the darkness and was trying to have a dialogue with some MA righties (yep they are there too) to try and find out from them the difference between the ACA aka “Obamacare” and the Health Care as it exists today in MA aka Romneycare.
    Needless to say not only are they ignorant of the ACA they are oblivious to the law they are under in MA. When I sent them a link to the Congressional Budget office , they said they would tear it to shreds after they did something at home so I asked them to please cite their sources and then there was a comment “you don’t have to cite anything it’s all in my head, it’s common sense” then …
    Reminds me of the old saying, Don’t wrestle with pigs, it only gets you dirty and 1. the pigs enjoy it , or 2 it annoys the pigs.
    Point being, there is no sense in arguing with these people for the most part, they are too lazy to find out what is really going on and stick to the idology which reenforces their predjudices.

  10. fenway fran says:

    Carol, I’m in a MA house right now with two of them (my brother and mother). I was so joyful yesterday listening to the announcement (on Fox of course) about the decision I just smiled to myself (dancing inside). My brother got up and turned off the TV. I doubt that would have happened if the decision had gone the other way. Still smiling, by the way…

  11. My sympathies, Fran.

  12. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    I don’t suppose that Brother Louee Louay Oh Babee He Gotta Go provided any examples of the lies and misrepresentations that got this bill passed. No? Because there are no misrepresentations about that LAW except for those created by Sarah Palin, Mickey Bee, Rush, Glen, Sean, Billy O’Really, Newt, Scary Perry, Ick Santorum, and Mitt (who was for it before he was against it) Romney.

    The local Republican party chairman called it a “budget buster” clearly indicating that he has no information about what the LAW does. Pathetic.

  13. OldMayfly says:

    Another Right-Wing “explanation” I read is that Roberts takes some medication that causes him to exhibit faulty judgment–funny I never heard that before yesterday’s decision.

  14. Does the nurse know Harry has access to the internet?

    Does the nurse know Louie has access to the internet?

  15. “When my son is my age, will he be able to call the doctor and go see him?” What is this supposed to imply?

    Someone tell Harry he should move to China; Obama would never find him there and he doesn’t have to worry about anyone forcing insurance on him.

  16. IronCelt says:

    I assume the “oaths” he’s referring to are the oaths pledged to the Grand Wazir Grover Norquist, who is apparently our unelected dictator-in-chief.

  17. God does love the ignorant…..he let sooooo many of them be Republicans…

  18. Karla Furr says:

    I have the misfortune to reside in Gomer’s district.I’m so ashamed.YES,there is a well-qualified Democratic opponent running against Gomer in Nov. Her name is Dr. Shirley McKellar.Here is a link to learn about her…
    That link doesn’t look too “lively,” so I hope it will work for you,but if not,please Google her and find out more.Especially if you live in this district! Goober gets all kinds of “free” publicity from the local TV stations/newspapers…they all act like he’s completely “normal.”This is a VERY WINGNUT district.

  19. Jeff Weems says:

    How did the Secret Service overhear the conversation when they were setting up their next Columbian liason?

  20. I think the son of the guy quoted needs to call the doctor right now and not for himself.

  21. I wonder if Harry is old enough to have worried about the draft?

    Back in the 60s there was one sure fire, absolutely certain method of avoiding the draft. Enlist.

  22. I just realized: I missed the news that Roberts was coerced and had issued a new ruling. I regularly look at MSNBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, CNN, Daily Kos, Slate, maybe more. All except Fox. Is that where it was reported?
    Darn. That would have been a good story.

  23. This is all just too much fun. I’m sure you have also heard about the rightteas that are moving to Canada to escape from Obama’s Care. This piece has some suggestions for them.

  24. Yeah, I know this is all serious stuff, of course, but…golly, watching ‘Bagger heads explode is such much fun!