You Call This News?

February 06, 2018 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

It’s kinda amazing what people are calling news now days.

For example, take this.



And that’s news because some damn fool just now figured it out?

Although the “junk” news sites considered in the analysis included those on both the left and right, lead researcher Philip Howard said the findings suggest “that most of the junk news that people share over social media ends up with Trump’s fans, the far right. They’re playing with different facts, and they think they have the inside scoop on conspiracies.”

As a result, he said in a phone interview, it appears that “a small chunk of the population isn’t able to talk politics or share ideas in a sensible way with the rest of the population.”

Yeah, this ain’t news.  This has been going on for a while. They quit being sensible well over a year ago.

Reuters just came out with a poll that 73% of Republicans believe that the FBI and the Justice Department are trying to undermine Donald Trump.

Damn fools.  Trump is trying to undermine Trump.


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12 Comments to “You Call This News?”

  1. “Trump is trying to undermine Trump.”

    Actually, I think he’s trying to undermine everyone and everything but himself.

  2. Excuse me, “they’re playing with different facts”? They’re playing with the little green army men (if that) in their heads, not with facts.

    The FBI and the Justice Dept. are trying to undermine Trump… by presenting us with the facts about him. That’s all we need to see that he’s a charlatan and a liar who’s grossly unqualified and incompetent at his job.

  3. “a small chunk of the population isn’t able to talk politics or share ideas in a sensible way with the rest of the population.”

    OMG. That quote cracks me up completely! I agree. They thought a very large chunk of the population didn’t already know this? There are 3 Small Chunkers (Does that refer to brain size too?) in my building. We just humor them because there is no option for reasonable discourse.

  4. The fact that the drumpftards are also among the most delusional in their belief systems that they reinforce by at least weekly (historically sunday morning but other days as well) reinforcement of delusional beliefs makes this so obvious.
    Once someone buys into a bogus belief system that is only supported by circular logic and ignores reality it is easy to scam them a second time.
    Time to stop coddleing the delusional, inane and insane by giving them special priviledges tax immunity and cultural acquiessence to the fantasies they promote.
    Just as cigerettes are the primary gateway drug for other drugs so is the belief in organized delusional scams the gateway for further corruption all in the name of a myth based upon fear, ignorance, hatred and bigotry.

    see article

  5. RepubAnon says:

    In other news, pundits agree that the Sun will probably rise in the East tomorrow…

  6. Wait — “They’re playing with different facts…” FACTS? The article itself is a horrific case in point of how the concept of the word “fact” has suffered since the onslaught the “alternative facts” spewed by Trump and his double-talking puppets.

  7. “a small chunk of the population…” I assume this is some sort of humor!

  8. Lunargent says:

    Yeah. I wouldn’t call 37% a small chunk.

  9. Remember, the biggest chunks float to the top of the cesspool.

  10. Lunargent, you just don’t seem to understand the facts about the meaning of “small.” In some universe, anyway.

  11. They’re playing with different facts? You’d think they would have at least put finger quotes around the words ‘playing’ and/or ‘facts’.

  12. Jere Armen says:

    This has been going on since Obama first entered office. The silliness and alternate reality are now well entrenched in their psyches.


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