Yes, I Know

May 29, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Yes, I know all hell is breaking loose in Austin at the State Lege, where a Republican State Rep called ICE to get rid of the demonstrators at the capitol.  One Republican Rep threatened the life of a Democrat State Rep, and the State Troopers have become Storm Troopers.

I want to wait to sort out the bodies before I write about it.  But please feel free to comment here if you find something that looks legitimate.

Trusted source.

UPDATE:  Here is a video.  At 32 seconds you can see one of the Republican Reps (in a tan suit toward the front of the crowd), raise his hand to expose his handgun in a holster. He’s a little short prissy guy and loves his gun so much it’s considered obscene in 32 states and assorted territories.

Rinaldi the Twit

This is also where Republican Rep Matt Rinaldi called ICE on the people protesting SB 4 — he assumed because they were largely Hispanic, they were here illegally.

I have to tell you something about Matt Rinaldi.  He is a foul-mouthed little dip-dump who has to get an old woman to hold his hand to cross the street.  He is so crude that the F word ought to be embroidered on his tie.  He is generally recognized as the garden gnome of the Tea Party.

There are witnesses who heard Rinaldi threaten to shoot Democratic State Representative Pancho Nevarez “in the head.”

Reading several news sources, the best I can figure, it went like this: Rinaldi sashayed over to two Hispanic Democratic Representatives and goaded them by saying he had called ICE on the protesters.  One of the Democrats said, “I’m gonna get you,” and that’s when Rinaldi threaten to shoot him in the head.

Then Rinaldi runs as fast as his little legs will pump and asks for DPS protection.

Then like the little twit that he is, Rinaldi claimed he said that threat (you know, the one he first claimed he didn’t say)  in “verbal self defense.”  No, I am not kidding.  There is now such a thing as “verbal self defense.” That used to be called, “escalating the situation.”  The Texas Penal Code says that verbal crap ain’t provocation for nothin’.

Like a damn little fluffy puppy, Rinaldi growled and growled and then ran back under the couch when someone growled back.  I think this falls under, “You started this fight, butt boy” rule as codified in the Handbook of Getting Your Ass Whooped.

And Dan Patrick wants to call a damn special session because this one didn’t get nasty enough.


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32 Comments to “Yes, I Know”

  1. That’s not a hand gun raised at 32 seconds.

  2. Jonathon Hubbert says:

    There is no lie too extreme; no threat too violent nor solution too heinously inhumane for texas’ republi-cons when they deal with truth, social justice or a liberal threat of open ethical review.

  3. Wow! this boy never got himself beyond the school yard, did he! Psychologically, thats where he is at. And most likely will never leave!

  4. Juanita Jean Herownself says:

    DAvebo, he raised his hand to push back his coat. Look for the holster. I added the holster part to the story to make it clearer.

  5. JJ, we still miss Molly Ivins, but you do a real good job of following in her bootprints and letting us know what the Lege has been up to lately. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have improved any since Molly Ivins left us.

  6. Maymoon says:

    What a jerk, in any other situation someone would be shouting “he’s got a gun”. I guess in Texas it is all different, sorry not a place would be comfortable in anyway. My apologies to other Texans who must be embarrassed at this sort of behavior. In most cases this could be fun, grown men acting like boys in a school yard but that guy makes it too serious for me!

  7. Sandridge says:

    JJ, Wouldn’t that overt behavior be considered the felony offense of “Brandishing” or some such?

    IANAL, but I was trained in my CCW course that “carrying concealed” meant that the weapon MUST remain fully concealed at all times (most of a CCW course consists of the ‘legalities’ and ‘what ifs’). Much advice was given on how to hide the damned thing on yourself.
    And even inadvertent exposure was LEO actionable, let alone a flagrant deliberate display, and in an aggressive manner, like Herr Rinaldi’s.
    I theenk for the average bear his behavior would mean a whole lot of LEO hassle, if not an instant arrest.
    And in keeping with the rest of it, I long ago lost a lot of trust and respect for the DPS, after tangling with one lyin’ mofo trooper (even under oath) over an alleged very minor traffic offense (wholly false, I’ve paid for many others with nooo problem, guilty as charged…not that one. ;] ).

    But of course: IOKIYAR…SOB’s

    Juanita Jean Herownself says:
    May 29, 2017 at 8:23 pm
    DAvebo, he raised his hand to push back his coat. Look for the holster. I added the holster part to the story to make it clearer.

  8. Tirsyah says:

    None of this would have happened if they’d all just sat down over a fresh batch of deliciously patriotic champagne popsicles

  9. SomedayGirl says:

    The Ds seem to all be backing up each other’s story…where’s the Rs who were present in support of Mr. Rinaldi’s version of events?

  10. Tilphousia says:

    That boy, he will never be a man btw, should be packed off to the woodshed for lessons in manners. He is naught but a little bully. Someone will take up his loud mouth challenge and shoot him.
    I keep asking what the rethugs in Texas are drinking cause they really need to clean out the radiators before they distill the corn in them. Ethol alcohol is bad for the brain but as those fools obviously don’t have a brain, guess they can drink it anyway. What a bunch of danm dangerous asshat (sorry Momma) fools!

  11. Tilphousia says:

    NPR just reported that poor dickless Rinaldi cried that he was ‘threatened and would only shoot if in danger.’ He got himself police protection. Hmm So why does he need to carry a weapon? What a little coward!

  12. Rinaldi et al. got themselves on the pages of the Washington Post and on the electric teevee up here! Do these fools ever look at the televised coverage? And cringe? Or would they even care?

  13. WA Skeptic says:

    Good grief–that scrum looks like some of those fistfights that happen in the legislature of Japan.

    And yeah, that Rethuglican is a whimp. Concealed carry and he wants a police escort????

  14. Rinaldi? Ain’t that a foreigner’s name…? Eye-talian? And Catholic…?

    “There was a threat made from Representative Rinaldi to put a bullet in one of my colleagues’ heads…”

    Book I read years ago on the great flood of 1927, there was a section that describes immigrant Italians settling and working in the south. The south liked their labor but hated them; made their lives so miserable almost all of them either went north or back to Italy. Quite a few were lynched.

    Rinaldi is just a generation or two from them. Eff him.

  15. Rinaldi is so typical of the Tea Party. Soooo religious – wanting everyone to go back to 1800 both socially and religiously. But the individuals are vulgar people. The. Most. Hypocritical. People. On. Earth.

  16. Fred Farklestone says:

    The Rinaldi surname history is of Italian origin, so I wonder how this little squirt’s ancestors came to this country legally or where they WOPS?

    An epithet used for those of Italian descent. WOP stands for WithOut Papers. Many Italian immigrants had no papers to identify themselves and were branded as WOPs.

    Would love to see some reporter ask this jerk-off if his ancestors are WOPS!

  17. So is this the new way of reaching the Republican base in order to campaign for one’s next higher office here in Texas? If not it will be. This was all over Fox News this morning when I was at the gym. And the mouthbreathers were lapping it up like Rin Tin Tin.

  18. Not fair! Tennessee won’t let legislators carry their weapons into the statehouse. See how great it would be if they could!

  19. Jane & PKM says:

    If only this problem was limited to the Texas lege. But we have an epidemic, folks. There are the assault-a-reporter pols from NY and MT. NV is still in recovery from our 56 phony Double-D genuine moron and gun toting maniac, Michele Fiore. Skipping the many other examples (Kansas) and on to the flatulent flame thrower and Toddler-in-Thief, Donnie.

    Any solution or thought beginning with “if they were normal,” fugetaboutit. Which obviously precludes shaming them. A wooden stake through their felonious Frank Luntz antics is a starting point. For that we need to resuscitate a fluffy and fluffing media to dismantle their lies and cut their legs off mid Gish Gallop. Vote with your remote. CNN trots out Jeffrey Lord, change the channel and contact the sponsors. GMAFB When Greta drags on John Bolton at MSNBC… etc

    Have fun and get fit with the program. Turn off the noise machine. Take a romantic walk with your spouse. Go play ball with your kids, your dog or your cat. For those of you still stuck on the romance idea, be prepared. Have all the ingredients ready ahead of time to fix your special treasure a tempting appetizer tray and a bottle of wine already chilled. There’s plenty of time to contact the sponsors in the morning.

  20. Jane & PKM says:

    Micr, brilliant analogy. But you were way too kind to the mouth breathers and unfair to Rin Tin Tin. Rin Tin Tin would wisely raise his leg or hunker down to release the bad microbes posing as “thought.” Whereas the snacilbupeR have some variety of unique craw where they store misinformation to continually regurgitate it disguised as ‘thought.’

  21. @Jane & PKM

    While the snacilbupeR at every level seem to have lost that fingernail grasp on reality, I should have been clearer that my selfish concern of the moment was for Texas, since my family is here in Texas. As I have said, the extended family is not 100% white, nor 100% heterosexual, nor 100% protestant. This is a target rich environment for the anti-this and anti-that crowd, which keeps me perpetually in condition orange.

  22. charles phillips says:

    I may be way, way, Waaaay out of line here, but wouldn’t it be swell if our Democratic legislators got video and audio of every-damn-thing the republican traitors pull in public? Sometimes politicians in a tight race have stringers follow the oppo and do this, just in case. Why not now, in mixed venues where both sides join to do the people’s business?

    I’m trying to think of where that might be…oh, legislative sessions! Evidently we can’t rely on FOX to get the vid or pix, so we have to do it ourselves.

    And play these snippets endlessly and relentlessly. Not all of them; Lord knows there are many incidents that are too subtle and nuanced to get the point across, but even those might show a lie or two from the traitorous Russistas.

  23. Jane & PKM says:

    Micr, “not 100% white, nor 100% heterosexual, nor 100% protestant” that describes not just your extended family, but reality world wide. While the snacilbupeR would attack your family, Texas, Kansas and now NATO, a solid reality check to the mouth breathers would begin with DNA testing. Ain’t none of us “white” last I heard. Ms JJ does not possess enough bandwidth to begin a discussion of how many snacilbupeR are not 100% heterosexual or protestant. Maybe Mikey Dense and pRick Perry would like to address those two points.

    The st00pid, it burns. Micr, good friend, some days it feels like we are jousting with windmills trying to address snacibupeR st00pid point by point.

  24. Pollytiques says:

    I can’t seem to help myself. Everytime I see a strange name that’s trying to cause some kind of headline trouble. It’s a knee jerk thing..I go look em up. This guy was born in Conn. A catholic and according to Wikipedia he was born “American”. Funny thing, almost all I see trying to bring attention to themselves, usually Tea party types, turn out to be from other states..Makes me think of that TV show..The Americans I think it’s called..Russians living as spies in America? The Teaparty must do the same thing..They have to go where they are sent..and then the dark money puts them in office.

  25. Jane & PKM says:

    charles phillips, “out of line?” No sir, way prudent with the reality that the snacilbupeR have been on the attack against American values since they declared war on FDR’s New Deal and anything and everything that benefits working Americans and society in general. As with Mittens Romney’s uniquely candid moment disparaging those “49% who do not pay taxes” while omitting the truth that Mitt pays/paid less taxes than those he was attacking.

  26. Tyrsah, you got that right!

    Every time I see one of these self aggrandizing moron Republican fools go into bully mode it reminds me of this scene from “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” so I’m going to just leave this right here:

  27. Deb, they’re morons but they’re not on on our team.

  28. Rhea, point taken. By my team I meant America but clearly that doesn’t work either.

  29. @Jane & PKM

    RE: “…trying to address snacibupeR st00pid point by point.”

    Reminds me of George Carlin’s restatement of Mark Twain:

    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

  30. Linda Phipps says:

    Hold on there, did this all happen in the State house? Guns are allowed in there?

  31. Marge Wood says:

    Oh Linda, honey, sure they allow guns. This is Tayuksis. Once while I was in line so security could see what was setting off the gate (it was $14 worth of quarters in the bottom of the pursse) a lady marched right in with her gun. I finally quit keeping up with what was latest on gun laws. Are guns still allowed in mental hospitals? I forget. Some places got permission to put up special signs saying NO GUNS HERE.