May 17, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Bob Mueller named Special Counsel for the Russian investigation.  He’ll be great.

Best news in a month.



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20 Comments to “Yes!”

  1. Beststash says:

    Keep Hope Alive!! 2018 congressional elections will surely reflect this total ineptitude by the GOP.

  2. Has anyone dared to tell Trump yet? His staff have got to wonder, is this the point where messengers start getting killed?

    Any new button appearing on Trump’s desk next to the Coke Button has got to be suspect. Trapdoor?

  3. Chloe Bear says:

    Hot Damn! Nodding my head and smiling daring to hope we have turned a corner.

  4. Tilphousia says:

    At last, something to feel good about. Muëller sound like an honest man. Let’s hope that traitor trump doesn’t attempt to fire him. No more massacres.

  5. Old Quaker (Colorado) says:

    Great choice. I suspect he won’t have the ramp-up that a special prosecuter would need, finding offices, hiring extensive staff, etc. He’ll be working out of the DoJ and I imagine using FBI resources. FBI has done a lot of work already. In the past these guys use up a lot of time getting organized. We’ll know in the next couple days how all this will work. Just keep that little jerk Sessions out of it. He promised to recuse himself and then jumped right in.

  6. When I read this on the Twitter machine I was tickled right down to the cockles of my tender and squishy little heart. I’m betting Mueller will erect solid protective walls to keep the Elfin Oafin and other bent snacilbupeR minions out of anything that happens in his office. Yes, I’m joining the rest of you rubbing my hands in glee!


  7. maryelle says:

    Mueller has a reputation for integrity and has a history with Comey of standing up to power during the Bush administration.
    Let us hope that the investigation moves quickly and smoothly.

  8. Sandridge says:

    Here’s hoping that this is just the first of a series of non-fatal, but damaging, weakening, slow bleeding wounds dealt to the TyrannoTrumpsaurus.
    Small caliber gutshots that sap strength and inflict max pain, without killing the hideous creature, but still allow it to limp past November of 2017 (assuming T doesn’t pull the nuke ripcord on everybody w/w in a blind rage).

    TyrannoTrumpsaurus getting impeached and booted out by the sixth month mark might sound nice, but the hive-like Rethugs could bounce back quickly.

    Such a long drawn out bloody agony for TyrannoTrumpsaurus might deal a slow crippling blow to the whole GOP, not just SOBOTUS; and allow enough voters to come to their senses and elect Democratic majorities for 2018.

    On the other hand, watching some of our completely ineffective appearing Democratic ‘leaders’ give extremely weak-imaged pronouncements on the news today, such as Sen. Schumer, doesn’t make for any optimism that the Dems can exploit this opening to the max.
    The Dem’s talent and batting average for ‘snatching defeat from the jaws of victory’ will probably remain unbroken, if we don’t see some changes made, soon.

    Yeah, we do have some D’s in Congress who can project a coherent, forceful grasp of issues, and possibly sway independents (and even the few sane R’s that may be left), but you rarely see them on the news media (a whole other topic).
    Schumer, again, was a perfect example of how NOT to do it.
    His words (prepared, read from script) were OK-ish, reasonable, but wholly lacking in ‘presentation’ skill.
    This is the age of “Image”, whether we like that or not, and a wimpy, squint-eyed, goat-like guy looking down, reading, mumbling, and daintily waving his hands and arms around like there were some mosquitoes buzzing him just doesn’t cut it.

    Gawd, will the Dems please fund a mandatory “Charm School” for ALL of our public facing representatives?
    The Repukes have done so for decades, see where they’re at? (if you thought ‘absolute rulers’, you’re close)

    And watching TyrannoTrumpsaurus the Two-Year-Old-Brat defile the Coast Guard Academy Commencement ceremony just about boiled my blood today.
    His whinyassedtittybaby simpering about getting ‘picked on’ was completely, wholly inappropriate for the occasion.
    This mofo has about the most serious case of NPD in history, a ***** by a thousand cuts would be perfect for the SOB.

  9. I believe he can subpoena Trump’s tax returns as well. Wouldn’t that be interesting!

  10. charles phillips says:

    Sandridge, while I still think the six month mark has a high probability, I agree that the year mark is better. If Trump resigns/gets impeached/falls off a cliff, the rest of the demon circus remains. The GOP will simply declare “problem solved, nothing further to see,” and move on. The full year allows more tangible data to be collected and inspected, and more subpeonas and indictments issued.

  11. JAKvirginia says:

    I’m not a religious person or into Asian philosophy, but ever since the election I’ve been channeling all of my negative, um, chi I believe, to the White House. Seems to be working.


  12. maryelle says:

    It seems the Watergate investigation took 18 months from the time the special counsel was appointed. This one might take longer, given the Trump Administration penchant for obstruction and non-compliance. In the meantime, Trump who is under investigation should not be choosing the new FBI Director, nor should Sessions, who lied about meeting with Russians.

  13. @JAKvirginia

    I hear ya. Because I fear elephants, I have been channeling my chi to drive elephants away. Since I have been doing that, no elephant attacks in Dallas, Collin, Hunt, Rockwall, or Kaufman counties. Success!

  14. JAKvirginia says:

    Oh, Micr! You card! (BTW: check the zoos. You may only be partially successful.)

    And elephants? Can’t say I’m afraid of them but my nose has a different opinion. Pee-eeww!

  15. two crows says:

    I was elated when I heard this BUT – – Dan Rather immediately dashed my hopes for a way out of the quagmire. He went on Rachel and said [I’m paraphrasing, but this is the gist], “Trump could still stop this — if he acts quickly. His base is still behind him but, as the facts begin surfacing they’ll start falling away. Trump has the momentum now, if he seizes it. He has the power to fire Mueller. If he uses it now, he could survive.”

    Hey Dan! All the TV’s in the White House may be tuned to FOX but do you believe NO ONE in the administration watches MSNBC? Way to tell Trump how to keep this mess going indefinitely — just fire every special counsel that gets appointed. Whose side are you on anyway?

  16. two crows says:

    @ maryelle:
    Yes well, the Nixon White House was every bit as much into obstruction and non-compliance as Trump’s is. AND he and his people were a lot smarter. The Watergate investigation never really got off the ground till the Saturday Night Massacre — when Republicans in Congress began peeling away from him, not because it was the right thing to do but in order to save their own hides.

    Even after the tapes came to light, Nixon plead “National Security.” He did everything he could to keep them out of Congress’ hands. And when they WERE finally released, large parts had been erased: note the infamous “18 minute gap” which they tried to pass off as clerical error. And was proved to be purposeful.

    The investigation would have taken 6 months, tops, if he hadn’t worked to block it every step of the way. And, as noted above, he was one hell of a lot smarter than Trump was BEFORE he entered his dotage.

    So long as Trump doesn’t listen to Dan Rather [see my comment above] this shouldn’t take eighteen months.


  17. maryelle says:

    Even if Trump doesn’t fire Mueller, the House of Representatives has the final say on what to do with any charges he brings.
    Now that’s really depressing. The best we can hope for is that what Mueller finds out becomes public and the R’s go down in flames in 2018 and 2020.

  18. @two crows

    Yeah I saw that clip too. Dan Rather has raised dashing all political hope an art form.

  19. Sandridge says:

    @charles phillips,
    I meant let Trump slowly bleed out until November of 2018, for the probable negative effects on the Repukes for the elections at that time.
    I screwed up the year, it seems that 2017 should be about over by now, and it’s only mid-May.

  20. Old Quaker (Colorado) says:

    How many GOP reps secretly would prefer Pence as Prez. I think a lot. That will matter down the line.