Yeah, But From The Look in Her Eyes, She Might Be Right

July 30, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Our friends over at the Super DeLux Brand Christian Headquarters have a new mission in Oklahoma.

Your picture on your driver’s license is evil.

Well hell, everybody knew that.  Honey, if you look like the picture on your driver’s license, you should check yourself into the hospital.

But, a woman in Oklahoma named Kaye Beach has been doing research and discover that DMV is putting the mark of the beast on your driver’s license.

“The bottom line for me as a Christian was that I believe that the Bible clearly warns us against being enrolled in a global system of identification and financial control that ties to our bodies,” Beach said.

Beach said she believes that eventually our government’s database of everyone’s personal information will be hacked, identity theft will be rampant and that our ID cards will one day be replaced with implanted chips or tattoos containing our personal information.

Her lawyer agrees with her.  Of note: her lawyer gets paid to agree with her.

I’ll give five dollars cash American money to the first person who tells her that the Republican Registration card is the real mark of the beast.

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29 Comments to “Yeah, But From The Look in Her Eyes, She Might Be Right”

  1. So she thinks the bible told her to be scared of . . . driver licenses?
    Face. To. Desk.

  2. Uncle Dave says:

    Krazy Kaye believes “….the Bible warns us against being involved in a global system of identification and financial control that ties to our bodies.”

    Uhh, can somebody provide a scriptural reference for her belief? As for the warning against a “global system,” what did global mean to folks who lived two-thousand plus years ago? For that matter, what does it mean to the flat-earthers who are living today?

  3. Kay Carrasco says:

    {{singsong voice}} SOME-body’s been READ-ing too much Left Be-HIND, now haven’t they? Yes, they have. YES, THEY HAVE!!!

  4. Marge Wood says:

    Hey Kay, you are SO RIGHT. I hate the LEFT BEHIND series. And you think they’re bad, try LEFT BEHIND/THE KIDS. Talk about horror stories. They’re also poorly written.

  5. Oh dear … I read EVERY SINGLE ONE of the “Left Behind” series and thoroughly enjoyed them! OMG is there something wrong with me? I surely never came away with the impression that any of what was written over and over again in those books was even close to the Truth and they were all in the “Fiction” section of the Library! Of course, they were all very loosely based on the Book of Revelation which I have also read any number of times and even that does not scare the holy bejeebers out of me!! In fact, I say bring it on Lord, bring it on!!

  6. I’d say Krazy Kaye Beach is probably a tad too paranoid for her own good and for anyone in close proximity to her … she’s bound to explode with all that end of the world pressure building up in her brain!!

    She has crazy eyes like Michelle Bachman … and you just know that is not good!!

  7. Marcia
    I’ve always believed that the Book of Revelation was written by someone on a bad acid trip-or in those days ergotamine poisoning.

  8. Dave in Austin says:

    But But But… How will she vote? Voter ID in OK will have a sad….

  9. So what is she going to do when she has to provide voter ID to vote?

  10. How does reconcile these beliefs with voter id and the concept that the GOP does not want you to vote unless you have a govt. issued ID?

  11. Gosh, the humane thing to do would be to put this woman somewhere she can quietly and privately play with all the toys in her head.

  12. The best I can figure is she’s coming up with it from 2 Samuel 24 where King David orders a census that was not suggested to him by a prophet of God. Maybe she’s using it as an excuse to not get registered?

    In my readings, God wasn’t necessarily against a census, as he’d called for them in other books. But David sinned in this instance and caused a plague on the nation.

    There are still enough people who remember the Holocaust that tattoos and chips are unlikely at this time, though I hear some folks are chipping their kids like they do pets.

  13. Kyle pretty much summed up the whole GOP dilemma.

    Of course, it will be right in there with:

    No sex ed or contraceptives/but we don’t want abortions

    No abortions/but we love the death penalty and BS war killing and not feeding hungry children

    No gays because the Bible tells us so/eating shrimp and working on Sunday is just fine

    Freedom!/now let’s go regulate what people do in their private lives

  14. english teacher says:

    @Dave in Austin and @Diane, the sad thing is that she probably doesn’t think that women should vote. Period. But if they do, then they should vote the way their husband tells them.

  15. Dave in Austin says:

    Republicant’s love the Mark 0′ teh Beast….

  16. Another clueless soul who doesn’t realize Revelation is a big political rant and “the number of the beast” is a numerological reference to the contemporary Roman Emperor. /sigh/

  17. Sam in Kyle says:

    I personally like the idea of the tattoo. My info will be there in a box with a little sign under it directed to the GOP that says, “Mind your own f…ing business”.

  18. maybe she’s covering for the fact that she failed the driving test?

  19. @Sam: LAUGHING OUT LOUD on the bus right now!

  20. Emma Bombeck said, “If you look like your passport picture, you’re too sick to travel.”

    she makes a good point.

    So how does the genius plan to handle voter ID’s?

  21. Corinne Sabo says:

    If they have financial control, does that mean they pay my bills?

  22. Aggieland liz says:

    Well DARN Ray, I was sure it was Rupert Murdoch!! Failing that my vote was for Karl Rove or Dick Cheney…OTOH, Rasputin was byword in his day…hmmm

  23. austinhatlady says:

    Pretty sure she’s riffing on the “mark of the beast” mentioned in several chapters of Revelation (Revelation 13:15-18; 14:9, 11; 15:2; 16:2; 19:20; and 20:4, as revealed via a Google search). Don’t remember anything about “global IDs”, but perhaps that goes along with black helicopters and UN troops. A couple decades back, the fundamentalists/militia types claimed that the federal government wanted to issue nationwide ID cards — just like Nazi Germany! And I think Hitler was the antichrist, at least until they decided that Obama is actually the antichrist.

  24. The upside is that without photo id, it’s unlikely she’ll be allowed to vote

  25. mike from iowa says:

    According to,Buffy,with a y as a first name,occurs in .003% of the female population and it is ranked #2040 th. It does happen.

  26. Bless her heart!

  27. Some around here think the “Mark of the Beast” is a black eye…when the dishes ain’t done…

  28. “Beam me up Scotty!”

  29. Based on the photo of her, adding the ‘Mark of the Beast’ would only serve as an improvement.