Ya Think Maybe You’re Paying the Wrong Preacher?

June 29, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Thanks to Kary for this one —

Ya know, as little as the Lord has been listening to these people, you’d think they’d get a new god or something.  And, I dunno about that laying prostrate thing; that looks kinda foreign to me.  And they brought bottled water?  Is that in case lightning strikes your butt?

Thanks to Kary for the heads-up.

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14 Comments to “Ya Think Maybe You’re Paying the Wrong Preacher?”

  1. And…. we have this gem….. from Michael Savage……. just a little right of Rush Limbaugh…… and who knows where…. from Scary Harry.


    Gotta be something other than the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court……. ruled according to the law…… and The Constitution of the United States. (Which is what they all are supposed to do.)

  2. Oh, hell, can we run a herd of something over these fools….please.

  3. They are praying to their god – and facing the right direction – downwards.

  4. publius bolonius says:

    My new retort to troglodytes : Excuse me, sir, but have you ever actually heard of Jesus?

  5. Miemaw – thanks for the Michael Savage link. I wonder if Mr Savage thinks that epilepsy medication has any effect on Justice Roberts other decisions?

  6. A bit off-topic perhaps, but bugging me just the same!

    Tell me why, when something works out to the favor of the Right, it is God’s Will, but when the Left prevails, God is not given the credit?

    Do the folks on the Right think God only answers their prayers?

    What must they think when God answers prayers from the Left?

    I’d really like to know the answer to this.

  7. Edith Ann, can I stand behind you and watch when you ask a troglodyte those questions? That’s ’cause I would like to be there when you do, just to watch his/her head explode, as it surely will.

  8. Edith Ann: same mindset that says their god should be thanked for people who don’t die in a hurricane or fire or other disaster, but the disaster itself killing all those other people was apparently somebody else’s doing.

    And the survivors who invariably say, “God was watching out for me!” I guess he doesn’t give a whack about the other 240 people who died in the plane crash, then. You must be teacher’s pet.

    Side note: ever notice they never pray for a lost limb to grow back, like they know that’s not going to happen? Aren’t they supposed to think that their god can do ANYTHING?

    The more I think about prayer, the more confused it seems.

  9. Edith Ann, the answer is simple… cause its THEIR god & nobody else’s. “It” being a Hebrew cosmic power that is…. 50 years ago I wondered why ALL the football teams across the nation prayed to the SAME God, but only one team won. I asked the priest & was told, “That’s a supernatural mystery and you’ll find out when you get to heaven… that is, IF you can get into heaven, young lady!!”

  10. And btw… just whose god was it that started that CO fire? Did anyone say?

  11. IronCelt says:

    Moms Hugs, in the event of disasters, I don’t blame God. I just say the Devil did it! Everything that’s *&@# is the Devil’s deed.

  12. Mz Patti says:

    Well, the Colorado Springs area is simply chock full of Evangelical MegaChurches…. Focus on the Family, that church where the good reverend Ted Haggerty prayed over 1500 congregants every Sunday morning then ran off to do meth and gay sex in Denver on Mondays, and several other smaller, but nonetheless hardcore religious entities are all based in the Springs… Dr. Dobson must be praying until his boney knees are raw that Focus doesn’t go up in flames, and it will be God’s wisdom and grace if it doesn’t, huh? There is a reason that the common reference to the Legislative delegation from the Colo Springs area are called The House Crazies. The bozos in this picture make me sick.

  13. One word, JJ- brilliant! 😉

  14. Thank you all for your input! I knew it was not just my screwy thinking!

    We have lots of folks down here in republican Victoria County who love to write letters to the editor of our super crappy newspaper about how much they hate President Obama, or how President Obama is DESTROYING this country. (That last assertion really sets my hair on fire!) Invariably, they will end the letter with something similar to “God save us all!” and that is what got me to thinking about this.

    Let me add–I threw this ponder out at several sites, and you guys (Yay! Juanita has GREAT readers) have provided me more feed back than any other. Thank you all!