Would You Like Sugar or Lemon with That?

January 31, 2010 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Steeple People

You know, the reason the Tea Parties always end up in a brawl is that these folks are as mad a bull in a red dye factory.  They don’t like anybody.  Nobody.  Not even each other. They are gonna fight and since we’ve been ignoring them, they only have each other to slap around.

Josh Marshall, over at the Famous TPM, has been almost gleefully watching the Tea Party convention, scheduled next month in Nashville, come unraveled.

Buck Pocheck is going and wanted Juanita to go with him for educational purposes.  She considered it for a few seconds and then decided that a whole bunch of hacked-off white people, Nashville, and Sarah Palin was pretty much the trifecta of things she didn’t want to do.

“I will go to Memphis,” she offered.  “Hon, until the prove scientifically that bean dip dumb isn’t contagious, Memphis is about as close as I’ll get.”

“I’ve seen those people,” she said,  “It looks to me like they had a fit and fell into it.  So, if they want to beat up on each other, they have my permission.  I’ll watch from afar, and wave at them every now and then to fan the flames.”

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1 Comments to “Would You Like Sugar or Lemon with That?”

  1. ks sunflower says:

    Seriously, Jeb Bush is going to attend? Ooooeeee, that is great fun. I understand how Rove needs something to do as Diane says. hopefully, he has alimony to pay (that woman deserves some compensatiion for having put up with that bad baby boy for all those years), but Jeb could be doing some serious injury to himself by showing up.

    Not that I mind. Let ’em all attend. You know they want to because primaries scare them silly.