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Price resigns.  If there’s a position opening for an arrogant, entitled, self-centered jerk who is always on the take, he can start on Monday.  Send salary and perks to swamp@trumpwhitehouse.com


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20 Comments to “Whoop”

  1. He still has to pay full price for the chartered planes unless . . . only his one seat was fueled up, only his one zipped down the runway and into the air, only his one seat landed at his destination. Otherwise, if the entire plane carried his lame a$$, then that’s what he owes us for. That pathetic excuse for a human being, typical snacilbupeR.

  2. I don’t imagine that he’s paying back ALL the money on his way out the door.

    Maybe I should apply for the job. Like a number of Trump’s Cabinet officers, I don’t know squat about the job, but, unlike a number of Trump’s Cabinet officers, I don’t want to destroy the department I’d be heading, so that’s a plus. And I’d rather take the train than fly, and I don’t have an entourage, so I’d be saving the treasury all kinds of money.

  3. Tommy Two Chips is a loser. He even lost the “No, No Nanette, Nice Try No Cigar Award” to Betsy, I’m the nice witch, Devos this week in the Dolt45 maladministration of spin. She flies in her own jet at her own personal expense. * “own personal expense” not meaning what she wants us to think it means.

    Puh-leeze, witch. Not even if you dropped your oversized, overpriced Hermès handbag over at Alfredo’s favorite table at the Dairy Queen for careful accounting would we believe that lie.

    #1 Ya really think we believe that you don’t intend to file for reimbursement for expenses at the first opportunity?
    #2 No one is sufficient sucker to believe that you don’t already have plans to take a serious tax deduction at our expense for your travel “at your own expense.”
    #3 It’s a given that you will ‘defray’ your expenses at the ‘charitable’ foundations you control. We would never expect you to forgo an opportunity to steal food from children.

    My prediction is that she does all 3 of the above and a substantial bit more. And, quite honestly even if she dumped her Hermès bag on Alfredo’s table, I wouldn’t trust her. That would require believing the munificent witch has but one bag to her name.

  4. I’ve known about Price’s two-faced, lying, hypocritical butt for many years. I watched him lie and pretend here in GA when he was a member of the GA General Assembly. He used his fake act to win a seat in Congress and then a position at HHS. He’s only a fiscal conservative when it comes to not wanting to spend his own money, but when it comes to being a major government welfare recipient at our expense, he sees nothing wrong with it. He’s had this coming for a long time, and I’ve been waiting for his lies and hypocrisy to catch up to him. He’s leaving D.C. ashamed and embarrassed, and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. He won’t be unemployed too long, though. Some right-wing think tank or lobbying firm will hire him or he may do what Nathan Deal did. Deal left D.C. under investigation for possible ethics violations, came back to GA broke, ran for governor, and he’s now a multi-millionaire. If Price returns to GA and runs for governor or any other state position, he’ll probably win because many Republicans here love themselves some God, guns, lies, hate-peddling, misogyny, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, and hypocrisy. The “standards” they claim to hold dear only appy to those who aren’t in their special GOP Club.

  5. Ah, Tom Price. The perfect combination of hubris and karma. Gotta love it.

  6. Too bad that John Denver/Deutschendorf isn’t around to do a rewrite of his song “Leaving On A Jet Plane”:

    Damn, he was great:

  7. majii, it’s so past the time these thieves were brought to justice. Will Mueller succeed? Maybe the AG SDNY? We’re hoping for a combined pincer movement of the two to drag these scofflaws to justice.

  8. Far out, Sandridge. John Denver was an outstanding talent who was able to instill a love and respect for nature, love and friendship and the environment while singing those soaring songs so beautifully. Poet laureate of Colorado!

  9. I think there are more nefarious reasons for the resignation. Do not know if we will ever know the truth.

  10. Methinks there is much below the surface in this. Since when did traitor trump give a rat’s ass about spending other people’s money? By the tingling of my thumbs,
    Something wicked this way comes.

  11. The way things are going, Trump will soon run out of assholes to appoint to cabinet positions. I’ll bet the Chris Christy thinks his moment is coming soon. He is already well versed in misusing flying machines! Probably already has his beach chair ready to go.

  12. How about the significance of Trump leaving for yet another vacation we pay millions for as he gets rid of Price who is a relative small fry in the swamp?

  13. Does anyone think that Rick Santorum might be named the next HHS Secretary?

  14. But will he pay for ALL the expenses incurred for the travel . . . estimated to be $500,000???

  15. Phoenix Justice, he’s certainly as unqualified as the nest Dolt45 appointment. Hoping the acting secretary will be the nominee; or that the Dems flat refuse to confirm anyone. The way Donnie appoints people, vacant is the better option.

  16. Brian E, Rachel Maddow has been on the actual costs and said the total Price owes is $1 million.

  17. Rhea:
    The position may be filled through nomination and confirmation, rather than public election, but I’d support you. A lotta folks who hang out in this joint are orders of magnitude better than every cabinet secretary installed by Donnie Douchebag, a.k.a. ferret wearing sh*tgibbon, a.k.a. weaselheaded f**knugget (thank you Scots), but you’re the first I know of to suggest it. Good form.

  18. @birdee: “Trump will soon run out of assholes to appoint to cabinet positions.” Really? The supply seems to be greater than any number you may choose.

    @P.P.: Thanks for the vote of support, but if I had the choice I’d rather run Interior or the EPA. At least I’d know enough to get out of the way and appoint intelligent scientists and wildlife managers to do the work.

  19. Just pray that this is the start of off-loading crass, stupid, mean, GREEDY types at the top of the pyramid and that includes the ijjit balancing by one big toe on the peak while bloviating stupidity. And I aint dreaming! Once you start a landslide, its damned impossible to stop!

  20. Let’s not hold our breath waiting for him to pay the taxpayers back! Remember he had to take private planes “because he was a busy man”.